However, Xu Le has a real perception of Ganling’s fluctuation, which is vigorous but not strong enough.

Less powerful than him.
The spell attached to the aura gradually fell off the straw, and the two buttons on the scarecrow’s face made a red mans eyes.
A sense of danger appeared in Xu Le’s mind and made him take a step back.
"Do you feel it?"
"Well, it feels dangerous."
"It’s really dangerous. The stability of the scarecrow depends on the stability of the warlock himself.
If the warlock’s body can’t keep enough heart stable, then your scarecrow will be crazy and even distorted.
When you control the scarecrow, you must keep your heart stable. "
Xu Le looked at this shriveled and crude grass man from a distance. Except for the fluctuation of psionics just now, it has not changed compared with when it was first summoned.
It is really hard for him to imagine that this seemingly fragile thing can help him fight.
"Do you feel that this thing is very fragile?"
"Well, yes."
Xu Le answered honestly and nodded his head with some memories in his eyes.
"Yes, it looks fragile. How can an ordinary grass man help people fight?
That’s what I thought when I first saw it. "
Then the hook finger grass people moved.
It made straw knots and held the iron chair in the office with its fingers.
The round iron handle that makes people’s teeth sour from the iron chair has been pinched into a flat shape by the grass man.
Then a rusty iron sword fell from the straw man’s cuff
Qiang Qiang!
The light of the sword flashed, and the iron chair was cut in half and retired with honor.
"awesome!" Xu Le was surprised.
In the sight of this fragile person, it seems that he has the strength of a warrior fighter.
"Not too surprised, because it’s warlock power."
Gan rarely shows this proud expression, but when Xu Le saw him like this, he thought of his own black card-puppet control and controlled fate.
"Will I miscalculate?" Xu Le is a little curious.