"By the way, Brother Chu, how did I hear that you started buying a house again?"

"Wenxuan gave birth to two light gourds again. What should I do if I don’t buy them? There is not enough room at home now."
His seemingly complaining actually made Xu Damao hate his teeth and really wanted to give him a hammer.
"I would never have come if Xiaoe didn’t want to come and see the children."
"Ha ha" Li Chu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Didn’t you tell Xu Yang to have another baby? Don’t worry, one must be a boy."
"Oh ~ I really thank you."
"Don’t say this, how is your store in the west of the city?"
"Not bad. Two tables a day have been arranged for holidays."
Xu Damao’s advice to Li Chu from that private restaurant was full of admiration.
It’s closed to the public, accepting reservations and limiting it to two tables a day.
At that time, he had just heard this time, and he misunderstood the restaurant. If it doesn’t open the door, it’s limited. How can it play like this?
Li Chu has never cheated him for so many years.
He got up with a try mentality, and as a result, the good guy was so hot that he couldn’t stop making an appointment if he died.
Because it is a high-end route, the price is naturally higher than before, and it is not tiring for many people.
The most important thing is that because of the good privacy, going to his place for dinner is either rich or expensive, which makes him build a lot of new ones.
"Business is good, but remember to prepare for that table. You have to prepare for one thousand in any case."
"I know, Brother Chu."
"At that time, when you were decorating, I didn’t look at your decoration. When the money for buying a house came back in a year or two, I tried to redecorate it. First, I should pay attention to a private dinner. Although both people are at the same time, it is best that no one can see anyone. The other is to show a sense of extravagance."
Xu Damao listened carefully for fear of missing a word.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine Frustrated
Time flies, day after day, year after year
Soon came to 95.
Just after the Spring Festival, Li Chu, who is 60 years old, officially submitted his retirement application to the class.
Not surprisingly, his application was called back soon.
However, he did not give up, handed in the application again and personally came to the office of the general manager.
"Don’t think about Li Zhu’s retirement, even if I approve it here, I won’t allow it."
"It’s not that I said leadership and which side? Aren’t you already at the end of the line? I haven’t reached the sky yet, have I? Then where is the turn for people to approve? "
"Ha ha, you’re 60 people. Don’t play the fool fully distracted with me. Well, when I say it, I mean those old chiefs, but they won’t let me approve."
Li Chu was a little indignant and said, "Leading comrades, it’s wrong for you to do this. What do we need the consent of several retired old men when we say it’s a working face matter?"
This is him. Who dares to say casually that it’s some old men?
The leader raised his hand and pointed to him with a smile. "You know perfectly well past asking, don’t say a few old chiefs. Let’s talk about the level of work until sixty-five. The retirement age of our army has been relaxed to seventy. You are still ten years away. Go back and work hard."
Hearing this, Li Chu almost didn’t spit out an old blood. That is to say, at most, at that age, or after finishing that, he can actually apply for a refund when he is 60.
"The leader said that I have given all the workers except those left by the employees to Wenxuan, and I still have * * *?"
"Don’t tell me these words. Go to a nursing home and tell those old chiefs to ask them to agree to sign here immediately." The leader simply shook his head and then he glanced at the wall table.
"Come on, just go home if it’s nothing. I have to go in for a meeting later."
Hopes have fallen
Li Chu some depressed, to the floor.
Salute him all the way, and several of them also took Jin Doudou.
Sit in the car at the bottom of the building and be silent for a while before saying "go to the headquarters"
After waiting for the bus to leave the compound, he asked, "Tian Jun, are you really not considering going to another department?"
"I’m really not going to drive for you. I’ll change jobs directly when you retire in the future, and I’ll have to ask you to help me connect a unit."
"Well, since you still want to drive for me, why don’t you keep driving? What did he say? "
"Yesterday, we talked about him and I thought the same thing."
"Oh ~ you two!" Li Chu shook his head and said nothing. He turned to look out of the window.
Li Chu, 60 years old, finally has some wrinkles on his face. With the increase of wrinkles, his current job has been basically transferred to the general hospital of administration, and he doesn’t even go there.
Li Wenxuan took over last year. In addition to his post, he is now the chief rank of Chinese medicine at the General Hospital, and he also teaches students at the Medical College of the General Hospital.
Now all the workers who go to those old comrades or the health bureau are him.
Back to headquarters, Li Chu didn’t go to his office but came to Ding Qiunan’s office.
She was transferred here two years ago, and now she is the deputy director of the Health Bureau at the headquarters. Although she has not changed, she has become a professional high school.
"What? The leader didn’t answer you? "
Ding Qiunan, who was writing something, saw her husband come in and let go of the pen and asked with a smile.
"Don’t take your time."
"I’ll tell youno. If you don’t listen, try to drink some water. Sit down by yourself. I still have some things to finish here."
"Busy you" Li Chu took the water and went straight to the sofa and lay there half-lying.
"Can I change a car for you?"
I don’t know how long it took Ding Qiunan to wake up and was staring blankly at him.
"What did you say?"
I said I’d change it for you, too. What do you call it, Tiger Head Run? "
"What?" Li Chu almost choked herself without a bite of spittle.
"You really dare to think that Xu Damao has earned money after doing business for so many years. If you dare to change the car, believe it or not, the investigation team will come in the afternoon and even if you don’t consider this family, the money is not enough."
"Who says we don’t have enough money?" Ding Qiunan came and sat down on the sofa and looked at his man.
"Oh, although I don’t know the specific figures, I can know that the money in our house is counted casually. I estimate that it will not exceed 500,000 at most."
"Almost." Ding Qiunan didn’t say that the specific figures were echoed, and then he said, "But Xiaoe told me that Damao bought that car at sixes and sevens and it was only 400,000, even if our family paid 500,000, that would be enough."
"But it’s just a matter of time to buy a car. I don’t want this car. It’s not that I can’t drive it, and it’s too ugly to hang up this card if I switch to Damao’s car." Li Chu simply shook his head
He is really concerned about what kind of car to drive. Although this Audi 1 is a little old, it is still driving well.
"You can change it or not, but somebody else’s business department has sent you the car, saying what it is, what it is, what it is, what it is, and I just put it in your office. This is the car key and the car is in the parking lot."
Li Chu wait for a while watched his wife put the keys to the coffee table car.
"Not what you said? The business department sent it over? What do you mean? "
What do you mean, "what else can you do?" Didn’t you just go to the general manager and tell you? I think the examination and approval procedures and his signature? "
"I didn’t say it. It’s normal for people’s leaders to be busy every day. How can they remember everything? What about this Audi?"
"I asked to handle it yourself. It’s your own car anyway."
Li Chu silently looked at the bunch of keys, which he meant by the white business department or the company on Hong Kong Island.
First, ten years ago, the drug earned billions of dollars for the company over the years. Note that it is said to be a beautiful knife here.
The other is to win over another specific drug for treating gastric cancer made by his research group. It has been tried for three times in clinic, and the effect is quite good. It is only a matter of time, and it is only nearly half a year.
Who can not be jealous?
Chapter nine hundred and forty Cannot father
The research team is still doing research, and with its first success, it is believed that they can definitely break through other cancers.
Li Chu picked up the key to the coffee table car and smiled. "Ok, let’s get a new car at home. Then we will give the old car to Jianguo Province and ride a motorcycle in the wind and rain."
"It’s up to you."