Shi Biao narrowed his eyes. He paced rapidly in his room, thinking about the pros and cons. He felt that Cai Jiande said this very well. Shi Biao stopped at half a ring and said, "Jiande, you said it was good to be busy outside! I’ve made up my mind to appease the Ministry first and then find a way to defeat the Sui Dynasty! "

"Wei Gongying!" Cai Jiande arch hand eyes with a smile.
Shi Biao nodded. "Since the integration department is going to find out that those people have infidelity, this is a very secret thing. We must be careful. Jiande, since this matter is your work, you will secretly plan it. Let’s sort out a charter first and discuss the need to do it perfectly! Strive to get this done before going south! "
Cai Jiande bowed his hand and said, "Wei Gong can rest assured that his humble position will be completed!"
Yang Rolls for grain in Yuancheng County waited outside the west gate of the red line of Doudou waiting for the arrival of Dugu Martial Arts. After Dou Jiande was rescued, Dugu Martial Arts sent a swift horse to rescue Xia Wang. The news told Yang You that he was in an urgent mood. So the red line of Doudou waited outside the west gate for nearly four hours. A scout who went out to explore the road hurried back and told him, "The King of Xia is less than two miles away from here!"
Dou Honglian’s nervous face was at ease. Yang You also rescued Dou Jiande Dugu Martial Arts slightly. Finally, he made amends and waited for a moment. Finally, a group of knights appeared in the west. Soon, Xia Wang Dou Jiande and Dugu Martial Arts and others jumped horses and came quickly towards Yang You.
"See you, Dou Jiande (a martial artist)!" Two people upon.
"You love Qing all the way hard or advanced city to say again!" Yang You said.
At this time, Dou Honglian came to look at a haggard face. Tears in his father’s eyes could not help but fall. Dou Jiande smiled before he left. "Isn’t it a joke for the line to cry when it’s such an adult?"
"Xia Wang Hongxian is just worried about you. She is so filial. Xia Wang should be careful!" Yang You smiled and led them into the city.
"I have shot Shi Wanbao and cut off his head. Please show me what to do?" Du Guwu said
"Martial master, you did a good job in rescuing Xia Wang this time, but there are still some shortcomings. Although Shi Wanbao was accidentally killed, you didn’t find his trace!" Yang You said.
DuGuWu master face a red arch hand way "pursuit is extremely I should learn a lesson and will never make it again"
Yang You nodded. He allowed the Ministry to make mistakes, but he didn’t allow the Ministry not to know the mistakes, and he didn’t want the Ministry not to learn the lesson. The attitude of the martial artist made him very satisfied. "You didn’t find Shi Wanbao this time. I want you to write an improvement measure and punish you for half a year’s salary. Are you angry?"
Dugu Takeshi nodded and said, "I am willing to be punished for my mistakes."
"But when you deployed rescued Xia Wang and killed Shi Wanbao, it was a credit that I gave you five hundred fiefs! Warrior Yu Jinyiwei, please manage a charter to reward me for my merits! " Yang You, this reward is rich enough.
Du Guwu was overjoyed. Although he was fined for half a year, he earned more than 500 fiefs. The soldiers of Royal Guards were overjoyed when they heard Yang You’s words. "Thank you!"
"Xia Wangzhen has prepared a banquet to scare you," Yang You said.
Dou Jiande, the king of Xia, bowed his hand and said, "I am grateful to the brothers of the Royal Guards for their great kindness. It makes me feel uneasy!"
Yang You laughed. "Xia Wang, this time you have worked hard to help the victims. I haven’t thanked you well, but you can’t be so polite!"
Dou Jiande one leng gave a way "pursuit is I don’t free and easy, so I respect than do it".
They all laughed and walked along the street towards the government office. Near the door, Yang You saw a young man wearing a poof head and a blue shirt pacing at the entrance of the government office. What seemed to be hesitant? Yang You was a little surprised because the young man was born at first sight.
Yang You jumped at the entrance of the yamen and saw a group of knights rushing in. He couldn’t help but take a few steps back and look at this group of knights who suddenly appeared.
Yang You stepped forward and looked at him as he walked. He saw that the man was a little sallow and emaciated, but his brow was full of confidence. His eyes were bright and full of wisdom. He saw Yang You looking at his heart and guessing Yang You’s identity. But he saw that Yang You was young, but the whole person seemed to be the leader of this group of knights.
Sheng narrowed his eyes. Suddenly he saw Dou Jiande behind Yang You. Isn’t that Xia Wang? When he was thinking about it, he found some clues. Although Dou Jiande walked, he deliberately fell behind the young people. It seems that he dare not surpass the young people. That is to say, the status of young people is higher than that of Dou Jiande, the king of Xia. At the thought of this, he was born with a little excitement and decided to take a chance.
Suddenly, Sheng took a step back and picked up his robe. Without hesitation, he knelt down and kowtowed to Yang You. "The right man Ma Zhou has seen you!"
Chapter 76 Ma Zhou offers a plan
Yang You stopped. He stretched out his hand to signal everyone not to talk. He squinted and looked at him. His eyesight was poisonous! But Yang You did not rush to identify himself, but shook his head and said, "You seem to have mistaken me for this student."
Claiming to be Ma Zhousheng, he still knelt down and shook his head. "Ma Zhou didn’t see the position, but he was quite sure that he didn’t mistake you for someone else. You are the present position of Da Sui Tian."
Yang You laughed. "See?"
Ma Zhou straightened up and bowed his hand, saying, "I’m afraid it’s only today’s status that makes Xia Wang lag behind just now."
Yang You coughed-he was a little surprised by Ma Zhou’s judgment. At this moment, he suddenly thought that there was a man named Ma Zhou Liang in history. This man was a Shandong native who was less lonely and poor, and later went to Chang ‘an for more than 20 years, so he was appreciated by Li Shimin. From then on, he can be regarded as a rising official. At this time, this person should be in his twenties, which is in line with this young age.
"Your name is Ma Zhou? But from Chiping County, Qinghe County? " Yang You thought for a moment and finally remembered this person. In my impression, this person has been to Luoyang, but it seems that he didn’t receive any weight before he went to Luoyang. I don’t know that he actually appeared here at this time.
Not only Ma Zhou was taken aback, but Dou Jiande, Dou Honglian, Du Guwu Shi and others were also taken aback. Do you know this person? And tell the truth about this person’s native place?
Ma Zhou took two steps back in surprise. "Do you know me?"
Yang You realized that it was wrong. He coughed, "You really are Wang Zhen of Ma Bin and asked you what’s important for you to come here?"
Ma Zhou was even more surprised. Not only did Yang You show his identity, but he also revealed Ma Zhou’s surprise. When Ma Zhou was very surprised, Yang You waved and said, "Let’s go in and talk!" Said the first to go in and all with Yang You behind into the county government.
Yang You met Ma Zhou in the room.
After Ma Zhou saluted again, he said, "Be kind and save all the people in the fire and water, and let the grass people have a plan to sacrifice themselves to capture Luoyang without bloodshed."
Yang You’s pupil contraction is very serious and his face is very serious. "Ma Zhouzhen knows that you are quite talented, but I’m afraid you are exaggerating when you say that you won Luoyang without bloodshed!"
Ma Zhou knew that this was a test of his position, saying, "Although it is exaggerated, if it is successfully implemented, it will reduce the casualties of soldiers in the Sui Dynasty."
Yang You nodded when Du Ruhui came in and bowed his hand and said, "Pursuit!"
Yang You laughed. "Du Aiqing, this is Ma Zhou Ma Bin Wang. He said that there is a plan that can help me reduce casualties and seize Luoyang. Come and listen to my staff."
Ma Zhou heard the word "Du Aiqing" and knew that this man was the confidant of Da Sui Tian’s staff. Du Ruhui immediately bowed his hand and said, "Assistant Minister Du is just a suggestion. I hope Assistant Minister Du can correct me."
Du Ruhui nodded and said, "Mr. Ma, please speak."
Ma Zhou coughed and pointed to the map and slowly said, "Right-handers guess that the strategy of the Great Sui Dynasty must be to restore Shandong first."
Yang You, Du Ruhui smell speech can’t help but slightly moment in terms of the current strategy of the Great Sui Dynasty. This Ma Zhou actually guessed right.
Yang You shook his head slightly and Du Ruhui asked knowingly, "Mr. Ma, do you want to capture Shandong first?"
"The reason is very simple." Ma Zhouxiao smiled and pointed to the map. "Now Wagang has the smallest power and Shi Biao’s department is constantly fleeing. It is reported that Wei Zhi, Xu Shijie, Guo Xiaoke and others have fled to the pseudo-Tang Dynasty. In addition, general Wang Bodang has also been killed. It can be said that Wagang has no star, and with the escape of Wei Zhi and Xu Shijie, Wagang has been panicked."
"The second position has occupied Hebei, and Li Shang’s stationing troops in Lujun and Beihai counties can be described as two sides attacking Wagang, worrying about foreign invasion, taking Shandong’s policy first, and if Shandong is occupied, Jingxiang, Shandong and Hebei can attack the Central Plains, which is more in line with the interests of Da Sui."
Ma said a lot of Yang You nods on Monday, and Du Ruhui also smoothed his beard and smiled. This person proved that he is a talented person, and he is very clear about the situation and is not a boaster.
Yang You laughed. "If Mr. Ma captured Shandong, I would like to take the Central Plains again? You know, Luoyang is a big city in the east of Sui Dynasty, and Wang Shichong has been in business for many years. It can never be attacked overnight, and if I storm Luoyang, it will surely arouse the vigilance of the pseudo-Tang Dynasty, and Li Yuan will send troops to help Wang Shichong. "
Ma Zhou coughed and cleared his throat. "I’m here because it’s not easy to capture Luoyang as you said, and Luoyang was built by the first emperor. Wouldn’t it be a pity if it was destroyed by war?" The right-hand man’s plan can weaken half of Wang Shichong’s combat effectiveness. "
Du Ruhui arched his hand and said, "Mr. Ma is willing to hear more!"
Ma Zhou replied, "I dare not!" Said, pointing to the map, "In addition to Shi Biao, a short-sighted disciple, Wang Shichong has chosen to put grain in storage on both sides of the river this summer. Nearly one million refugees on both sides of the river need a lot of food, and the flood has destroyed the fertile land. Even if there is less wheat in winter, it will not be harvested until early spring, and a lot of food is needed to ensure the lives of the victims."
"Hebei, Bashu, Jingxiang and wuyue counties are powerful, and there is almost no shortage of food in the south. Even if there is a shortage of food, it will be able to get through this year." Ma Zhou analyzed.
Yang You and Du Ruhui get to know each other and nod.
Ma Zhou laughed again. "There is a lot of grain and Wang Shichong occupies the Central Plains. After years of wars, the farmland is barren. This time, the flood has caused him heavy losses. Now the treasury of grain storage in Wang Shichong is bound to be exhausted. This is an excellent opportunity!"
"What chance?" Yang You asked quietly.
Ma Zhouning said, "The grass people know several refugees from Luoyang, and they can be quite sure that the grain in the treasury will never exceed 100 thousand stones after the disaster relief in Wang Shichong!"
Luoyang has a large population of more than one million, which is not to mention that there are many mangoku grains in the surrounding counties and counties, but if it is shared, there is not much. Yang You is thinking that even if this number is wrong, the grain in Wang Shichong is definitely not more than 500,000 mangoku, and the 500,000 mangoku grain should be stretched by the soldiers and civilians in Wang Shichong. Yang You can’t help but nod and agree with Ma Zhou’s analysis.
Ma Zhou added, "Now Wang Shichong is still a little stingy because he is also worried that once he attacks Luoyang, he will fall into a food crisis. The right-hand man has a plan to let Wang Shichong take out the treasury food."