Two people seem to bicker.
Zuo Tian tears looked at this scene and felt a little funny at first.
Gradually, my eyes became a little dim again.
Neither of them seemed to care about her, so they slowly backed away and turned away.
"The ability and I are not a world person!"
Ten minutes later.
The police arrived at the scene and arrested several bad guys.
The former Shiraishi has learned from the mouth that he is not in a coma and broke his leg that the so-called "fantasy hand" has fallen from the bad leader and found a player.
I don’t care if the guards found an audio in the player.
"I didn’t expect that the fantasy prop fantasy hand turned out to be a song."
This surprised Shirai Black.
It’s completely different from what you think is similar to a learning device.
A song can actually make people’s ability level rise …
"I don’t understand!"
"If you can understand it, you can also be a researcher."
While seven nights said 1.
Then look at Zuo Tian’s tears and leave the direction. Do you want to chase them?
He hesitated.
And white well black seems to be remembered.
"Say you are a researcher."
"No research is a sideline, and I am a painter."
"… anyway, why don’t you study it?"
Shiraishi handed the player to Seven Nights.
Although watching seven nights is unpleasant, seven nights is a very capable person, and there is a certain hope in scientific research.
However, for those who have been invited by the institute for seven nights, they have all refused, but occasionally people will answer questions and give accurate solutions.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Maybe not a person
Looking at Shirai Black for Seven Nights
But I didn’t take the player over. I bit my nails and looked at Shirai Black.
His eyes made Shirai black and a little unaccustomed.
"See what I do?"
"Nothing. I just think I want to study you more than any fantasy master."
Shirai black a face of disgust.
However, the figure of Seven Nights suddenly disappeared and appeared behind her.
"Motor (Shit)!"
Shirai black immediately to react.
It’s better to say that you don’t want to know what you want to do for seven nights because of more times.
The "calculation" in my mind tries to avoid the past by moving.
However, no
"What I said is still so lingering!"
Seven nights, his hands touched his chest from behind Shirai Black.
"Almost flat!"
His face suddenly turned red.
Then I turned my hand and wanted to smash it at the Seven Nights.
"Go to hell, asshole!"
"Aye, aye, aye, don’t smash it. You have to look for it again."
"… the police uncle, come here. This is the man who took him back for a few years."
"They are the police, not the police. After all, they are teachers."
"You bastard …"
"Don’t run!"
Watching young girls run away gradually
The guards all seem to have some language.
A young girl was attacked in the chest in front of them …
Should we arrest people?
But it doesn’t look like a vicious incident, but it looks like a young girl flirting and showing love. It seems that we shouldn’t catch it.
That’s not true. It’s a teenage girl, fourteen years old, and whether it’s voluntary or not, it should be in accordance with …
Huh? What country’s law is this again?
New day
Xueyeyuan, Changpantai Middle School
Room swimming pool
"Well …"
Seven nights biting her nails and looking at the girl in front of her.
It seems a little shy to wear a bathing suit, hold your legs tightly, hold your chest with your hands and lower your head.
I just demonstrated my ability again seven nights ago.
Mainly seven nights seems to want to study one again.
But after the demonstration, I kept looking at her like this and didn’t talk.
Besides her, after the marriage, Light and Awatsuki Maaya also came. At this time, they sat and didn’t interfere with things here.