Gong Sunqi smiled in his heart. I didn’t know that I was not a U-class strong man. "That means that our master can live for several years in history, which proves that we have enough background. Every time there is a catastrophe, all other disciples will return to our master’s school, and we will close the mountain gate unless Master gives orders."

Yun Changyu slapped the table and roared, "It’s everyone’s responsibility to rise and fall in the sky, and it’s also the U-class strong. You are so mysterious and so many strong people want to do this."
"It’s true that every man is responsible for the rise and fall of heaven." Gong Sunqi stood up with the help of Shukaku, and his momentum suddenly changed. "But we are not saints. We want to protect all mankind. That’s all. This is our guardian way and an eternal law that we know can live for so long."
"You! !”
Yun Changyu clenched his fist and wanted to give Gong Sunqi a heavy blow. All the U-class strong people, even the S-class strong people, have made great efforts to run around in the face of human catastrophe. Yun Changyu, in their view, Gong Sunqi’s legacy is a very special alternative.
"Third brother, everyone has different ideas. They have their ideas, and we have what we should do. He said yes, all of us are not saints, and we can protect too little."
Yun Changyan got up and said nothing and went to a cupboard to squat down and rummage.
"Take a look at this one first."
Yun Changyan took a video tape and played the machine. Sun Qi looked at the machine and saw at a glance that it was an antique.
"Can you still be so old?"
Three people didn’t answer GongSunQi words such as cloud long words open the video projection to the white wall YunChangXi quickly let the whole room dark curtain.
In the video, a strange animal walks out of a black gate, which is ten feet high. The doorpost of the gate is like paint. The surface of the doorpost is carved with two ferocious fangs. The poisonous snake has spread to the top of the doorpost. The two snake heads confide in the snake letter and shine. It is that light that opens the door.
"What is this?"
Yun Changyan said slowly, "This is the gate of another world. Do you know that we are called exotic animals? It is said that exotic animals are not born in our world, but appear from this gate."
Gong Sunqi frowned and couldn’t believe "No, it’s impossible."
"Nothing is impossible. You are also a strong U-class. You should have heard some smells. Although they are smells, you have to say that those smells are too realistic and have more evidence to inquire about."
Gong Sunqi’s eyes continued to stare at the video and saw an animal emerge from the door. There were giant animals from Samsung and weak animals from one star. Suddenly, a monster reflected in Gong Sunqi’s pupil.
See a huge claw in the depths of the door, grab one side of the doorpost, look at the scales on the claw surface and the claw shape. Sun Qiqi blurted out, "African? !”
Gong Sunqi guessed it well. A dragon with a size of 50 feet walked out of the door and left the door. The dragon head roared in the sky and then the video went black.
"What can these say?"
Gong Sunqi still doesn’t understand it. It’s like saying things by law, right?
Yun Changyan didn’t take out the video and said, "And take your time."
The video has been blacked out and the picture reappears. This time, Sun Qi saw that it was the dragon crossing the border, and all human beings fled, not the dragon. Those animals that appeared from the gate also crossed the village where human beings lived, and the city trampled on everything in human culture.
Some animals catch humans and throw them into their mouths to chew as if humans were their food.
"catastrophe! ! !”
Yun Changyan’s face turned cold and said, "When the catastrophe comes, human beings are so fragile." Yun Changyan took out the video and Yun Changxi also opened the curtains to get sunshine again.
"If the animals came out of that door, it would be nice to destroy it," said Gong Sunqi.
Yun Changyan shook his head. "Your idea is not that no one has thought about it and tried it, but it is the law that destroys that door, and that door only appears when a catastrophe comes, so you can’t find the common root and don’t know where it is."
Gong Sunqi smiled. "I know what you want with my brother. You took a fancy to my brother’s psychic ability to control animals. You have this ability, but when the disaster comes, you can attack the animals with an army of animals, right?"
Yun Changyan nodded. "That’s right. I hope your brother can give us some genes of the five-star animal in his hand. You know that the more advanced the animal is, the harder it is to get it. It’s even more difficult to take it alive. We need his five-star animal gene to do experiments, but we can also give us the gene of the super big animal that ruined Yunxi High School."
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Chapter 271 Big fool
Gong Sunqi asked, "Sanctuary and what else do you have?"
Yun Changyan said, "These two organizations are the largest organizations in the world, also known as salvation organizations. In 500 years, these two organizations made great efforts. They studied machinery to integrate exotic animals, genes and humans to create a super-strong animal."
"and then what?"
Gong Sunqi asked patiently, "You should know that gene fusion is not so easy. This gene fusion depends on people’s physical quality, physical endurance and acceptance."
"We do have them, and we will send some top students to them to further strengthen their bodies, and then see if we choose gene fusion or mechanical engineering, or let those talented brothers grow up on their own."
"What about the loser?"
GongSunQi asked.
Yun Changyan’s eyes turned to one side, "Death is regarded as nourishment."
"What a nourishment"
GongSunQi body momentum suddenly changed after Shukaku felt GongSunQi heart anger with GongSunQi release anger.
"What a savior"
Gong Sunqi snorted, "You should know who released the monster that destroyed half of Yunxi High School. Do you know if he will release that monster?"
"Know that Gong Sunqi is a failed experimental child" said Yun Changyan without taboo.
"Now that you know what the seat is, you should know what it is. Gongsunqi is a little younger brother. You want to kill my younger brother so’ aboveboard’. Now you have the face to come to our master for something. You can’t pinch it when you are my master."