lift/raise a siege

It was only a matter of time before the Japanese lost their commander, and soon they were annihilated when the Red Army attacked them. It was only a matter of time before Zhao Taishou didn’t know that this young man was sacred and could make his people so excited until a veteran told himself that this was the famous North Yan Ying Wang, and it suddenly dawned on him that the eldest brother in the report’s mouth was him.
This time, the Red Army commanded Muqingfeng without mercy. Although I don’t know where these different people came from in front of me, Muqingfeng just asked one person not to do it himself. In a short time, the whole front of Tongbo City became a shura hell, and several Japanese people fell on their machetes. Whether they were desperate or kneeling for mercy, they couldn’t escape the blow.
Just when the Red Army and Tongbo City were being killed, Sha Tongtian finally appeared in the port. It’s a good time for Sha Tongtian to see the smoke rising in front of Tongbo City. It’s definitely not an accident that caused the smoke to billow in broad daylight, except that the Japanese broke through the city. There is no other explanation.
"Brothers, it’s a Chinese man who copied the guy and the Japanese entered Tongbo City. Just tell me that we can’t let Tongbo City fall into the hands of the Japanese!" Sha Tongtian actually knows that his troops are the best in the sea, but when it comes to land warfare, his own sea shark team is not so prominent. After all, most of his own hands are ordinary fishermen, except for being familiar with the sea and accidents, they are really not proficient in the military.
However, it doesn’t matter that his lair is attacked. The people of Tongbo are not just as hard as anything. The ship where the charge is located is just quite stable. Sha Tongtian took the sea shark team and rushed to Yu Chen to break Lu. He left a fifth of the soldiers in his brother’s boat. In case something goes wrong, there is a way out.
Sha Tongtian’s heart is on fire now, and he has grown up in this Tongbo City. Now Tongbo City’s defense force is clear. Without his own sea shark team, a small-scale enemy attack can stand it. If you encounter a large number of Japanese troops, you will definitely not stand it. The reason is very simple. At the beginning, Tongbo City lost too many people in Takeda Hararo’s attack, and so far it has not recovered.
After Sha Tongtian rushed to the street, he directly froze. What is this situation? Why are there so many grassland cavalry cleaning the battlefield? Looking at them and the soldiers of Tongbo people talking and laughing, you will know that they are not enemies. There is no racial division in Sha Tongtian’s heart. If reinforcements are added, it will be the new Zhao satrap. Isn’t it a bit too hand-eye borne? How many favors did the prairie people owe him to get to this point? Soon Sha Tongtian found himself stupid because he saw Mu Qingfeng talking with Zhao Taishou.
"Male … male! I’m Lao Sha. Why are you willing to come back? ! I want to die! " Sha Tongtian animal directly rushed over to see his adoptive father this gaffe sample Chen Lu couldn’t help but wonder and asked, "What is the position of this young man Li Dage? How can my adoptive father see him just like seeing his own father?"
Chen Po-lu’s metaphor is also just right. The veteran called Li Da-ge laughed. If Sha Tongtian and Mu Qingfeng were all old, this is really the case. After laughing, he said to Chen Po-lu, "Little General, do you know that this sea shark team is built by Mu Gong? Without him, we will be in the Japanese pocket. Do you think the captain can’t be excited to see his benefactor?"
Sha Tongtian’s voice is still so deafening, and Mu Qingfeng is discussing with Zhao Taishou. Naturally, this simple and honest man has become a sea expert after so many wars, and he is no longer the counterparts in those years.
When Sha Tongtian came to Muqingfeng, she was like a new kannika nimtragol who didn’t know what to do and wanted to give a military salute. She never learned that thing. She wanted to hug but was afraid that she was too rude. As a result, she lived there like a log and made people around her burst into laughter.
Mu Qingfeng smiled a few times when he saw Sha Tongtian’s difficulties, and then gave him a bear hug directly. For such a conscientious man, it is better not to have too much red tape. Besides, Mu Qingfeng has never been in a fight for so many years
"Old sand is brave enough. I later heard that you actually cut off the Japanese hometown with the broken Lu. It is no wonder that the Japanese food is not good at the end." Muqingfeng took a few photos of Sha Tongtian’s back.
"Hey, hey, I, Lao Sha, think it’s not our style to have the broken Lu, so I’ll find something to do. Is that little pipe there? I’ll have to ask him to get me some bed crossbows. This thing is really amazing. On several occasions, when I fought with the Japanese, their flagship was shot out of several big holes before our ship was tested. With this thing, we can always walk a few times in a sea of flames." Sha Tongtian bragged without saying a few words, but his words made Mu Qingfeng feel very surprised
"Old Saga remembered to install enough bed crossbows for the Crusader before he left. Why should he break the deck of the Crusader? Even though it is more than the average ship, you can’t put that thing?" Mu Qingfeng doesn’t recognize that the more things, the better.
"Ha ha ….. I didn’t know where the world was. Now our sea shark team doesn’t have a ship, so we have more than twenty ships!"
Mu Qingfeng was really shocked to hear this news. It was not long before the sea shark team actually developed into this kind. Now it is really a sea giant shark, but after hearing Sha Tongtian’s words, a bold plan gradually attached to his heart.
"I say, everyone, otherwise, we’ll talk to the prefect’s office, and it’s not a good place to talk." Zhao Taishou is also in a very good mood. You know, not long ago, Zhao Taishou also planned to live and die with Tongbo.
"Lotus son, I’ll discuss something with Zhao Taishou first, and the red army will be handed over to you." Muqingfeng turned back and said to Snow Lotus, to be honest, if she and Snow Lotus are both in the Taishou House, it’s not necessarily that someone has commanded the red army.
"You also stay and help your future sister-in-law to do some work!" Mu Qingfeng said to a bloody dog egg that after the Luoque Valley war, the dog egg also became mature, and many of them looked like the teenager in front of Mu Qingfeng.
That night, everyone held a grand party in the square. First, to celebrate that Tongbo City did not fall into the hands of the Japanese, but to thank these grassland warriors who were in the fire and water.
Tongbo City is the largest port in the East China Sea. All kinds of seafood are naturally richer than those used to eating grassland beef and mutton. It is natural to eat such delicate fish for the first time. The chefs in Tongbo City thanked them for saving their lives. As a result, the red army ate even more. The only drawback is that they lived in the grassland all the year round and drank too much. Those soldiers in Tongbo City were drunk before they had a few rounds with themselves.
The satrap mansion is also in full swing. Sha Tongtian saw that he was beaten by Mu Chongshan that day and naturally wanted to find his face at the banquet. Although his capacity for liquor is the best for the whole sea shark team, it is still not enough to see Mu Chongshan in front of Li Shenmu Chongshan. This is not how Sha Tongtian’s eyes are already red.
"Mu and over again! Whoever falls first today is a coward! " Although a little dizzy, Sha Tongtian doesn’t want to have more faces, especially Chen Bu Lu and others who are still yelling behind.
Mu Chongshan looked at his eyes full of glasses and didn’t move. Sha Tongtian Mu Chongshan couldn’t do it, so he directly lifted the big bowl into his mouth and didn’t know how much it was scattered. But in Sha Tongtian’s view, Mu Chongshan must have given up.
"good!" People around you can’t help crying when they see Sha Tongtian’s provocation to turn the bowl upside down. In everyone’s opinion, Mu Chongshan must have been frightened, otherwise it wouldn’t be motionless.
Mu Chongshan suddenly jumped up from his seat with a big drink, and just landed with his right foot and directly picked up a big jar. Before the jar landed, it was drawn out and a cold mountain flashed across the jar and the mud seal was directly cut off without spilling a drop of wine in the jar.
Mu Chongshan’s right hand goes back to the knife and the left hand goes into the sheath. With the help of the jar, it’s a whale swallowing and drinking directly at the mouth of the jar. It took a while for the people around him to burst into a deafening cry, not to mention the exquisite martial arts just now. Just this drinking posture makes people fold. You know, no one can drink with the jar at the edge of Tongbo City.
Sha Tongtian, now that Batu has come down, he has finally found a way to find his face. Where do you know that it is even more outrageous to drink alcohol than the martial arts Mu Chongshan?
It took Mu Chongshan a long time to turn the jar upside down and see that there was not a drop of wine flowing. The crowd broke into cheers again. This is definitely a real hero.
Hearing the noise, Zhao Taishou Nai smiled. "The official royal lax made the world laugh."
"Where is the satrap? What kind of person is General Sha? Maybe I think that year more clearly than adults …" Muqingfeng replied with a smile that the whole hall was in harmony.
In the midst of laughter in Tongbo City, a group of people were stopped in distant Kyoto.
"What are you doing here?" The gatekeeper soldier asked an old man
"Now I’m here to visit my relatives and hope that the general will put the old man and his party in the capital." The old man looked up and was impressed by Li Daoling’s old face
Enter the city
Although Zhuolong Moon has put on some makeup to make himself look less charming, is it still true that those rouge common powders can compare with the gatekeeper soldiers? After seeing them, they still managed to swallow a mouthful of saliva. Recently, Nangong Jinyu has a bad temper and severely punished several soldiers who violated the law and discipline. It is better not to touch his eyebrows at this time. Of course, if he sees Zhuolong Moon Array, even if he beheads it, he will have a good kiss.
The rescue of Mausoleum Wanglai is not something worthy of publicity. Naturally, the fewer the number of people, the better. Daoyang also intends to follow, but it was dissuaded by Li Daoling. First of all, fighting in Moping City, Daoyang was badly injured. Even if he has cultivated for a long time, he has not recovered to one hundred percent. It is too conspicuous to add Daoyang’s single arm. It is easy for people to come out and eventually he did not participate in this operation. Of course, Li Daoling has another mind. After all, it is needless to say that no one can guarantee the danger of going to the enemy’s lair Can the certificate come back completely? Even if there is one thousand trapped there, at least there is a master in the virtual palace. Ningluoge went to the painting center to deal with his old enemy. Lin Jieyu is not particularly outstanding in martial arts, not to mention retiring from the rivers and lakes for many years. She has long been out of touch with the world, and finally went to Kyoto with Li Daoling and Chess Fairy.
After successfully deceiving the guards at the city gate, the two of them came to an inn. Although they were loyal throughout the summer, they were still worried after the bloody palace. Even Nangong Jinyu deliberately slowed down the demands of the people, but it was difficult for anyone to have the mind to do business as usual when watching the soldiers patrolling back and forth.
"Little Moon, what should we do now?" Since I intend to give this beautiful fairy to my apprentice, I certainly can’t be so stranger. Although my martial arts is higher than Zhuo Nongyue, I heard from my apprentice that this chess fairy wisdom is as rare as her face value.
"Master, why don’t we go to investigate later and see what’s going on?" Actually, Yi Zhuo was going to call him Taoist or Li Zhenren, but when he heard that Li Daoling was going to fix himself up with Muqingfeng, he suddenly felt that it seemed a little strange to call him that. If he really followed Muqingfeng, he would have to change his mind. Li Daoling insisted that he call him Master. Don’t call him goodbye.
Zhuo Nongyue was unhappy when he came to his master Ningluo Song Club. Where did he know that Ningluo Song was happy? He also told himself that he could call a master like Li Daoling. The master was trained in a previous life and he would never be unhappy. Of course, Ningluo Song’s mind was calculated to let his land and Li Daoling do a good job and have one more supporter when he married.
In the evening, Li Daoling and Zhuo Nongyue changed their night clothes overnight, put on intellectual man fit kung fu, and kept shuttling on the roof of the house. There was no other way for Nangong Jinyu to prevent accidents. A curfew was set in the sun, and the residents in the mountain city were rushed back to their homes. Unauthorized activists killed patrol soldiers in the streets. One carelessness was beyond redemption.
When they got around the prison, they found that their ideas were too simple. Just kill them according to Li Daoling’s meaning. But looking at the dense soldiers in Nanyue Palace at the door, they knew that their ideas had fallen. What’s worse, there are still many archers in them. The most terrible thing for Wulin people is that these bows and arrows may have knocked out one or two or ten sharp arrows, but there is absolutely nothing to stop hundreds of waves of arrows.
Moreover, it is not easy to get in, especially if the guard at the door is bowing his head and saying something. At first glance, he is exchanging passwords. If he rushes in so rashly, I’m afraid he can’t help but be the king of Ling, so he won’t come out and he will have to get stuck here.
"Let’s go back and take a long-term view." Li Daoling thought for a long time and there is no good way. Let’s go back to the inn and discuss it slowly. You know that Mu Qingfeng’s life is very valuable as long as he is not defeated.
At the same time, Mr. Zhan is coming to see the Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang as usual. It’s a bit strange to say that since he learned that Princess Jiang Yunying and his descendants are still alive, Mr. Zhan’s hostility towards the Ling Wang seems to have dissipated a lot. Although he didn’t let him out, at least he was not as tit for tat as before.
"It looks like a gentleman, but what did my disappointing son do?" Ling Wang knew that things had turned around when he found that Mr. Zhan’s face was awkward. You know, the second Nangong Lin Xuan personally sent troops to defeat Xiling fighters, which made Ling Wang sleepless. He was very dark and determined that Mr. Zhan could save his child’s life, that is, he knelt down and begged for mercy, but he must not let Jiang Yun linger for the last bit of blood here.
But since then, Mr. Zhan didn’t come to cut himself for several days, and he knew that things must have changed. Sure enough, when Mr. Zhan came again, grassland people sent troops to save Mu Qingfeng from fire and water.
This is in front of my own hands. If I have to rely on the prairie people to save my life, even if he lives from the battlefield, I will personally cut him a whole catch, but this happened in Mu Qingfeng’s body, and the king of Ling doesn’t care except for being gratified.
"The report said that the good world didn’t trim Xiling after being saved, but went directly to Donglushi with 3,000 grassland cavalry. This drastic measure is severe. First, the reinforcements of the green wolf clan in the grassland were eliminated. It is estimated that the Japanese side can’t point out. I’m afraid Nanyue Wangfu will become a target. It’s really severe to plan my destruction." Although Mr. Zhan’s face is full of annoyance, he seems to be very happy to see this. Mu Qingfeng always feels that he is more and more like his mother.
"Mr. Haha, I’m flattered. It seems that this child of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture is really disappointing. If we don’t teach, we can do it so well." Ling Wang was us for the first time, not me.
Mr. Zhan and other smart people can naturally recognize the meaning of Ling Wang. After drinking a glass of wine in one gulp, he was silent for a long time before he said slowly, "I think it is not a good thing for you to be as good as you should be able to think of the world …"
Mr. Zhan didn’t say it directly, but Ling Wang is a fine person who naturally knows what he means. The more Mu Qingfeng shows his command ability, his situation is also dangerous. Before Nangong Jinyu didn’t make a fuss about himself, he didn’t expect Xiling to be able to resist the attack of Chen Mi’s army. Now even Nanyue Wang has lost Mu Qingfeng’s hand. Nangong Jinyu will definitely do some articles from himself.
"If it really comes to that, I will never drag Fenger down, even if I can’t go out to help him, but at least I won’t drag him down here." Ling Wang didn’t care to drink the wine directly.
When Mr. Zhan saw that Ling Wang was so calm, he had mixed feelings. He wanted Ling Wang Ma to die and vent his hatred. However, he thought about what he could do when Ling Wang died. Although he cared about Princess Muqingfeng, his hands were covered with the blood of his father and adoptive father. Mr. Zhan was definitely Muqingfeng’s killer.