Su Li and Ding Longyun followed by jumping from the 32nd floor corridor.


The surface is paved with wooden boards to form a pontoon bridge. Jiang Shuijue, Gu Mingfeng, Luo Jun, Xu Haishui, Yu Siyuan, Mu Si, Tang Ledong, Yi Cheng ‘an, Meng Qiang and others all arrived.
This silver ghost scorpion jumped onto the pontoon bridge, and it flashed like a silver light, and then two screams were caught by it. One of them was Musi.
Jose four is a level 9 spiritual source with strong strength, which is really elite in building B. But at the moment, when it falls into the hands of this silver ghost scorpion, it is instantly torn by its silver ghost claws.
Suddenly, a lux spear pierced the thick fog and appeared in front of the silver ghost scorpion.
It was Gong Xiao who arrived without firing a spear.
"Manta Boxing" doesn’t match the spear. A phantom appeared in her hand, and six spears instantly pierced the silver ghost scorpion.
"clank clank" is always heard. The silver ghost scorpion will cover its head and accept the six spears that have been stabbed.
But even this wall can pierce it with a spear, and the silver scale is exploding with metal, and it doesn’t even leave a scar.
Obviously, except for that ferocious twisted face, the silver ghost scorpion has a weakness
Gong Xiao rebuked the "storm shield" around his body and went out with an ember spear in his right hand, shaking it and a terrible flame rose.
She didn’t hesitate to launch the "unlit fire" in the spear in the sight of this monster terror.
It is said that everything in the world can be burned to ashes, but the fire burns violently, and the silver ghost scorpion is careless and is immediately swallowed up by this flame.
It opened its mouth with a sharp scream, and there was a faint pain in it.
Su Li and Ding Long Yun came down one after another to see this huge flame emerging from the dense fog. Xu Haishui, Luo Jun, Tang Ledong, Yi Cheng’ an, Meng Jiang and others successively shot.
Fire control, hyperosteogeny, flash, tornado and other moves all blew up the silver ghost and scorpion swallowed by the flame.
"Boom" was heard, and the silver ghost scorpion suddenly gave a terrible roar. Suddenly, the body lit up with a light, and all the attack departments were blocked, including the fire that swallowed it.
Almost at the same time, it jumped out.
"Be careful-"Su Li saw in his eyes that his heart shook and gave a big drink. He entered the state of "devil muscle" with his hands holding the dragon rhinoceros sword and the red crescent knife and rushed to stop it with the "spider walking"
He was still too late to listen to two screams, and two figures flew out with blood. Two people were directly cut by it with a pair of silver claws and two heads flew out, and then it hit Gong Xiao head on.
Gong Xiao knew it was powerful and had been using the most powerful "storm shield" to protect his body. These two layers of "storm shield" could not resist the impact of silver ghosts and scorpions.
A collision with a two-layer shield instantly shattered Gong Xiao and let out a scream, opened his mouth, and blood gushed wildly. I don’t know how many bones in my body were broken, and Ling rolled and flew far away.
This collision can reach tens of thousands of pounds with less force. If it weren’t for the double-layer "storm shield" to offset most of the force, this collision would have smashed Gong Xiao into a ball of meat sauce.
"Gong Xiao-"Su Li saw in his eyes that Gong Xiao was dead or alive, and his heart was furious and LiXiao rushed at him desperately.
"Zheng" to his sword at the same time cut in the silver ghost scorpion from behind.
The root of the silver ghost scorpion didn’t dodge his attack, and the long tail swept over like a whip.
Su Li launched the "demon enchantment"
The appearance of a huge demon virtual shadow will draw the demon virtual shadow from the silver scorpion tail. This newly appeared "demon enchantment" lasted less than a second and collapsed.
Now Su Li has understood the advantages and disadvantages of this "demon enchantment"
This is a defensive psychic skill. The advantage is that it has range defense. He can’t protect himself, but also protect others around him. This is its advantage.
But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the robustness of this boundary is much weaker than that of single defense because of the range defense.
The former "Devil’s Enchantment" was penetrated by the shadow demon, and now it is exploded by the silver ghost scorpion tail.
Although I was drawn by the scorpion tail, it was enough for Su Li to insist on this moment in the "demon enchantment"
The wrong foot-crossing launched the "Ghost Step of the King of Sharks", which highlighted that the ghost arm had been instantly transferred to the front of the silver ghost scorpion. When the right hand dragon rhinoceros sword was pressed, the silver ghost scorpion’s arms were pressed against the left hand and the red crescent knife was cut sideways to cut the face of the silver ghost scorpion.
He saw that the only weakness of the silver ghost scorpion was this ugly face.
Ding Longyun rushed from behind. In the melee, the "air missile" method made him split from behind with a soul-cutting knife in his hands. One hand was the most powerful "soul-cutting"
Chapter 247 Silver Force
To deal with this horrible monster, it is impossible to hit it hard without the powerful power contained in the spiritual source weapon.
Jiang Shuijue’s hands thundered and his knuckles moved from the other side.
Su Li’s sword came out together and saw the Red Crescent knife cut the ugly face of the silver ghost scorpion. The silver ghost scorpion suddenly cracked with its head down and its feet pedaled, and its arms swung.
"clank" two crisp silver ghosts and scorpions arms faintly appeared a layer of silver light, which is the silver power of terror.
Su Lili’s sword, which contains tens of thousands of pounds of juli, was bounced back by the silver ghost scorpion’s arms.
Su Li gasped at the air conditioning. After the silver ghost scorpion launched the silver force, his strength has reached 30,000 Jin. He is not in the third form of "devil muscle".
You know, at this moment, Su Li has shown that the ghost arm has entered the most powerful third form of "devil muscle", and the strongest force has quadrupled to a frightening 32 kg.
But the sword in Su Li’s hand was still bounced back by the silver ghost scorpion silver arms.