Dan Chen, who is the best in the body, is proficient in all kinds of secret methods and is known as the great magical power of Taoism.

It is reasonable for such a character to be able to see through his own practice at a glance.
"Catch up? It seems that my nephew doesn’t know much about me. "
"Because the old road today is not only to catch up with the past, but also to take revenge."
With Dan Chen’s voice falling, several similar figures suddenly appeared in Tongqing Temple, and a strange array surrounded Buddhist monk Hui Ji, the Zen master of Lingyou.
-the secret method of burial, incarnation outside the body!
This is not a mysterious and crude illusion, nor is it an out-of-body avatar of Yuan God, but everyone respects the embodiment of the same level of power.
Theoretically, every incarnation here is a practitioner’s life.
Therefore, if you want to be immortal, Dan Chen will have several chances to make a comeback
Seventeen years ago, it was with this superb incarnation that Dan Chen succeeded in surviving the disaster and achieved immortality.
Dan Chen still remembers when he came back from robbery and wanted to share his joy with Lingwu.
What I got was that the coffin swept through all the Taoist schools in Zhongnanshan, intending to forcibly return the land of Taoist temples to the central authorities.
The key point is that not only the secular forces of Taoism have been hit hard in this process, but also the secret laws of various factions have been stolen by Si Tiantai, which directly led to the decline of many factions
Originally, the sparsely populated people were buried, but even more, they disappeared completely and no longer showed the hidden sects.
"Lingyou crazy monk!"
"Maybe you don’t remember that you swept the Taoist school, but I always remember that I was buried and my hatred died!"
After seventeen years’ practice, Dan Chen’s external incarnation technique has already entered the realm of transformation.
When the last barrier of demons is broken, you can enter the paradise where you can swim around the world and stay in the sun.
Yang Shen-that limits the boundaries between man and nature for several practitioners.
Only by breaking through that step can a yogi be truly qualified to be called the immortal of the land.
Now Dan Chen is one step away from that last step-twenty years ago, the mad monk was his last step.
"Being original has always been a feud in my life."
"Now that you don’t even want to refute me, you and I will have hatred left!"
In fact, since I learned that Zen Master Lingyou was broken by Buddhist Zhao Guizhen and destroyed Jin Shen Dan Chen, I have been trying to find his trace.
On the one hand, I want to make sure whether Master Lingyou is still alive, and on the other hand, I will be able to avenge myself and resolve my demons one day.
Pleasure, enmity and resentment have always been Dan Chen’s labels, and this time is no exception.
After hearing Dan Chen’s malicious words, he acted decisively, and Hui Ji immediately slammed his hand into the chest of the other party.
The golden Buddha’s light, accompanied by the looming Sanskrit sound, directly blew through the whole meditation room and made a huge explosion and roar.
Returning to the front temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, the pilgrims listened to the backyard burst out and exploded, and dozens of old people with similar looks suddenly appeared in the temple.
"Young players! You can’t protect this crazy monk today! "
Small phase array, foreign title is big array …
At the same time, there is a double array blessing Dan Chen almost unscathed and blocked Hui Ji’s sudden blow
"I have been preparing for this day for seventeen years!"
Several Dan Chen, who make up the small phase array, are changing in shape, strange and unpredictable, like an illusion, and exude a sharp aura in every move.
Outside, however, Dan Chen, a large array of cloth capitals, chanted incantations and made seals, stirring the original calm and awe-inspiring vitality of heaven and earth.
Booming …
A moment ago, it was sunny, and Weishan in Wan Li became overcast. Thunder frequently gathered in the clouds and flashed.
In this process, the number of Dan Chen forming a large array is increasing
And it soon grew to hundreds, cutting off all possible roads leading to the mountains.
-small phase array, big array!
Unite as one, unite to protect the law …
This originally required many practitioners to get familiar with each other and practice to form a fighting style.
Even if there are twelve Taoist friends in Qin Tianjian, who are famous for their tacit understanding and discipline, it is already a very luxurious battle scale.
No matter how much you talk, don’t talk about personal tacit understanding and cooperation.
There are not so many practitioners practicing the same method just by Qin Tianjian with deep pockets!
However, now Dan Chen has transformed himself into a large-scale array of hundreds of people only by his own twenty years’ practice, and realized the true meaning of "all laws are in the same stream"
Not only that, Dan Chen also let different incarnations practice various complementary secret methods according to the different needs of the metropolitan array to maximize the "quantity" advantage.