The black dragon is really inflamed and the fire burns violently.

Although Dantian is the home of Sun Hao, it has become a huge flame world at this time.
For example, the same roaring raging black dragon is burning and constantly attacking Sun Haodan Sea, trying to ignite the Danhai Sea and break out after drying.
Sun Hao-ti’s five attributes and true elements are mutually related. Neptune’s true elements keep pouring into the Danhai with frozen gods and frost, and hold on to the Danhai, forming a confrontation with the Black Dragon.
Sun Hao, a dune, also emerged with poor heat as a huge fire source baking around the desert.
Sun Hao’s head was rippling with ripples, and the mirage of sand dunes was laid out by dragons, which could not stop the fire from burning and breaking like glass. A huge hole appeared in the mirage.
In the distance, a dragon’s heart trembled deeply. Fortunately, he didn’t use force with agarwood, otherwise this mirage would have been broken.
Simply Chi Long carefully dispersed the mirage around Sun Hao.
With Sun Hao’s tug-of-war, Chi Long had to find himself scattered in horror, and the scope of the mirage became wider and wider.
Fortunately, I found the desert spacious enough for Aquilaria sinensis, otherwise I would be in big trouble.
A dragon heart cold sweat dripping wet.
Chapter DiYiLiu Two flavors into
Not far from Sun Hao, I have been guarding Sun Hao Bao Ketu, and I feel even hotter at this time.
At this time, Sun Hao died like a small sun, and the small sun gave off all the heat to bake around.
This kind of heat exceeds the desert scorching sun for many times.
Well, I just felt that I was no longer a sea creature, but a foot-crossing continent, and I suddenly felt that I was talking big too early.
Sun Hao is parched like a small sun, and Bauxitu’s mouth is thirsty, and his skin is chapped and his body is very uncomfortable.
Bauxitu stepped back a few steps, and his little face showed a determined look.
In my heart, I even thought that since the boss let himself continue to guard outside, I must have expected this situation. The boss should mean to let himself accept more arduous baking and really make himself not only a drought-resistant chapter, but also a chapter that is not afraid of baking.
In that case, let’s fight.
Xiao Zhang’s fighting consciousness suddenly rose, and the dunes stood firm and endured fierce baking confrontation.
Sitting cross-legged, Sun Hao’s face smiled faintly.
Sun Hao gave Bauxitu a chance, but whether he can go any further depends on his own choice. As Sun Hao expected, this little guy would try his best when it comes to evolutionary opportunities.
If Bauxitu can really stand firm with great perseverance, then there is no doubt that the weak water function can be greatly improved, and then Bauxitu will truly become the kind of abnormal overlord chapter that can swim in water and fire
Sun Hao, who separated some gods, was always watching Bao Ketu’s movements, and once again sank into the encirclement and suppression of the black dragon’s true inflammation.
The fire power of the black dragon is fierce, but it is like a fierce prisoner after entering Sun Haodan’s field. Although it can be powerful for a while, it has not been supplemented after all. Gradually, in the constant battle with Neptune Zhenyuan, the fire attributes are quietly neutralized by Neptune Zhenyuan, and the energy of pure fire attributes is quietly absorbed by Shen Shenyan.
The sea king Zhenyuan gradually gained the ability to attack from barely holding his ground, and finally gradually took over the wind
It took more than ten days for Neptune Zhenyuan to gain a big advantage.
When the time is right, Sun Hao’s heart moved and launched a general attack.
The light of the sumeru condensed tower flashed up and showed a huge tower shadow to suppress the black dragon.
Screaming, Shen Yan rushed into the abdomen and wrapped around the black dragon excitedly.
Yuan baby sat on the spire when he shook.
The black dragon’s true inflammation also seems to know that it’s the end of life and death, and Danhai rushes wildly to fight back.
Nai Sun Hao’s great powers have been waiting for a long time. At this time, all the energetic people are tigers and wolves, but how to scamper with the true inflammation of the black dragon can’t be completely refined.
Sumeru condensate tower golden light black dragon is really inflamed, which seems to be under the weight of Wan Jun and has a little poor flow.
Sun Hao’s command is like a hungry tiger biting a piece of black dragon phlogistic body from time to time and refining it on the spot.
After refining, the fire source of the black dragon phlogistic fire is automatically absorbed by the mystical inflammation to strengthen itself, while some pure black dragon phlogistic accumulated energy for hundreds of millions of years, but it is naturally absorbed by the tip of Sumeru Condenser Tower to strengthen Sun Hao Yuanying’s body and promote Sun Hao’s gas repair.
Sanwei Yuanying Fire Mystery is also a remarkable feat of Xuanyuan Youxiong.
The effect is that it can greatly promote the cultivation progress of monks in their infancy, and the three flavors of true fire are different.
After refining the first medicine, the monk can realize that people should be human, and small achievements can ignite the heart of Yuan Ying, break the bottleneck in the early stage of Yuan Ying and smooth the bottleneck in the middle stage of Yuan Ying.
If it weren’t for Sanwei Yuanying Fire Mystery, even if Sun Hao had a magical round of water, it would not have been possible to advance to the mid-term true gentleman in such a short time.
And the second medicine, two flavors and three flavors, is also very important in the secret art of infant fire
According to Xuanyuan’s original intention of Xiong’s second medicine, if you can find it, brother Yuanying can obtain abundant truth by refining the second medicine, and let Yuanying’s heart fire to produce unique true fire spirituality, so as to achieve the importance of rapid promotion to Yuanying’s early repair.
The black dragon really phlogistic refining also confirmed these two points.
With the black dragon phlogistic constantly being eaten away and refined.
Sun Haodan Tanaka Yuanying’s physical and mental fire, that is, the third bifurcation gradually formed because of the growing spirituality of Shen Yan.
Huge energy constantly pushes forward Sun Hao’s gas refining and repair.
However, it is different from Xuanyuan’s Xiong’s expectation.
Sun Hao’s gas refining repair progress is very slow.
According to the original intention of Sanwei Yuanying Fire, the friar was promoted to refining after Yuanying’s mid-term. Once refining was successful, it could directly promote the latter part of Yuanying’s mid-term. It is very possible to directly promote Yuanying’s late achievement as a big friar and become a king in this world.
However, Sun Hao is a lot worse here.
Sun Hao’s round of water has definitely pushed forward Sun Hao’s mid-term baby repair a lot. It is reasonable to have a great chance to push forward his own repair with the unique refining.
However, after the whole black dragon phlogistic digestion, Sun Hao still regrets to find that his gas refining practice has only been promoted to the peak of the middle and middle stages of Yuan Ying, but it can’t be promoted at all, and it is even more far away from the later stages of Yuan Ying.
It’s a small flame. After refining the black dragon’s true inflammation, the third forked flower burns. The whole inflammation is in high spirits. For a while, it falls into the baby, and then it gets into the heart and runs like a lively child.
Now, a dark blue branch on the left and a black branch on the right, but the highest and most male main flame in the middle is still the color of the body.
Sanweiyuan Yinghuo’s second medicine Buerwei has been refined successfully.
Xuanyuan has Xiong’s prediction that it is the first medicine that is difficult to understand and the second taste that is difficult to find and refine when he creates the three flavors of Yuanyinghuo.
The difficulty of two kinds of medicines is to find the right and powerful true inflammation.
The true inflammation is too weak, and the monk has no effect after refining, and he can’t refine the second taste, and the true inflammation can’t achieve the intended effect; However, the true inflammation is too strong and the refining is too difficult. It is very likely that you will find it and you will not be able to refine it. The true fire may not be able to digest it.
However, Sun Hao not only found a strong black dragon phlogistic horse here, but also completely digested all the black dragon phlogistic because of the powerful five attributes and the strange magic formula and phlogistic magic.
However, it is precisely because of the demand for five-attribute truth yuan Pang Da truth yuan that Xuanyuan has Xiong’s expected repair progress, and Sun Hao has greatly discounted it here.
Even if there is a round of water, Sun Hao still failed to reach the minimum expectation of Xuanyuan and Xiongshi, and failed to reach the second half of Yuanying’s mid-term.
Conscientiously understand the change of its own truth and realize the change of divinity. Sun Hao’s heart is full of bitterness and at the same time, he is relieved.
Bitterness is that it is far more difficult to cultivate and advance than you can imagine. Every step of cultivation is very difficult after the monk is promoted to Yuanying.
The science of uniting the progress is failed to meet Corleone expectations again.
Even though the two kinds of occult techniques, wheel water determination and Sanwei Yuanyinghuo, made strong progress, Sun Hao still made slow progress.
It is gratifying that the scale of the five attributes of the body has become five long dragons of the true elements, each of which is full, solid and solid. It is very unusual to talk about one attribute of the true elements.
The combination of five attributes and true elements Sun Hao is rich in true elements, even if he can be crowned as the true king in the middle period.
And a battle force has also taken a big step forward with this promotion.
The most intuitive contrast is that if Sun Hao meets the dust before promotion, the two men may not be able to kill Sun Hao, but Sun Hao definitely has the strength to fight back and parry.
After Sun Hao came back from the burial of Tianxu, he traveled all over the world to practice two kinds of occult arts, but there was no real intention to escape and return to dust.
But now Sun Hao has gone through this promotion, but if he meets again, Sun Hao feels that it is hard to say who wins and who loses.
The real results may really need to be fought before we know.