You’ll get married and I’ll have other men … You can’t stop it! Please, I don’t want anything more with you! "

After all this, Le Xuewei pulled Gu Mingchen up. "Brother, let’s go!"
She brushed Han Chengyi’s shoulder. A tall man like Han Chengyi was hit by her. He was lost by Le Xuewei’s roar. Yes, he will get married and she will eventually belong to another man … But the thought that she will belong to another man will drive him crazy! He can’t even stand other men being nicer to her and her smiling at other men. How can he let her belong to another man!
Looking up and chasing Le Xuewei, she has already taken a taxi with Gu Mingchen.
Han Chengyi stepped back to the car with a sullen face. Before he told Ni Jun, he told the driver "Miss Che and Le"
Le Xuewei and Gu Mingchen stopped at a Chinese restaurant.
Gu Mingchen took care of her head when Le Xuewei was driving. Le Xuewei was clever and lifted her face and smiled at him, "Thank you, brother."
Gu Mingchen, please shake your head and reach for the bag in her hand. "I’ll get it!"
"No …" LeXueWei surprised declined.
"Is it a man’s welfare to help the lady with her bag?" Gu Mingchen was a gentleman who insisted on making Le Xuewei not pass it to him.
Gu Mingchen took the bag and looked up and saw Han Chengyi leaning against the door all the way. The corners of his mouth evoked a clear smile. "You really don’t want to see him again, school sister?" You don’t like him very much? "
Le Xuewei didn’t look at Han Chengyi and said, "I don’t like it. It’s not my turn to say that I really don’t want to see him."
"That good brother help you you don’t mind! I didn’t mean anything else. "Gu Mingchen said Le Xuewei didn’t understand that he had an arm to hold Le Xuewei in his arms and put one hand on her shoulder.
"well! Brother? " LeXueWei frightened to disgrace this … Han Chengyi still not mad?
"Let’s go!" Gu Mingchen unmoved took Le Xuewei into the restaurant.
As soon as they entered Han Chengyi, they turned around and raised their fists and smashed them on the body! Clap your fists and rattle! Being mad is going crazy, but Han Chengyi can’t do anything about it.
He could feel that after last night’s’ swimming pool incident’, Le Xuewei had a different attitude towards him. Although she didn’t promise him, she didn’t seal the road to him … but today she really didn’t want to talk to him.
What makes her so angry? Because he wronged her? Why didn’t she think how angry he was? She and Qiao Wandong … would take it out on her like that!
Le Xuewei and Gu Mingchen ate a meal for two hours.
When they went in and came out in the same intimate posture, the crater of Han Chengyi finally broke out!
"That brother, you have classes in the afternoon, so leave me alone. I have to go to the hospital to see my grandmother …" Le Xuewei said goodbye to Gu Mingchen at the door and Gu Mingchen nodded and handed the bag to her hand.
Gu Mingchen waved and stopped a taxi, leaned against Le Xuewei’s ear and said softly, "Be careful, he hasn’t left yet."
"Well, it’s okay, thank you, brother." Le Xuewei glanced at Han Chengyi coldly. Although he was so far away, he could still feel his anger.
Off Gu Mingchen Le Xuewei turned and walked forward. This restaurant is quite close to the hospital, and it won’t take long to walk to the hospital from here. Le Xuewei intends to walk directly there.
Not surprisingly, Han Chengyi blocked in front of her again.
Le Xuewei is a little annoyed this time. She is not as calm as just now, and her eyebrows are vertical and low. "You are not finished, are you?" I’m telling you, Han Chengyi, I won’t wait on you! I won’t go to work after the weekend! Who loves to be your secret? I will formally resign from you now! "
"Resign? No way! I’m telling you, it’s easy for Han Chengyi to want a woman! Do you believe that if you do this again, I’ll get up for you? Don’t make a scene just because I’m nice to you! "
Han Chengyi ignored Le Xuewei’s words, firmly grabbed her and dragged her to the car.
"What can you do besides being strong?" Le Xuewei was thrown into the sofa seat and wrinkled her facial features.
Han Chengyi sat on the side and picked up the whiskey in the low cabinet. His eyes were burning and he looked straight at the front. It was not enough to tear the tie, and he reached out and unbuttoned his shirt.
"Go to Ronglezhai!"
Rolls-royce drove out of the carriage at such a high speed, but it didn’t even feel the slightest shaking of the wine in the wine cabinet. Le Xuewei looked at Han Chengyi, who was full of rage, and suddenly he was at a loss. What did he want to be crazy about?
Section 47
Ronglezhai is the most famous Chinese restaurant in the city.
Han Chengyi took Le Xuewei and Che Nijun followed closely behind him. The bodyguards followed’ Ronglezhai’ and the manager had already greeted him.
"What is the need for Mr. Han’s presence?" The manager greeted Han Chengyi with a smiling face and asked politely.
Han Chengyi didn’t stop walking directly to his fixed VIP box and said, "Give me a Manchu seat!"! Immediately, horse! "
"Yes, yes … Go immediately!"
The manager saw that the situation was not right, so he quickly ordered the whole’ Ronglezhai’ chef to stop all other orders, and Han Chengyi ordered this single’ Man Han Xi’.
When the huge round table was gradually filled with food, Le Xuewei looked at Han Chengyi in amazement. He was crazy, he was really crazy!
Chapter 7 I like you so much