This situation will happen once every few minutes. At some point, the dragonfly can’t tell whether the opponent is too strong or too strong. Can he look at his attack route and block it first or they are too lucky to make his attack ineffective by luck alone?

I really want to say that the other martial arts people are afraid that the dragonfly should have died thousands of times, but it is incredible to say that the other party has been so lucky. The unfavorable situation always continues until the dragonfly is about to lose its fighting belief, and the situation changes unexpectedly.
Accompanied by a lux fireworks lit up dozens of sharp arrows from half a disease to siege dragonfly two magic royal wizards.
Master, for a moment, I’ll come to the rescue immediately. Evergreen sounds from a distance. After a few seconds, when the huge winged dragon flies overhead, Evergreen jumps into the dragonfly magic royal fighting circle from half alone. Without saying anything, a magic royal killer immediately fights.
Although the magic royal family is very humble compared with evergreen martial arts, it is evergreen for dragonfly. This new force joins martial arts so that he can exert his true strength.
In the distance, the magic royal magicians have been forced by the warriors of the Dragon Order to shoot bows and arrows, which means that they can’t hit two magicians, and they can’t make a move. When the dragonfly is evergreen, the warriors of the Dragon Order are constantly coming from all over the world, believing that these magicians will surely be shot into a honeycomb after the number of troops reaches hundreds or even thousands.
Looking at yourself, the situation is getting worse and worse. The dragon flies in the killer of the magic royal family. The man sneers and says that the temple is competitive. It’s not the kui that it’s a promise and a promise. Previously, it shouted that we were waiting for a fair world war, but now it has sent many people to rely on many to win. I don’t know what the temple should explain.
After hearing the man’s words, Dragonfly angrily handed a sword and confidently said that the standards of the magic royal family are really very different from ours. At first, you waited for six people to besiege me. I don’t know if you ever thought about the word fair, but now you miss me when you see the situation reversed. Haha, wait for me to send you to hell. Are you being fair?
It’s really hard to say no to the killer of the royal family who is turned against an army by the dragonfly. It seems that this person is usually used to fighting alone, so he will ask a question before. But at the moment, he seems to be silent. He seems to be considering a move. Dragonfly is silent and stormed. It seems that he really hates these insidious and cunning royal families and is determined to make them pay the price.
After a long time, the magic royal killer stormed the dragonfly, and now there was a flaw, and the dragonfly didn’t doubt that it was cheating, so he swooped down. But who expected that the enemy was making a feint, and suddenly jumped out of the circle while the dragonfly’s center of gravity was unstable, and then he repeatedly flashed two times, and he was already hundreds of meters away from the dragonfly.
Successfully escaped from the attack range of the dragonfly, the magic royal killer slightly appeared to mean that the martial arts in the Prince’s Temple are high-powered. It’s late today, so I’ll leave here. I believe that the magic royal killer will definitely have a chance soon after the temple hand finishes speaking. He even bowed to the dragonfly and then the inferno language shouted at the soldiers around him, apparently ready to retreat.
Evergreen war magic royal family occupied the wind position. After he heard the leader’s call, he immediately retired from the war circle, and the other two magic royal wizards were forced to dodge everywhere by the Dragon Knights, but they were also engaged in elder brother’s fight against the magic royal family. The magic royal family could not find the opportunity to evacuate. It was not cold-blooded to watch the elder brother’s magic royal family fight. In less than a minute, the leader shouted and immediately led several people to disappear in front of dragonfly and others.
Looking at each other’s cold-blooded feelings and abandoning their companions regardless of the practice, Dragonfly felt a chill. However, he was whiter and ended the battle as soon as possible. What he needed to do at the moment was also regardless of the Jianghu morality. Dragonfly was ready to attack the magic royal family together, but he didn’t wait until he saw that the pike in Gort’s hand had been shot out from a tricky angle, and accompanied by a scream from the magic royal family, the pike penetrated his chest and directly nailed him to the ground.
The end of the battle may be due to the fact that his companions fled from the magic royal family, and the soldiers realized that they had lost their fighting will. The magic royal family’s victory was in sight, and it was a bit different and the flaw immediately went west.
If the situation is possible, Dragonfly really wants Gert to show mercy and capture the member of the magic royal family alive, but when he looks at the exhausted Gert’s mouth and gasps for breath, what else can Dragonfly say? In fact, it is a miracle that the siege of six members of the magic royal family has been born until now, and everything else can wait to find an opportunity to understand.
Perhaps it was a sudden stop of fighting that made the dragonfly feel relaxed all over. At this moment, he suddenly felt unbearable pain all over his body. Looking back at his body, the dragonfly was surprised to see that he was almost covered with wounds except for a few key points. Some wounds had been coagulated by blood, while others were still oozing blood. Looking at himself covered in wounds, the dragonfly could not help but smile and secretly curse himself for being stupid and reckless again.
When the dragonfly evergreen returned to the camp, it was already dark, and it took a long time to get rid of the salary. It was a pity that the dragonfly didn’t shine.
I didn’t expect to see the camp was dark, which made Shearer wonder. When he walked into the camp and found two guards lying on the ground, he immediately woke up the generals in utter amazement. The search was also carried out overnight because Shearer was careful, which was unfortunate and fortunate.
Because he suffered some skin injuries and was determined to be a soldier early the next morning, people still moved to Goddess Ping in batches at ten o’clock the next morning as planned.
On the same day, when Long Jun approached the intelligence and entered the blood-killing regiment, it immediately caused quite a stir. Many generals recognized that the Tianlong army was strong and powerful, and the military equipment was second to none in the mainland. It was obviously not the right way for the other side to fight when their own forces were at a disadvantage. Therefore, I hope that the head of the blood-killing regiment will come back to life and not face the Tianlong army for the time being
However, I don’t know that I will be able to defeat the Tianlong Army because of my eyes. Not only will I punish those generals who try to say that his withdrawal will be even more deadly, but I will order the goddess Pingtian Tianlong Army to win or lose.
Actually, Shiller’s dragonfly strategy is to show that it is stronger than the enemy, and hope that the gap between the two armies can be clearly seen in the day. This is not only a dragonfly, because many years ago, the blood killing group origin did not want to be the benefactor’s blood killing group battle, but also because the Tianlong army hopes to win the blood killing group decisive battle in Swart at the minimum cost, which will bring a lot of casualties. This is not what Dragonfly Shiller wants to see.
However, when the dragonfly walked into the conference room with the newly obtained situation in his hand, people already knew that a big war was hard to see. Dragonfly slowly walked to the front of the seat and said to people, You have just been killed by the Dragon Knights today. Instead of retreating to Swart, they approached our army, probably hoping to seize the goddess, the high-lying place in the middle of Pingping, and challenge our army. It is a pity to tell you that we must fight and defeat our opponents in this battle in the future.
Master rest assured that now that we are senior generals of Tianlong Army, we will never do anything. I’m sorry about Tianlong Army. What the master ordered, we will definitely overcome Xiu Shen’s face and look firmly at the dragonfly and say.
Well, I believe that you, Longfei, nodded steadily and then showed the map to the generals, saying whether the Bloody Killing Regiment still treats us as friends, but we must never attack the Bloody Killing Regiment first. I decided to follow the example of the ancients and stay away before the war. Although the Bloody Killing Regiment has moved to the central part of Goddess Ping, their speed will never be faster than ours. Therefore, when the enemy goes to the central part, our army will retreat 30 kilometers, and the decisive battle will be placed here. Longfei points to the map, a small circle here is called Yuanyang Lake.
The beautiful name of Yuanyang Lake used to be a famous tourist attraction in Bassos. Three small towns around it are all famous for their reputation. One side covers an area of more than ten hectares. Yuanyang Lake has beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. Because it is in the Goddess Flat, the terrain is gentle and grassy, and the only place where it can launch a surprise attack is a famous mountain valley more than ten kilometers away. Obviously, the dragonfly chose to kill the regiment here to fight a decisive battle.
However, no one expected that this battle between the strong and the weak would drag on the mainland for several years, and Yuanyang Lake would also be an important prologue for the Tianlong Army to sweep across the mainland of Bezos.
On April 11th, 1935, the main force of Tianlong Army retreated voluntarily after the encounter with the blood killing regiment, and arrived in the west of Yuanyang Lake one day later. On the same day, the blood killing regiment was stationed at about 250,000 noon, and the left, middle and right armies were stationed on the east side of Yuanyang Lake. At this time, the strength of the two sides was compared with that of Tianlong Army’s four legions, with 310,000 people and seven flags and 250,000 people.
The blood-killing regiment was stationed in Funandos province, but the blood-flag skull flag suffered heavy casualties in the battle in Bochaton and was forced to return to Funandos Hugh. Therefore, at present, there are about seven main flags left, and the Tianlong army entered Swart province unscathed. The army is equipped with 1,200 heavy magic stone cannons and 2,000 light magic stone cannons, with about 100,000 cavalry, about 100,000 infantry and about 20,000 special magician troops.
The blood-killing regiment has been fighting for days, but after a period of rest, it is still able to restore the time-saving state when it first entered Swart, and the heavy-duty magic stone cannons have been exhausted, about 100 cavalry, about 30 thousand wizards and about 15 thousand troops
From the comparison between the two sides before the war, except for the sorcerer’s troops, Tianlong Army is close to each other, the other root methods are compared. After all, the Bloody Corps is a mercenary organization used to fighting in small groups, and it has experienced large-scale battles except for World War I in Bochaton. Most veterans in Tianlong Army are fortunate in fighting in the Punk War, and their fighting morale is not the same.
Before the battle, military observers from all sides had already decided that the bloody killing group would be destroyed, and many casinos actually set up a handicap to note how many people the Tianlong army would cost to defeat the bloody killing group. It is ridiculous that gamblers bet on 100 people.
Quietly in the past, on the morning of April 15th, that is, the day after the troops of both sides arrived in Yuanyang Lake, the bloody killing regiment took the initiative to send a decisive battle to Tianlong Army, while the dragonfly was ambivalent and wrote the words "decisive battle at noon" with a stroke of a pen.