Should disappear in a flash.

There will be no problem if Hyuuga Hanabi is in charge of the overall situation.
And that seven night now have to deal with an army of filthy metempsychosis.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Clear the field
Metaplasia of filth
To some extent, this is a hanging.
Can let a person against a ninja troops plug-in ridiculously strong.
This technique was developed by the second generation of Huo Ying, and later learning was forbidden, which is also called forbidden art.
But orochimaru secretly studied, and later Yakushi Kabuto learned.
Now Yakushi Kabuto and Uchiha Obito have teamed up with the army of filth and reincarnation and the army of Bai Jue to cooperate with the troops of Tuguo and Leiguo to attack the army of Xueguo.
Bai Jue also said that the Xueguo army is equipped with flame throwers to burn as much as possible.
In the final analysis, Bai Jueji wins by quantity, or by sneak attack. There are really not many words to say about combat effectiveness.
Trouble is the army of filth reincarnated.
Being able to be reincarnated by filth is not weak, and there is still a shadow.
The two sides launched a big war, and it was a bit confusing for ordinary troops and ninja troops to mix together.
Yanyin Village and Yunyin Village want to seize this opportunity and quickly send ninja troops to try to annihilate the regiment B that entered the territory of Tangguo and came from fire nation first.
Both the Marine Corps and the B Regiment belong to the elite forces of Xueguo. If Xueguo is annihilated, its military strength will be reduced by one third.
Well, both Yunyin Village and Yanyin Village think so.
But their action did not go smoothly.
First of all, Samyi in Yunyin Village informed Snow Country about the marching route of Ninja troops in Yunyin Village.
The carrier formation wandering in the sea immediately sent all fighters to bomb and intercept Yunyin Ninja troops.
Of course, this did not have much success.
But that’s the key behind it
Samyi joined forces with a large number of ninjas and directly left Yunyin Village Ninja Army to join Snow Country.
The reason is really unacceptable and Xiao’s attempt to subvert the organization of forbearance is also unacceptable.
This is a very legitimate reason. In fact, many ninjas in Yunyin Village find it hard to accept such a thing, even the four generations of Lei Ying.
But Daming’s order had to be accepted.
But now Sam’s trip has made the ninja in Yunyin Village reluctant to start arguing at once.
People’s minds change
Knowing the news, the four generations of Lei Ying’s face became ugly.
And Samyi led thousands of ninja troops to block the border between Leiguo and Frost to stop Yunyin Ninja troops from advancing.
In normal times, this can’t stop.
However, many people are reluctant to attack their former companions, and the Ministry is divided into two factions.
Some people think that they should resolutely shoot each other, and the other party is already rebellious; The other part thinks that we should strive to say that they should reconsider the current policy issues at the same time and so on.
In this way, relying on only one thousand people failed to unify their thoughts, and the ninja troops in Yunyin Village blocked the border.
This has to be said to be a miracle.
But the block didn’t last long. Daming asked the ninja troops to move on
However, Samyi reinforcements also arrived.
Red-violet arrived here with some ninja troops.
On the other hand, Terumi Mei and Jiraiya also led the ninja troops to Longguo to stop the ninja troops in Yanyin Village.
After the B regiment and the Marine Corps joined forces, they gave up the attack and took gestures in the border area of fire nation.