Sure enough, this property is extremely powerful, and the only fruit is more powerful than the original one that was suppressed.

"If you can analyze this wonderful work, you can have one more weapon!"
I looked at the big iron boat that launched this device and the smaller iron boat behind it …
Looking at the vast number of these unknowns jumping out of the only root boundary
He couldn’t help but give birth to the only thought that was really mysterious.
Shame is everything. The heavens are not secret …
At this time, the stone has reached the eyes.
I dare not take out a butterfly trap from my arms and try to hold the stone trap.
Start with a sink.
Half an arm was almost dropped.
Then I have to watch this stone suddenly increase by tens of thousands of times.
"This virtual wonderful! It’s like a monty! "
Busy is the nature of the opposite force to press the stone back to its original size.
But one second is bigger
No matter how big …
A few breathers are already carrying a pocket like a mountain giant.
Although it’s still manageable …
But life again looked like a renju ball to throw one after another … There are ten’ small stones’ that can’t help but be scared white.
"No.1 planetary weapon destroyed No.2 destroyed No.3 destroyed … No.4 exhibition 3% destroyed No.5 exhibition 6% destroyed … No.9 exhibition! Hit the target! The exhibition ends on the 1 ST! Hit the target! "
Boom Boom
Two impacts on life, heaven trembled.
These two 500-kilometer-diameter planetary weapons can destroy an earthly level.
Even though Gao is a conceptual form in history, the muzzle of Dongfang is still a tangible thing, and two planetary weapons will be turned to ashes.
"The report successfully destroyed the two targets of Monty and Shoushan Copper!"
Good news from the orient
Through all the fleet fleet commanders gave a cheer.
The supreme commander of the Central Command, located in the middle of Sunday, smashed his fist on the podium.
The first battle was a success!
"Calm down" Lin Manyin inserted into the channel and poured cold water on everyone. "Gao is a multidimensional creature. We didn’t destroy the target, but we destroyed a shadow of the target!"
"Yes," Lin Chongyin also accessed the channel. "This loss is insignificant for Gao, and the battle has just begun."
"Yes!" Fleet commanders crashing to promise.
No one will recognize that one Kun-class Oriental can destroy two high ones, which is too arrogant.
Just look at the present, all the nuclear bombs and planetary weapons launched by the Orient at the ginseng fruit tree were swallowed up by the dense canopy of the ginseng fruit tree, and the dense green was also expanded by the explosion in the canopy.
Planetary weapons didn’t show nuclear bombs, didn’t blow out mushroom clouds … Very strange.
Although the planetary weapons flying to the flat peach tree are like reversing the stars, the flat peach tree also smashed branches and smashed huge wounds, but the flat peach tree waved and returned to its original state.
"The ginseng fruit tree has a title handle,’ Tibetan soldiers’ can devour millions of soldiers, and the flat peach tree can control the life. Ordinary attacks can’t hurt the roots." Lin Chong commented one by one
It’s going to be a tough battle …
At the core of ten Kun-class warships, more than 1,000 fish-class warships are lined up to guard the earth, and the strongest force will face four heights.
You may not win, but you must fight!