Conan is more bloody and awesome.

The original Conan is tall and burly, and that force is even more ridiculous.
When the soldier ghost approached Conan, when I was a child, Conan directly picked up the ghost soldier and then tore the ghost soldier one by one with a strong palm.
Not only that, Conan’s powerful fist can break the armor of soldiers with one fist.
It looks super hot.
I frowned and swung my death sickle at the ghost soldiers.
Even if the sickle is not so sharp, you can beat the daylights out of those ghost soldiers.
But at this time, I heard screaming at a girl.
Turn around and look, ouch, this …
I saw a soldier ghost actually kill the girl who just came out of the liquid.
How come…
I suddenly waved the sickle of death in my hand and ran towards the girl in a pool of blood
I’m shopping with the witch robe ghost, and the silver-haired boy is stunned at the moment.
A ghost who didn’t pay attention to the witch robe pushed out a black ball of light from the palm of his hand and got a silver hair for a long time.
The silver-haired boy fell behind by the ball of light.
After falling to the ground, the silver hair vomited one mouthful blood in the sun.
Seeing this, the witch-robe ghost is overjoyed and very scary, and said in a gloomy voice, Who are you to fight with me?
Say, I saw a black energy ball slowly rising in the hands of the witch robe ghost, and suddenly the black energy ball flew away towards the silver-haired boy with a swing of my hand.
Holy shit, no way!
The energy ball hit Zhuge Peng hard.
Boom one …
My eyes fixed on Zhuge Peng’s black ball of light abruptly forced this little mouthful of blood out of his stomach and sprayed it out of his body.
At this time, the witch robe ghost is still adamant4!
Just threw the energy ball out of his hand, and another energy ball appeared in his right hand
Lying in the trough is to kill Zhuge Peng.
Seeing this scene, I was very strong. I suddenly smashed the body of a soldier ghost with a sickle, and then I suddenly jumped and ran to the silver-haired boy.
However, at this time, the dark black energy ball brewing in the hands of the witch robe ghost suddenly threw it at the silver-haired boy
I bit a tooth tightly, and the death sickle in my hand blocked the black energy ball.
Suddenly the energy ball exploded and the shock wave pushed me to the ground.
Damn it, I didn’t expect this witch robe ghost to be so powerful.
At this time, however, a rainbow suddenly appeared on a dark day.
I was also very surprised to see such an abnormal scene.
However, at this time, the silver-haired boy rose from the ground.
A mouthful of blood in his mouth to spray the ground.
Eyes full of murderous look, hatred for witches and ghosts.
That kind of hate is a kind of hate that goes deep into the bone.
What did the wizard say when he saw this?
The witch robe story just finished, and the rainbow in the sky suddenly fell out of a color.
That color light slowly drifted to the forehead of the silver-haired boy.
Maybe the level of white-haired teenagers has risen again?
Seeing this, I froze there.
When that light reach the silver-haired boy, it disappeared.
But I clearly saw that his brow mark added another ray of color.
The silver-haired boy said, die, witch robe ghost
After saying this, the silver-haired boy pointed his finger at a witch robe ghost.
A bright beam of light passed through your fingers and then shot at the witch robe ghost.
It can be seen that the sudden outbreak of silver-haired teenagers at the most dangerous time may be due to the power of love.
That’s right. Love for your wife
Perhaps it was the scene in which the girl died in a pool of blood that made Zhuge Peng explode in front of my eyes.
Don’t let that beam of light hit the ground.
Seeing the silver-haired boy suddenly became severe, the wizard shook his robe and disappeared.
After seeing the witch robe ghost disappear, his soldiers and ghosts disappeared.
After seeing the disappearance, the silver-haired boy ran to the girl in a pool of blood.
But when she tried to pick up the girl, she disappeared and became a tiny star.
That soul stone fell to the ground.
If we hadn’t come in, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. In the final analysis, it was our fault.
At this time, the silver-haired boy began to cry.
Crying resounded around.
The surrounding atmosphere is a little more sad.