When a hay cutter sound started, he saw that the unreal dragon ball of the Dragon King in the East China Sea was actually broken by the shovel and could not heal.

"Punishment of hay cutter"
Looking at the sudden silence of hay cutter’s heavens, the strong man’s eyes burst out and he was about to make a move. The remaining three dragon kings moved for a while and saw a golden altar in the void. They saw that a golden chain in the altar stretched out and penetrated dragon three’s pipa and flew in the direction of the eagle sorrow stream.
At this moment, the punishment of hay cutter is so cold that all beings dare not look directly at it. hay cutter is inexplicably frightened in his heart.
"Dry day dry day this fellow actually mastered the penalty dais" Grandfather Gollum swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
"True or false? Let’s painstakingly understand what dry day this loser can actually control the penalty dais "too yuan ancestor unwilling way.
"This fellow mastered the penalty dais in the future, so I wouldn’t have to worry about three points".
In the wilderness, the demon gods gaped and looked at the virtual penalty altar for a long time without saying a word.
At this time, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea wanted to make a move, but he was afraid of punishment and the altar forces were too late to rescue him.
Before, I had the ability to deal with the wild, but I didn’t want to do it. Now I want to do it, but I dare not.
Since the punishment became more and more severe, the powerful in the heavens became more and more afraid of the punishment after Tai Yuan’s ancestor was beheaded with an arm.
"You control the altar of punishment?" In heaven, xi he looked at the divine light flow in the eyes of dry days.
Dry day smell speech smiled gently and didn’t speak. A pair of eyes looked at the place where the eyes passed. All the monks bowed their heads instantly, whether they were quasi-immortals or quasi-demon gods. They didn’t dare to make provocative moves. They didn’t dare to underestimate the dry day until they understood the power of the penalty altar.
"It’s not good news that the penalty dais have been mastered in a dry day." In a certain Yangshi country, I saw an emperor in the palace with a crown on his face.
"No, don’t let me go." dragon three was so sad.
That dragon three was too chained to Eagle Sorrow and saw that the chain suddenly shook and dragon three fell into the water too instantaneously. That dragon three was too unwilling to be detained here after falling into the water. It was a chain that sounded in vain. Although the shape of the chain was invisible, it was difficult for dragon three Tailong to leave the Eagle Sorrow and Fiona Fang Baili to be imprisoned in the Eagle Sorrow in the future. Unless the people smashed the penalty altar, it is a pity that this situation is unlikely to happen.
"Help, help, father." dragon three was so panicked.
Chapter 1467 Matchmaker angry marriage wonderful
"Please forgive this inverse time" in the face of the penalty dais, this big killer, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, dare not rashly stand out. What’s worse, the Dragon King of the East China Sea saw that dragon three was too trapped in the eagle sorrow stream. This tiny dragon king of the East China Sea suddenly became impatient, and it was already sad enough to be stirred up by people from his family. I didn’t expect to be suppressed now. Where did you ask the Dragon King of the East China Sea to argue?
"Big Buddha, it’s all Princess Wansheng’s bitch. Please spare dragon three too once. It’s all because of that bitch." The West Sea Dragon King also pleaded.
At this time, I smiled and felt the fear of all beings in the heavens. The strong people were afraid to look at them and showed a trace of intoxication. Emperor Avenue actually entered the country again at this time.
"The gentleman should be like this." xi he frowned as he looked at himself in a dry day.
A sea breeze blew across the four seas, and the dragon king stood on the sea for a long time, but he didn’t get a response from 33 days, which made it even more sad and desolate.
This matter has come to an end. Facing the oppression of the penalty altar, the Dragon King of the Four Seas will never dare to sneak into the third heaven to find a dry day to settle accounts.
At this moment, the gods of the heavens are in awe, and a pair of eyes look at the nine door gods of Lingxiao Hall with horror. At this time, the ceiling keeps itching to the roots, and I don’t know how this fellow mastered the big killer to punish the gods.
"Damn it, how did you hand over the big killer of the penalty altar to the dry sky?" Matchmaker walked out of the void in disgust.
"Isn’t it right to be in charge of the penalty box?" Jade Duxiu looked at the matchmaker around her and said,
"F * * king, you will bring don’t know how many difficulties to the major forces of the heavens. Do you save oil lamps in dry days? You will deliver the penalty dais to the dry day, and sooner or later the big basket will come out. "The matchmaker looked at Jade Duxiu and hated to itch her roots. She couldn’t wait to bite Jade Duxiu to death.
"Hum!" Jade Duxiu laughed coldly. "What are you afraid of? You’re not a real god, but you’re just a statue of Buddha. If you chop it, you’ll chop the dry day. Even if you master the punishment, you won’t dare to mess around unless you force him to the extreme. "
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu chuckled, "Besides, it is the strong who dominate the world. Even if you have mastered a penalty altar, you just barely have the ability to talk with your ancestors. If the strong are really determined to suppress the dry days, it is not difficult to call the daylights out. It is just a price to pay."
"Hum, you said it simply, and now everyone is killed by you." The matchmaker pouted and turned around and walked into the void to leave.
"Wait, you don’t hurry to go first." Jade Duxiu’s hand instantly blocked the matchmaker’s front.
"What are you going to do?" Matchmaker looked at Yu Duxiu’s eyes going round and round.
"You are such as repeatedly found traces? You can barely keep you and me as a girl if you don’t explain clearly today. "Jade Duxiu looked at the matchmaker with both hands.
"Hum want to leave me to be a girl? It’s wishful thinking to win. I want you to win me, and I’ll tell you the news. "Matchmaker looked at Jade Duxiu.
"Really?" Look at the slightly provocative matchmaker Jade Duxiu’s palm sticking out. "Then you should pay attention."
Jade Duxiu knew this fox’s mind. Before this fox repeatedly tried to test himself, he found that he had no magic power and walked by himself with the help of a magic weapon, so he began to suppress himself and seize treasures.
For all sentient beings, Jade Duxiu is a living treasure, no matter who wants to suppress Jade Duxiu, it can also rise instantly.
"Hey!" The number of red silk threads in the matchmaker’s hand instantly rises into the sky and cuts through the sky, winding towards the jade show.
I’ve seen this jade show before and I’ve seen this little fox naked.
Seems to be aware of the jade Duxiu’s eyes. Fox snorted in one hand, and the avatar increased a few minutes. He wanted to give Jade Duxiu a good look and give him a taste.
Jade Duxiu didn’t move. With those red lines, she instantly wrapped herself around her eyes and looked at the fox. "I don’t believe you dare to brush off my clothes."
"I … Hum" Fox snorted coldly. "What am I afraid of?"
This little fox is so proud that he can’t stand the urge of Jade Duxiu to stop his clothes and then carefully peel them off with causal force. If there is a little abnormality in this, he will stop moving instantly.
Looking at the jade clothes falling off one by one, a few small foxes breathing the big white goose suddenly giggled. "Ha ha ha, this time, I see you throw your weight around."
Said the little fox also don’t abandon spicy eyes, a pair of eyes staring at the jade Duxiu eyed mouth tut-tut.
But for a moment, the fox found something was wrong. What happened to the guy who was stripped by himself? He didn’t worry at all, but tut tut looked at himself.
"I am so confused this day?" Jade Duxiu looked at the fox with his hands and smiled gently.
"Ah," the little fox suddenly felt that there was a change in front of him, and then a sharp cry. The little fox instantly blew up Mao’s palm and danced wildly, and rolled up his clothes. A white-haired fox got into the clothes and then turned into a pair of eyes and looked at Yu Duxiu with murderous look.
"Don’t look at me like that, you little figure is dry and nothing to look at, except that you are slimmer and your skin is whiter." Jade Duxiu disdained.
"I want to end up with you." Fox gnashed his teeth for a moment, holding a red hydrangea in his hand, and smashed it towards Jade Duxiu.
This is the second time that I have been seen naked by the same guy. Fox’s cheeks are flushed and I can’t wait to kill Jade Duxiu.
"Tut tut desperately? There are still things unfinished and I’m too lazy to play with you. "Yu Duxiu’s palm is stretched out and he won’t give the fox a reaction. He has already shot the fox’s chest."
The little fox derived from ice has turned into a big ice lump except for its head.
"You hurriedly put the aunt" matchmaker gasped.