The people in the VIP box seem to have heard Xu Renxin’s words, but they can’t really get out.

"Everyone has already bid for 2.5 million pieces of Zhongling Stone. Does anyone want to continue to increase the price?" See didn’t speak that is responsible for the fine gold auction commissioner asked again.
The specialist in charge of fine gold auction was ready to drop the hammer after the "2.5 million pieces of Lingshi once" was answered again.
Some people are whispering in the auction, and it’s not low to auction 2.5 million pieces of stone from such a piece of pure gold. After all, what kind of treasure can be refined from refining materials is anyone’s guess.
"Two million and a half million pieces of Lingshi for the second time" The auctioneer at Baihucheng Auction House is ready to drop the hammer.
"I’ll pay 2.6 million for the stone."
However, just as the auctioneer was preparing for the final inquiry, there was another sound in the VIP box. Obviously, the people in that box wanted to fight again, and this fine gold still had some temptation for him.
"I’ll pay two million." Xu Ren bit his teeth and added two hundred thousand pieces of stone in one breath. If the other party wants to increase the price, then he might as well give up.
The direction of the VIP box is silent again. Obviously, the price of two million pieces of Lingshi is not a small sum for them.
"This guest has already bid for 2 million pieces of stone. Is there anyone who bids higher?" The auctioneer is more excited than before. Every price increase in the auction means that he can get more money.
"Is there any further fare increase?" The auctioneer looked around.
However, at this time, no one in the auction house responded to the words of the auction specialist.
The auctioneer’s voice of "2 million pieces of stone for the first time" is louder than before.
No one responded to the auction, even the small commentators were few, and everyone was looking forward to seeing if anyone would bid a higher price.
The auctioneer of "Two Million Pieces of Stone for the Second Time" was a little nervous and expected. One time, when he shouted out the second time, the guests in the VIP box increased their prices.
But this time, there was no movement in the VIP box. Obviously, Xu Ren increased the price by 200,000 at a time, which is already a premium for the pure gold body.
The auctioneer of "the third transaction of 2 million Zhongling Stone" made a final decision and then breathed a little sigh of relief. It will also make people feel tired to expect someone to increase the price.
Xu Ren also breathed a sigh of relief. When this pure gold reaches his hands, it can further enhance the sharpness of Xinghai’s long blade. Of course, he can also benefit from this pure gold to refine more artifacts.
Yu Xianqi Xu Renxian didn’t want to try to refine Xianqi in the past. The refining multiplier is very different. Even if Xu Ren has a fairy memory, he has no confidence in refining successfully in this state.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen From Bai Hucheng
Xu Ren got the fine gold as he wished, but the half-time auction in Baihucheng was not over yet.
Then another shot appeared, which was also a kind of refining material, but the refining material was too small, which aroused Xu Ren’s interest. Finally, the refining material was sold at a high price of 2.5 million pieces of stone.
Xu Ren has already photographed pure gold, and he doesn’t want to spend money on that small piece of refining materials, so he simply didn’t bid. Of course, he is also distressed by his own hand.
After this small piece of refining material was shot, another auctioneer went to the auction front desk.
"Ladies and gentlemen, today, we will take an extra shot at the auction. This extra shot is a multiplier sword. This sword is an antique refining technique. The sword with extremely high strength belongs to the peak of the multiplier. It is absolutely true that the starting price of this multiplier peak is 1.5 million pieces of lingshi. At least 100,000 pieces of lingshi will be increased each time. Now everyone can increase the price." The auctioneer probably introduced the multiplier and fully affirmed the quality of this multiplier.
The peak of the multiplier "I will pay 1.5 million pieces of stone" is rare even in places like the White Tiger City auction. When the auctioneer announced the auction, someone immediately couldn’t wait to bid.
"I’ll give you 1.6 million pieces of stone."
Someone immediately followed the peak of the multiplier, and many people wanted to see it.
"I’ll give you 1.7 million pieces of stone."
People in the auction house are more enthusiastic about this instrument than ever before.
"I’ll give you 1 million pieces of stone."
Price increases are rising one after another, and more and more people join the auction to bid.
Xu Ren sat quietly in the auction, seemingly calm, but his hands in his sleeves were clenched tightly.
When people in the auction didn’t disappoint Xu Ren, the price of this multiplier sword was called to two million pieces, which was one million pieces higher than the previous multiplier.
The auctioneer was also interested and explained the degree of increase and growth characteristics of strength and speed in several kinds of attached magical powers at the peak of this multiplier, which made the field boil again.
The peak quality of this handle multiplier simply threw the former multiplier out of a few blocks, and it was refined by antique method. You know, many ancient refining skills have been lost by now.
The fact is that not everything will evolve with the years. Many excellent refining skills and techniques have been lost due to wars, disasters and plagues. Nowadays, there are only a few people in the whole mainland of China who have mastered the skills of antique refining, but there are a little more people who have mastered the skills of antique refining.
"2.9 million pieces of stone"
The bidding in the auction hasn’t stopped yet, and someone has bid a new price.
"3 million pieces of stone"
After the auctioneer patiently introduced the peak power of the multiplier, the competition in the auction became more intense
"I’ll pay 3.6 million pieces of stone."
The auction price of Baihucheng auction house has reached a new high point, and people in the auction house are whispering again. I’m afraid many people feel jealous of 3.6 million pieces of stone, and the price has exceeded that of one instrument. One piece is only one million pieces of stone, but this one has reached 3.6 million pieces.
The quality of an instrument can determine the strength of a monk’s fighting capacity. If he practices the same talent, the quality of the instrument in his hand will be better, so his fighting capacity will be stronger. Xu Ren took out this instrument, although its strength increase and various wonders did not reach three times that of the previous one, but it is also highly sought after because it also comes with an ability that can grow with the owner’s aura.
This multiplier can only be refined by Xu Ren.
Of course, there is still a big gap between Xu Ren’s auction multiplier and his star iron refining multiplier, which is not as good as Xu Ren’s refining multiplier for Gao Tieshan in Chen Zhonghe, but it is still fascinating to put it in Baihucheng auction.
Of course, no matter how strong the multiplier is, the multiplier has not reached the level of fairy. This multiplier sword is also the price of the 3.6 million stone.
"Have you continued to increase the price?" The specialist in charge of the auction did not hide his face and smiled with excitement. It was true that the price was far higher than they had expected, which meant that he could get more money.
"Male this white tiger city people are so rich? So don’t take lingshi as lingshi? " These auctions have been a sight for the enemy. What’s the cost of spending money like running water? It’s a waterfall to spend money in the White Tiger City auction.
"It’s also the first time for the public to come to the White Tiger City. The scene here also shocked me. I wondered if it was too profitable to refine some multiplier to auction this thing." Xu Ren’s spirit of mulberry enemy communication has reached the level of condensation and understanding. The spirit has also made great progress in a day, and he has barely been able to talk to Xu Ren.
This is the difference in talent. Gao Tieshan is also engaged in intensive cultivation, but he can listen to Xu Ren’s saying that the root method forms a dialogue, and he has just stepped into intensive cultivation.
"You are so unreasonable. Isn’t the Xu family in the north going to be the only one?" Mulberry enemy spirit will want to talk to Xu Ren.
Xu Renze replied with a smile, "I can go to a bigger world after the northern border is nothing. Compared with the whole China, the vast Xinghai is just a grain of dust."
Xu Ren naturally didn’t lie. In his dream, the immortal galloped across the Xinghai, but he still didn’t know how big the Xinghai was. Even if the immortal was strong, he could cross the Xinghai to have a look at the scenery at the end of the Xinghai.
"If you don’t brag, you won’t die. If you brag so much, be careful, it will explode." Although the mulberry enemy thinks that Xu Ren is very powerful, he said Xinghai in silence. Anyway, he has never seen Xinghai and he is not sure whether Xinghai is true or not.
"Hey hey brag also hinder don’t you know that a man’s greatest pleasure is to brag? Learn something later, or those little girls who are not manly can’t look at you. "Xu Ren made a wink at the mulberry enemy and his expression was very proud.
The enemy of Sang pretended not to see him, and the public said it well. It is estimated that even he is not as good as the actual action. After talking about the White Tiger City, how many girls are chasing him, but his own public is evasive, which makes people blush with shame. But he has heard of that family in Donghua County. Yu Xiao Xu Ren is not the same. The male in Donghua County has drunk sanhua early, and what kind of woman has not been seen?
Sang Enemy also inquired about Xu Ren out of curiosity. As a result, the shameless man said that these are all good women. The Goulan woman is of course different. Since she is different, it is normal for her to be shy. Besides, these little girls like him as a shy and shy man.
At that time, the enemy of mulberry lamented the man in his heart. I’m afraid he didn’t even grow hair. He’s probably still a little chick
Of course, these words are also said in my heart, but the mulberry enemy also knows that if Xu Renzhen wants to listen to his heart, even if he doesn’t say it, Xu Ren can know that Xu Ren will be deliberately more serious when he sees him, but it won’t be long before he is still a child chicken.
"Small mulberry you entertain foolish ideas at ordinary times also calculate now is more and more too much, male glory you are never met will definitely surprise you," this time Xu Ren simply don’t mind told mulberry enemy but gather together to mulberry enemy ear path.
Mulberry enemies are really not used to being close to each other and moving over quickly, fearing that Xu Ren has any special hobbies.
"3.6 million stone for the first time"
The auctioneer in the auction yard is ready to drop the hammer when he sees Xu Ren raising the price again.
"3.6 million stone for the second time"
Everyone is looking forward to the hammer drop in the hands of the auctioneer.
"Three transactions of 3.6 million Zhongling Stone"
The small hammer in the hand of the auctioneer gave a crisp sound, and everyone in the auction house breathed a sigh of relief. Xu Ren also breathed a sigh of relief. He also earned not only such a large piece of pure gold but also a seal. Of course, the final multiplier auction was also a windfall.
Xu Ren auction implements have been dropped, but the White Tiger City auction is not over yet. Then there are a few things with high and low auction prices, but Xu Ren didn’t make another move. It’s not that he didn’t want to be real, but he thought it was too expensive to burn money. Even Xu Renshen couldn’t come up with so many Lingshi.