"I will leave the southern border of Henan in half an hour. At least I have not felt the danger so far!"

This is Jianghan’s worry and incomprehension. Is it that Zhou Haoying, the woman, made up an excuse at will for fear that she would find trouble with her?
Jiang Hanxin shook his head. It’s impossible that the pattern of Zhou women should not do such a substandard thing!
Jianghan didn’t disturb too many people when he came and went in the south of Henan this time, but it was a little too quiet after all. Before the dark storm in Lebanon, he was secretive, but he couldn’t say anything!
I can’t go to Jianghan with a haze in my heart, and I don’t talk to Li Qiubai anymore. Lamborghini immediately turned into a flash and rushed to Xingcheng Expressway.
What will happen to Jianghan all the way, but all the way to the high-speed entrance to Yanling city is calm, except for the initial Zhou brothers and sisters looking for Jianghan to drag the car, nothing special has happened!
Even Li Qiubai was a little surprised. Did they really miss this opportunity to kill Jianghan? Or do they think there will be a better chance than this one?
Anyway, when I got to Jianghan, Yanling, my hanging heart was completely relaxed. I have to say that if it weren’t for fighting for a willow with smoke, he wouldn’t step on the land in southern Henan again, where even breathing was heavy!
"You take the bus first and leave for Beijing in three days. I’ll wait for you here at this time!"
Li Qiubai didn’t speak. He always listened to Jianghan’s request and pulled open the scissor door car.
"Hoo ~!"
Jianghan spit out a long mouthful of polluted air. At this time, it was already dark. Jianghan had long been pregnant. Five hours ago, the noodles in southern Henan had been digested clean. He glanced at the lights outside the window and the neon lights in Yanling Wangfujing Shopping Center. Jianghan decided to get something to eat.
Jianghan Yellow Bojini is very arrogant and domineering, and it will become the focus of attention wherever he goes. As soon as he got off the bus, someone stopped at Jianghan and started taking pictures to make friends!
Jianghan doesn’t care if you smile. There are some things that you don’t think are rare when you have them, but once you really have them, you will find that it is just like that.
Jianghan, in Wangfujing, a bustling commercial street, did not choose to go to the high-end restaurant of the skyscraper, but chose a snack in Shaxian, which was pulled over by a lot.
"Boss, a cage of steamed dumplings and a beef rice!"
"Okay, please sit down and wait a moment."
Middle-aged women greeted Jianghan Tower with a mouthful of Fujian dialect Mandarin, and then turned around and began to work. At this time, Jianghan was alone in the store.
Jiang Han took out his mobile phone and found that there were already a dozen missing Chen Yanguan, Xiaojie Xiaoqiang and one Qin Mufeng!
Jianghan has the habit of turning his mobile phone into mute, and he is not often missed by low-headed people. At this time, he saw that the screen display was not connected. Jianghan Nai smiled and thought about it, or clicked on Chen Yan’s number and pressed the dial key.
"Jianghan, where have you been? Xiaojie was knocked unconscious by someone, and the news from you worried us to death. If Zou Pang doesn’t appear again, you will throw those bodyguards away from the 23rd floor of this hospital! "
If you talk to Chen Yanguan, it is a phone call to scold Jianghan. Although Nai, Jianghan’s heart is warm
"I didn’t …"
"Please slow down in front of you." At this moment, the middle-aged woman put a pile of mixed noodles on the table in front of Jianghan to say to Chen Yanguan, I’m fine. Jianghan had to swallow his words back and say thank you to the boss!
The boss didn’t cheep Jianghan, and he was just thinking about talking to Chen Yanguan again. He didn’t say anything just now, but he felt something was wrong.
"Boss, I ordered steamed dumplings and beef rice. How did you …"
Jianghan turned to look at the middle-aged woman, but before he finished speaking, his pupil suddenly shrank and his forehead was covered with a dark muzzle! Jianghan breathing a lag as if this moment becomes extremely slow. He saw that the middle-aged woman’s index finger had slowly pulled the trigger!
The decisive and ruthless man didn’t hesitate to make moves!
As time goes by, Jianghan returns to normal again. Without thinking, he suddenly leans to one side and tries his best to make his brain deviate from the pistol trajectory!
The change is too sudden and weird! It’s four or five hours’ high-speed drive from southern Henan to Yanling, and there is no wind and waves. It happened that Jianghan was exposed to murder when he was the most relaxed. If the other party is really a noodle in southern Henan, this forbearance and malice are chilling to think about!
"Bang ~!"
Close shot, Jianghan’s pupil suddenly contracted, and he saw the muzzle spewing out Mars!
Volume 3 Dry all day Chapter 2 Borrow a knife!
No matter how hard you work, you are afraid of a kitchen knife. Jianghan is a man, not a god! Although the dexterity and quick response allowed him to avoid the fatal head injury caused by the bullet, the bullet was still biased, which went through the scapula from the position of his scapula and directly penetrated the scapula! The huge recoil made Jianghan fly back half a meter!
"Jianghan Jianghan! Is there something wrong with you? "
The phone dropped, and Chen Yanguan’s anxious voice came out from the inside!
Good consciousness and sobriety, although the tearing pain stimulates the nerves from the shoulder, Jianghan has jumped several times in this small Shaxian store! I can’t do it because I don’t jump. The middle-aged woman didn’t shoot and stop, chasing Jianghan like a tarsal maggot to do harm. If she doesn’t run, jump, avoid the field, she will die!
Not only that, but when Jianghan jumped up and down to avoid bullets, a black big rush rushed in directly from the outside!
Jianghan was caught off guard and hit hard in the kitchen!
There are four people coming here, and all of them are uniform? Micro-impact on the thin and brittle wooden partition behind a burst of crazy shooting!
Dadada dadada!
It wasn’t until the four men finished playing the shuttle bomb department that the partition was turned into a hornet’s nest that the flameout was changed. The four men followed suit and walked cautiously behind the partition!
"Move quickly and cut his head off!" If the middle-aged woman is cold, if you look carefully, you will find that this woman is not the boss Jianghan saw when she entered the store just now, that is to say, Jianghan was designed after entering the store, or even the other party could not have expected Jianghan to choose where to stay!
Next door, behind Jianghan, lying motionless, there was a pool of blood, which was shocking. Four people gradually approached one of them and kicked Jianghan, but they reacted!
"You cut off his head!"
A new dagger was handed over to the man who accepted the order and immediately squatted and raised the dagger in his hand! It was then that Jianghan suddenly opened his eyes and grasped the squat neck. Click, the little one has died!
One side three people were frightened, but before they moved, they felt their feet slip and three people had been knocked down by a hovering hall leg in Jianghan!
Dadada dadada!
Holding the gun that hung on his chest, Jianghan finished a shuttle bullet and sent away the remaining three small ones!
They did it by surprise, Jianghan did the same thing, and then they gave them such a surprise!
But it’s not the time to relax!
Old wounds have not healed and new wounds have been added. Jianghan’s back is bloody again. Of course, he can’t forget the fatal murder and still return it to this small shop!
Bang ~! Bang ~!
The middle-aged woman looks pale to the extreme at Jianghan’s madness! She didn’t expect the original harvest war to reverse so quickly!
A good meat shield in front of me helped Jianghan stop all the bullets, and soon the woman’s magazine bottomed out!
It’s nothing if there is a gunman in Jianghan who is afraid of her!
Throw a dead body in your hand and seriously hurt Jiang Hanjin. Your fist is like a landslide, rubbing against that woman!
Five minutes later, Jianghan came out of Shaxian, leaving five bodies and a unconscious boss-in-law!
The yellow Lamborghini roared away, and Lamborghini just stopped. A gray BMW was parked in a parking space next to it. A handsome man in a suit and tie looked pale and dialed his hand!
"Grandpa failed, and I’m afraid Aunt Hu and his gang will run out of luck!"
"Come back don’t blame you this is also can’t things! Be careful not to let him find out about revenge. Not this time, there will be another time, but you are our Chu family. I hope there will be no mistakes! "
After hanging up, the man in white suit said to the driver in front with a cold face, "Drive all the way back to southern Henan!"
"Hey, hey, Master Chu is afraid that you won’t be able to return to southern Henan!" The man in the driver’s seat turned to sneer at a face of Yin Li, but he was not the driver and bodyguard of Chu Xuan!
"You …!"
Chu Xuan was furious but said a word about you! One second, his face was painful, clutching his neck, and blood was overflowing through his fingers, which quickly dyed his white suit red!
His pupil gradually diverged, and the retinal image always froze the picture of this strange man holding a scarlet dagger in front of him!
"He dare to kill me? !”
This is Chu Xuan’s last enlightened thought in this world!
Yinhan smiled. The BMW man stuck out his tongue and licked off the dagger. There was still blood left by temperature. He liked killing people and this bloody smell with temperature, which would make every cell of him excited!
After the event, the man dialed a word!
"Cheng Ge is done!"
"Cut that little head and bring it back to southern Henan. I want to give Chu Songbai a big gift!"
Volume 3 Dry all day Chapter 21 The snow is full of Beijing!