It is impossible to say that the central government is leading a large-scale anti-corruption. After all, anti-corruption is a good thing, and I am sorry for my parents if I don’t leave my name.

The hype of Zhao Dong Cloud is to let the people know that I, Zhao Dongyun, care for the people and fight against corrupt officials. You should praise me quickly.
Of course, since it has been widely publicized, it is impossible not to make any achievements.
Half a month later, the Central Anti-Corruption Office officially announced to the outside world that in the past half a month, the Anti-Corruption Office had achieved outstanding results and cracked more than ten corruption cases involving officials with a total amount of 100,000 yuan.
Captured more than five director-level officials of central institutions and more than 30 director-level officials!
Later, the Ministry of Justice also officially announced that it would formally prosecute the officials involved, and at the same time, it would also prosecute a number of senior corporate officials who bribed the officials.
In order to cooperate with the inspection office and the Ministry of Justice in the investigation, the central court also issued an announcement, and the central court will cooperate with the relevant law enforcement and supervision agencies to try the above cases in strict accordance with the relevant laws.
For a time, the Soviet anti-corruption action set off a big storm across the country.
The cases that were announced by the inspection office are just a reference. Although the officials involved are relatively high-level, they are actually limited. The government departments directly under the central government have not officially exhibited the anti-corruption actions of local government officials in various provinces.
However, after this explosion, due to the support of public opinion, and now Zhao Dongyun, the stability institute of the Soviet Union, has decided to continue to expand the anti-corruption action, not limited to the central government, but to expand it to local governments
Soon the police department of Tangshan administrative office announced that the inspection office led the department to crack a super-large case involving more than one million yuan.
The protagonist of the case is Lin Kuqun, a deputy magistrate in Luanzhou County. This person is not only the deputy magistrate, but also the executive president of Luanzhou County’s Urban Construction Committee, who is responsible for the planning and construction of the old urban area of Luanzhou County. Although Luanzhou County is a county, there are many local taxes every year, and most of them are handled by the urban construction office. After millions of dollars.
It’s natural to handle more money, but it’s impossible to reach into it and take money directly from it. He asked his relatives to set up a construction team and then contract out the project at a high price of 100 thousand. He dared to contract out the project at a price of 200 thousand. In addition, there were many frauds in material procurement, including Fuyuan Lime Company’s inflated price when it sold a large amount of cement to Luanzhou County and gave a large number of kickbacks to a group of officials such as Lin Kuqun
After the outbreak of the case, not only Lin Ku-ma, but also a large number of officials in Luanzhou County, Yongping House and Tangshan Administrative Office were implicated.
Wu Chongyu, director of the inspection department of the presidential palace, personally led a team to the Tangshan leading police department to arrest more than 100 government officials at the Tangshan administrative office level.
The influence of this case goes far beyond the investigation of a series of cases by the former inspection office. Zhao Dongyun attached great importance to it. He personally gave instructions to Lin Shaonian, the minister of justice, that the case must be dealt with strictly, and also gave an instruction to the central court to deal with the case strictly and expeditiously.
Zhao Dongyun wants this case to be a shock, and it is also a message to the law enforcement agencies of various ministries that Zhao Dongyun is serious about playing anti-corruption this time.
In less than half a month, the central court completed a series of trials on the case, and the first criminal, Lin Kuqun, was sentenced to death. In addition, his cousin was responsible for setting up a construction team to take over the project, and Lin Kuli was also sentenced to death. In addition, more than ten people were sentenced to death, and the rest were sentenced to decades or years in prison.
With the outbreak of Luanzhou urban construction case, various law enforcement agencies in the Soviet Union have cracked a series of major and important cases in various places.
"Since the official action of our exhibition in September, we have solved more than 50 cases involving 100,000 yuan, involving more than 1,000 officials!" JiZhaChu Wu Chongxi respectfully said.
Zhao Dongyun didn’t look much after reading the two-page report. "Your work has been fruitful in the past month and you will continue to work hard!"
After hearing this, Wu Chongyu carefully asked, "So what’s the follow-up strength?"
Wu Chongyi is also confused about the extent to which Zhao Dongyun wants to carry out anti-corruption actions. According to him, no matter what era it is now, it is considered to be a huge scale, which will affect the long-term rectification of bureaucratic actions. However, it seems that Zhao Dongyun’s meaning is not large enough.
Wu Chongyi was also a long-time official. In the pre-Qing Dynasty, he was the magistrate in Chen Zhou, Henan Province, who tried many major lifting cases and sealed the magistrate’s office. He accumulated fame and was promoted to Jiang ‘an Liangdao in the south of the Yangtze River after his official appointment. Later, Yuan Shikai recommended him to be transferred to Zhili, and in 192, he briefly acted as governor of Zhili and minister of Beiyang. This person and Yuan Shikai are deeply related to Beiyang.
Later, the man was promoted to the governor of Jiangxi Province. When the Northern Ocean rose in 1996, the governor of Jiangxi Province, Wu Chongyu, was expelled from the two rivers by the party in charge at that time because of the deep scenery of the Northern Ocean and his refusal to rely on the party. He went all the way to the capital and left Wang Yingkai’s cabinet as the second minister of justice. However, he soon resigned voluntarily in 1997 because he was not appreciated by Wang Yingkai because of conflicts with his colleagues.
In the first half of 1997, Zhao Dongyun led Feng Jun to defeat Zhi Jun and moved into the capital to prepare for the second cabinet. The man was invited to be the second minister of justice.
However, after he joined the company, he still had a disagreement with Su Gan, who was almost at the point of resigning!
After the death of Wu Chongyu and Yuan Shikai, the Beiyang people didn’t fit in with him. Before him, even Yuan Shikai had to call for a teacher. In 1996, those Beiyang people, Zhao Dong Yun and Duan Qirui, who rose rapidly, even said that they had power in their hands. But he Beiyang people, especially those Beiyang civil servants, were middle-level officials before 1996. The world didn’t know it, but after 1996, they all climbed to the position of cabinet chief and second chief, ranking Wu Chongyu.
In the face of such an unsociable person, Zhao Dongyun did not take the initiative to give up. Considering that Wu Chongyi had rich experience in handling cases, he transferred Wu Chongyi to the office of the President’s Office in early 19th.
The presidential palace of the inspection office belongs to several major departments. Although its political status is not as good as that of the Secret Service, it is not small, and it is equal to the police department, the Ministry and other cabinet forces. As far as it is concerned, it is not humiliating for Wu Chongyu to take over as the director.
A person with such a rich resume is supposed to have a broad horizon, but when Zhao Dongyun said that he was not satisfied with the current scale of anti-corruption, he could not help but marvel.
Will speak to ask Zhao Dongyun exactly how big the scale is!
Zhao Dongyun quickly gave him a definite answer: "All the directors of ministries and local governors can handle the level of directors and governors and report directly to me before making a decision!"
Wu Chongyi sighed in his heart after listening. Although he had long known that his company was a ruthless person, he didn’t expect to be so cruel. I don’t know how many people will lose their heads in this sentence alone.
It seems that the president has really decided to set off a nationwide official rectification, but will such large-scale turmoil affect local stability?
After leaving the Jurentang, Wu Chongyu shook his head. These things are not enough for him to worry that he has to do a good job.
Anti-corruption in the Soviet Union led to a large-scale bureaucratic rectification, and officials were dismissed every day!
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Popular expectations
However, this political turmoil has not affected the military actions of the military.
On October 16, the second army of Fengjun conquered Nanning, Guangxi, and the former second army of Fengjun has successively conquered Liuzhou, Guilin and other important cities in Guangxi.
After more than a month of hard work in Hunan, Fengjun conquered Changsha Xiangtan, two important cities in Hunan, and then successively conquered Hengyang, Yongzhou and Yueyang.
By the end of October, Fengjun had proudly announced that they had taken control of most parts of Guangxi and Hunan.
On November, Wang Zhanyuan led more than 10,000 remnants of the third division, and Qinzhou, Guangdong Province was surrounded by troops. Facing the situation of escape from the vast sea, Wang Zhanyuan chose to surrender.
It is the conditions obtained by this surrender and the conditions for wooing Zhao Dongyun that are far less than Zhao Dongyun’s promise that Wang Zhanyuan can retain his rank and grant the position of military adviser to the presidential palace, and also ensure his personal property safety, but the seventh division commander must call it out.
Wang Zhanyuan chose to accept it, because if he didn’t accept it, there were two ways: one was to be completely defeated and then arrested or committed suicide, and the other was to escape and live in the Shanghai or Tianjin Concession. Although foreign banks in Wang Zhanyuan have a lot of money to live in, they will be rich all their lives, but just like Duan Qirui and Wang Ruxian, they are a politician in their bones. They all want to continue to be active in the political arena of the country.
Wang Zhanyuan’s surrender was not the same as Duan Qirui’s. Duan Qirui’s surrender caused a nationwide sensation, but Wang Zhanyuan’s surrender did not stir up any waves. Even when Wang Zhanyuan went to the capital to prepare for the post of military adviser to the presidential palace, there were no heavyweights to meet him, which made Wang Zhanyuan feel sad. If I had known today, he would have accepted Zhao Dongyun’s proposal, even if he lost his autonomy, but now he must be a teacher at the very least, and he can mix a commander Dangdang.
There is no regret medicine in this world, and regret in my heart can change his future destiny.
When Wang Zhanyuan entered Beijing, Feng Jun also collected the remnants of the Seventh Division. The experience of collecting and dropping troops was very rich. From the direct service war, Feng Jun has successively collected the Beiyang sports troops including the first division, the fourth division, the eleventh division, the thirteenth division, the sixteenth division, the nineteenth division (the former First Hunchenglv), the twenty-first division, the twenty-second division, the twenty-third division and the twenty-fourth division.
It can be said that at present, more than half of the troops in Su Feng Army are really born or newly formed, including the third division, the ninth division, the tenth division, the twelfth division, the seventeenth division, the tenth division, the twentieth division, the fourth HunChengLv, the fifth HunChengLv, the ninth HunChengLv, the eleventh HunChengLv, the first cavalry brigade and the second cavalry brigade.