The polluter’s weakness is that fire or ice flame will melt his body, while frost will freeze it.

"Be careful not to be a polluter!"
Nohiba cried out, the light, as soon as the polluter slowly slipped out of the darkness and passed through obstacles, whether it was a vase, a cabinet or a site warning sign or a table, they were all taken by the body rushing over these things.
Sure enough, they flow like mud, and nothing can stop them from passing by.
The sun suddenly flashed out and passed by a polluter. The golden wind cut off the cuttable part of its body, and the blade quickly closed after passing by.
The teenager stopped next to a polluter, and his body suddenly swelled and stretched into a shape like a curtain and fell to the sun!
The wind roared and the sun came back to Nuojin, which made the polluter jump.
"Let me do it."
Nohiba gently lifted her hands around, and there was a lot of warmth. The warmth kept rising, and the hospital hall quietly lit up with a misty fire.
Although Tianyang doesn’t think that a few polluters can make it difficult for themselves, he is also happy to have a companion to do it for him.
The element heart is capable of preparing the flame, while the polluter’s action is still slow, which seems a little careless.
A moment later, the sun felt the surge of stars, and with those polluters who had come not far in front of them, red spots appeared on the ground.
Suddenly, the ground arched, and from the cracks, a series of fires gushed out, and the streams of fire converged in one place to form a flame column!
Five or six pillars of fire rushed to the top of the hall, and the figure of the polluter was submerged in the flames, and the black smoke was constantly pouring out and emitting stench.
After this continuous spewing for nearly ten seconds, the flame power receded from the ground, and there were a few black focal spots still flashing. Among those circular focal spots, there were two circular spots, each of which was shaped like a diamond, but the color was dark and yellow light flowed from time to time.
"It’s pollution crystallization!"
Nuojin said excitedly, "This is a good thing. Weapons made of materials usually have the ability to fix mental interference."
Tianyang nodded, "They are you."
Originally a gold digger’s shrine looked embarrassed. "This is not good …"
"You deserve it." Tianyangyi competed with her for profit, although he wanted to know what pollution crystallized his heart.
Chapter 46 Are you a god of death?
When Nuojin happily put away the two polluted crystals, Yang said the day after tomorrow, "Let’s search this floor separately. Since it’s all here, there will be no waves in the area."
Nuojin hasn’t said Tianyang has picked a direction to go.
After three or two steps, I got rid of Noriko Tianyang and got into a room. The outside of the room said’ closed place’, of course, which is a reverse text.
After checking that there was nothing unusual, he raised his hand and made a ring.
Suddenly, there was a wave in the room, like ripples spreading, which’ blew’ the floor table. Some papers were these things, and I don’t know how long they had been moving in the opposite direction, and they smashed into dust.
The crack door hit.
Behind the door is the place where Tianyang collects nightmare masks.
The teenager did not hesitate to step into the door and close the door.
After the crack door disappeared, a furtive figure came in after a while.
The goddess temple, who has not yet given up her status as a gold digger, looked around and wondered to herself, "It’s strange that there is no exit here. Where is he?"
"This little man really has a lot of secrets."
As soon as Sun Yat-sen entered his "collection room", he found that the situation was wrong.
The shabby living room in the house was occupied by a snake lady.
High-level Yan demons like Snake Lady rarely come to the town, especially when he regards this place as his collection room. Later, Yan demons will consciously avoid this place because of the’ black fire crown’.
Now this snake lady demon has occupied this place with great thorns, and when she saw Tianyang, her reaction was not respectful, but she suddenly attacked!
It’s hard to describe the strange way that the snake lady moves to the vicinity of Tianyang,’ spits out’ ashes from her hands, and the blade of white bones interweaves with the piercing wind and cuts to Tianyang.
A black flame in Tianyang’s eyes outlined the crown and quietly emerged. He took a light drink and said, "Back!"
The snake lady fell to the ground like a hit, and the shock was out of control. After several consecutive backflips, she pulled away from the sky. The yellow was like a poisonous snake, but her eyes were full of doubts, but the black fire was crowned and she trembled and lost her bone.
This is a gesture of prostration.
Tianyang’s frown didn’t make Yan Mo get up and let him maintain this punishment posture. The teenager came to the place where he collected nightmare masks. He wanted to turn death into a god of death to explore the hospital building alone. Maybe it would give him some surprises to crack its’ origin’ when this chaos occurred.
Moreover, the cover-up of death can make it much more convenient for the legacy to summon Yan Mo than the identity of the Temple.
But when Yang took the floor and looked inside, he froze.
There is nothing in the floor compartment.
No nightmare mask, no cloak, no hunger ball coat of arms. Just recently, I got a’ crazy pupil’ for my knowledge.
Everything is gone.
Did Yan Mo take it, but what are they doing with it?
Tianyang suddenly looked at the snake lady demon and had a rough guess in his heart. This should be a drifting town at some point in the past. At this time, the node itself has not yet got the crown of black fire, and Yan Mo did not know that there was a person of his own.
That would explain why this place is occupied by the snake lady, and the snake lady will’ boldly’ attack her collection and disappear.
In the final analysis, it is because’ time’ is wrong!
Although we are at different times, whether it is the ability of the sublime or the power of the dark side, it is a’ black crown of fire’, and things have never disappeared
It’s really hard to explain the phenomenon
Shaking his head, Tianyang got up.
Since there is no death thing, you can go back first. Fortunately, all kinds of abilities have not disappeared, that is, there is no problem of covering up your identity.
Tianyang gathered her hood and lifted the snake lady to punish Yan Mo. At this time, her attitude was more respectful than facing their gens king.
Tianyang knocks on the door, the silver-edged wings reappear, the wings stretch and the door opens.
Tianyang came out of the door and heard a light shout before he came.
In an instant, the muscles of the yang body tighten
Someone found out!
He jerked his head.
Nobby scrambled to send out a stream of fire, while others ran to the door of the collection office.
Tianyang’s figure quickly escaped the fire and came to Nuojin.
The latter opened her mouth to cry for help. Yang had split her neck with a palm and violently oscillated, which made her immediately fall into a coma.
Stretched out his hand and took hold of the female temple. It was obvious that this woman followed him or she would not appear in the reception room.
Now that she finds out her secret, what should she do with her?
Stuffy humming Tianyang carried her back to the drifting town.
First, the door was opened, and then Nohiba was thrown into a broken sofa. When I woke up, my heart vibrated and groaned. When I saw Tianyang, she jumped up like a frightened rabbit and ran towards the door.
"Catch her"