"Yes, there are many refugees in the boss’s office recently … but there are not many in this place."

Here is a spacious hall, the ground is covered with colorful carpets, and the top of the hall is decorated with hundreds of precious stones, which brings light to the whole hall.
One wall of this hall is completely transparent, and there is a sofa made of the skin of extinct creatures. A virtual citizen in a gold-inlaid pajamas is lying on his side. He is holding a bottle of beverage that has been brewed for decades in one hand and admiring the white-gray sphere shining in the distance through the wall in front of him.
"They are really poor," Xu Min shook his drink and gulped it down. "We should have another bottle for those miserable refugees who fled for their lives, don’t you think?"
"It’s the boss," said Xu Min, dressed as a waiter, respectfully behind the sofa. "I prepared a bottle for you this time, one hundred years ago …"
"What’s that?"
The waiter and the boss’s original carefree expressions froze their faces because they saw a huge square in the void outside and it was getting closer and closer.
"Ahhh! What is that! " The boss rolled from the sofa in fear. It looked as if the square was about to hit as it got closer, but when the square almost touched the glass, it suddenly rose rapidly without accident.
"Shout …" The boss gasped. "I almost died, okay?"
"… hey?"
After the cube flew away, a missile appeared in the distance and flew in front of it in a flash.
Boom! ! !’
There was a sound in the explosion, although the sound soon disappeared. The boss and his waiter instantly melted the smoke and spilled it into the void with great suction.
Of course, the creator of this incident did not mean that it looked at the escape box and was ready to attack again.
But it also noticed the huge object behind the square, which was a …
Sigma beach is the third largest and the first largest among the virtual people. These virtual settlements have also been the target of many virtual people fleeing from the fungal war.
However, the number of these refugees is limited, and the price of flying virtual is extremely expensive. It is not too much to escape to virtual people.
The general also believes that treating emptiness is not a long-term choice, and these places are not used as escape places, and people are not organized to take refuge in emptiness.
But even so, the other two are full, and the only one that is not full is this … Six Sigma Beach.
It is the place where people with noble status and money live. It is completely self-sufficient and has a set of weapons that it controls.
It can be said that this is a virtual country. Many refugees want to take refuge here when they find that they are not full, but they are strongly opposed by the original residents and ask the refugees to pay a lot of virtual money.
In the end, few refugees came to live here, but the virtual people here still lived a leisurely life because of the war with fungi and didn’t have time to pay attention to things here
And the virtual people here are basically’ isolated’. They don’t care about the cue ball. The thing is to enjoy and watch the war here.
Until now …
A chased diamond and a chased ice hockey came here, and Sigma Beach was doomed to be no longer calm.
Fire broke out again in the virtual space, and the ice hockey finally decided to shoot a continuous missile at the other block behind the viewing square.
At this time, the cube no longer uses hard resistance method, but moves at high speed to avoid missiles
So most of these missiles went off … behind the box.
This side is just the’ viewing area’, that is, a large area is made of special and extremely strong glass, which allows people inside to enjoy their cue ball and the beautiful scenery of the Milky Way.
Of course, no matter how strong the glass is, it can’t resist the missile bombing and bloom the fire. The tragic cry of the imaginary people inside dissipates the imaginary with the gas gushing out.
Ice hockey attacks continue.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four
"They are very close."
This is the virtual people’s world. While paying attention to the battlefield situation, the general pays attention to the migration progress of the stargate, and at the same time pays attention to the dense spots in the picture before him.
Those fungal creatures are quite fast, especially those infected with virtual people. They are like running sports cars, and they can jump around the walls of buildings to speed up their progress.
The general decide to fire those bombs to blow them up if necessary.