But now? No matter how bad the weather is, rifles and cannons will not be affected.

Liu Huaidong believes that after hundreds of years … it doesn’t take decades to develop lasers or microwaves, but they may not be protected from the weather, Jing Cheng. But now they are still in their infancy, far from mature, so they must be cautious.
He believes that Beidu also has this concern, otherwise the new equipment of the base will definitely be more than this.
The war situation reversed, and the original sparse guns suddenly became fierce, and the guns became the main force against the insects again.
The wind is getting heavier and heavier, and the rain is getting more and more urgent. The fighting is getting more and more fierce, and the ammunition consumption rate is far faster than expected.
By 3: 00 pm on the same day, it is doubtful whether the ammunition depot can be moved by half until this time of the day.
If we run out of backup bases, it’s over.
Nai Liu Huai Dong Lian Bei reported the situation in the base to the level in detail and requested that the troops be evacuated to the ground.
Beidu agreed to Liu Huaidong’s request after careful consideration.
At the end of the communication, Liu Huaidong breathed a sigh of relief and immediately reached the evacuation order.
The defenders quickly retreated to the ground and sealed all the exits according to Liu Huaidong’s order. The heavy metal doors were tightly closed to the ground.
The weapon of the retaining wall still exerts resistance, pressing the swarm step by step, but the remaining weapons can’t be lifted much except the second wave gun. After ten minutes, the swarm breaks through the retaining wall.
Liu Huaidong, who retreated, witnessed this scene through monitoring equipment. He calmly touched the touch screen and clicked a few red control interfaces that kept flashing.
Liu Huaidong inserted the hanging neck key into the console and entered a large string of passwords on the screen. Suddenly there was a dull roar overhead, and then the ceiling trembled violently. The original screen showed the ground situation as if it were an appointment, and all the screens lost their pictures at the same time.
If there are people on the ground at this time, you will see six smoke trails rising around the equatorial base at the same time in the flurry, followed by six mushroom clouds, which are evenly distributed in a regular hexagon. The distance between each explosion point and the base is one kilometer.
These are six bullets buried in advance, and the absolute killing radius of a single bullet will be one kilometer, but the six bullets will explode at the same time, but they can cover a huge area with a radius of two kilometers and an area of twelve square kilometers.
And this is precisely the middle area of the swarm, where countless giant worms and insect people gather and are penetrated, penetrated and re-penetrated by the middle and high-speed streams!
It is not that they are resistant to being shot, but that heavy rain has a great influence on them. It is difficult for them to fly in the rain. Most of the servants have been evacuated by aliens, and there are only a few hundred servants left in the battlefield, which is a little better than nothing.
Although Liu Huaidong doesn’t know the details of the ground in the ground headquarters, he can imagine what it will be like after being shot and exploded. Even if there are still worms alive, he will probably not live long. Now he is very much looking forward to expecting aliens to send another batch of worms.
Although the base was buried and shot, there are still two warships in the sky. There is no shortage of nuclear weapons in the fleet. Ten or twenty of them are nothing, depending on whether there are more aliens or more human nuclear bombs.
Not long after, the picture recovered, and the base remained the same in the rainstorm. No matter whether the retaining wall or the weapons on the wall were intact or damaged, if it weren’t for the insects all over the ground, it wouldn’t be like being broken by insects-hurting people and not destroying things. This is the biggest feature of being shot.
Liu Huaidong hesitated for a moment and resolutely sent an army to the ground to repair equipment and replenish ammunition with great fanfare, for fear that aliens would not see it.
That’s right, I’m afraid that aliens can’t see it, because the purpose of this army is not to recover the ground, but Liu Huaidong is afraid that aliens will be shot and will not dare to send an army to seduce the swarm again.
If you are shot, you are afraid that the worm will not come!
After the alien suffered a loss, he was cautious, but he didn’t give up attacking the equatorial base. The two sides were so deadlocked that for a while, you came and we fought against each other until the defenders completely withdrew into the ground
Liu Huaidong doesn’t want to withdraw, but he can’t if he doesn’t, because the foreign fleet is coming.
Volume 30 Extraterrestrial Fleet
Chapter 1513 Wake up
The timer returned to the cabin, and the temperature rose slowly under the control of life support system. After a while, it rose from 6 degrees to 22 degrees, and the temperature fell asleep. Ye Han brought a little warmth, and his consciousness was awakened by warmth and gradually woke up from a deep hibernation.
With your eyes open, Yip Han’s brain hasn’t recovered yet. His brain seems to be frozen, and his consciousness is firmly blocked. It took a long time for his brain to return to normal.
After feeling his body, Yip hon tried to move his arm and then gently lifted his leg. He was delighted to find that he didn’t feel stiff and stiff this time. He almost didn’t feel hibernating like he woke up naturally after a night’s sleep.
This is really great!
Yip hon got out of his sleeping bag and looked up to see the wall on June 16, 223.
It’s just when he is scheduled to wake up. At this time, the foreign fleet should be approaching the earth!
Thought of here yip hon original calm mood transient restless without him immediately rushed to the bridge.
A cold wind coming from the hatch made Yip Han shudder. Only then did he remember that the temperature in the corridor had not recovered, and he quickly returned and put his wrist personal terminal to his mouth "Raytheon!"
"Hello, Captain, long time no see." Thor’s deep voice came out of his wrist.
Yip hon pull pull corners of the mouth "from the captain’s room to the bridge corridor temperature rose to 22 degrees Celsius … and the bridge, too"
"Wait a minute!"
Yip hon’s wrist-brain screen became a thermometer, representing the progress bar of temperature. After half a minute, the temperature line moved from representing cold light cyan to representing warm orange-red scale, and just stopped at 20 degrees.
"The captain is ready!"
Yip hon hit the hatch again. This time, he didn’t feel any temperature change. He muttered that Raytheon seemed to be more and more humanized as he moved to the bridge.
When he was a child, he saw many descriptions of artificial intelligence, which became more and more like people who simply betrayed human beings and all kinds of precautions against artificial intelligence. If Raytheon continues to develop, will it develop into a shadow one day?
What will the owner’s mood look like if Raytheon one day? Think of the warship as a body? Treat humans as parasites?
Thinking, Yip Han rushed to the bridge hatch to play for a moment. The original bridge was dark, and the instantaneous lights turned on Raytheon’s deep voice and said, "Welcome back, Captain."
Everything is the same as it was a few months ago. Yip Han drifted to his position and sat down to buckle his helmet. "I want to see the earth."
The voice has not fallen, and the image of the ship has appeared in front of the culvert. In front of it is the Qingzhou, behind it is the port direction of the Shihe, and there is a particularly bright dot. Ye Han knows that it is the sun.
This is probably the first time that human beings have been staring at the sun from so far away!
He suddenly felt a feeling that it was difficult to describe-this is the outer edge of Saturn’s region near the orbit of Mars, and the distance from the sun is more than nine astronomical units, about 13.5 billion kilometers! (Note 1)
It’s not the first time for human aircraft to come here, but it’s the first time for human beings to set foot here. If the war between human beings and aliens is not in full swing, just warships flying here with people can cause a sensation. After a few years, the history of all countries will be indispensable to the expedition fleet.
However, the fleet flew here to occupy Saturn, and aliens sent more than 1,000 warships to the earth. At the very least, there must be a hundred expeditionary forces. These three warships are a threat to Saturn, and the decimal point is small. I never expected the expeditionary fleet to do anything. The agreement to form a Saturn expeditionary force was just to prove to aliens that human beings have the ability to expedition to Saturn.
This is called strategic deterrence!
To put it more bluntly, let the aliens know that Saturn is not at ease before sending a fleet to the earth. Think carefully and don’t send all the warships at will.
Yip hon’s sight changed in the direction of the sun, and the picture quickly enlarged. Not long after, Io first appeared on the left side of the picture, and a few warships were faintly visible outside Io.
Io came and went quickly, but before Ye Han could see it clearly, he was left behind by the enlarged picture. The earth was getting closer and clearer, but Ye Han accidentally found that there was a comet behind the earth!
The whole sun is such a comet. When calculating, the foreign fleet should have quietly arrived at Jupiter by hiding in the tail of this comet.
If it weren’t for its fifth expedition, it would probably be another result.
Ye Han couldn’t help asking, "How long will it take for comet Raytheon to reach the earth?"
"The comet crossed the earth’s orbit three days ago!" Raytheon’s tone was somewhat surprised. "Don’t you know?"
Yip hon cried in astonishment. Does Raytheon really know what surprise is or is it just a program-controlled tone simulation? When we get back to North Moon Island, we must look into this matter!