I was immediately dissatisfied with "the old gentleman’s sentence is not right-you always say that as soon as we didn’t invite you to provoke you, we didn’t do anything harmful, and as soon as you came out, you gave it to our two younger generations … Is this the fairy house or the Uber house?"

He laughed. "Words are divided into three flavors: heaven, earth and people. What you said should be the moral right way of the world, which has taken up the theory of human relations." Words are reasonable and conform to heaven; But you don’t occupy the terrain-this Kunlun painting prison has long said that everything is imprisoned and you can’t be detached forever. Whether you are a person, a demon, a demon or a fairy is bound to cause turmoil, change the variables in the environment, let the monsters we guard escape, and we can feel that this strange ability is increasing. Now I can destroy you to balance the variables and restore everything.
Little black socket "I bah"
I covered up the past with two coughs and immediately asked questions to distract the topic, "I understand what you mean-that is to say, if we come in, this monster will escape, so you are always ready to kill the three of us … but now even if we are killed, there is no fart. There are already a bunch of monster beasts and evil spirits in here. You always catch them and will struggle with the three of us." At least we are good people, aren’t we? "
His face changed slightly. "How did you know these monsters came in?" After this sentence was exported, he was scolded, but the horse said to himself, "They are bound to be destroyed by us, but it’s a pity that you are the same-all souls entering the middle must be destroyed or they can’t maintain heaven."
I am indignant. "You always kill good people and still maintain heaven? That’s very nice of you to say! Er, I’m not saying that you are a fairy no matter how you are. Is this a killing? "
There’s no way to mess around and see if you can find any opportunities-don’t say that. The old man seems to really hesitate. "I don’t know if it’s indiscriminate killing, but I have to blow your souls away …"
The little black interface immediately "haven’t you done it? It’s not very professional. It’s naked to show its contempt. "Guess you can’t do it?"
"hmm?" Not only the old man was surprised, but Sang Yu and I were taken aback.
The little black gloat "don’t know? I tell you, uncle, if you are always ready to kill them for the first time, make efforts to recruit my two friends … Are you hesitant and struggling in your heart and feel sorry for your fellow villagers …? "
Black so freely a nonsense is flat ri importune with us to emphasize, but this kind of words actually give him down!
Ya directly silly!
Section two hundred and fortieth Master
Half ring the old man had a long sigh "that’s right! You are indeed the first people to enter China, although there is a saying that we will kill whoever we see first-I really don’t want to go to this hand, alas, looking up at the sky and sighing that it seems that it can’t kill us, which makes ya reluctant …
"Hey, hey, that’s not over. We are good people, but those fierce beasts gather evil spirits. It’s not that they all get that guy out before they come here-you always look for them to arrest, kill and strangle anyone. It’s good to choose whatever you like and not to say it’s also with the magic defense …"
Qiang ~
A flash of insight flashed in front of me and I saw that the old man looked a bit lonely, but the sword in his hand was drawn across his chest. "It’s a pity that even if widespread indignation and discontent, I can’t let this guy go out. He listened intently and held his sword a finger." We have sinned.
The voice just fell on the sword, like a rainbow flying by, and the quick move was a glance!
Come on!
I sprang to my feet, and the killer blade in my hand struggled to raise the blade and hit it, which actually shook me backwards and even stumbled back a few meters!
But …
The discerning blade is a slight meal, and immediately it rubs and stabs at me like an arrow blaster. I almost bounce off, and at the same time, Sang Yu has rushed to the front of me obliquely. Her body blocks the sword and the ruler sword in her hand is desperate to stab at the old man!
My brain is exploding!
Sang Yu blocked the old man’s rock-breaking sword. At this time, she did not hesitate to choose this lose-lose play. There is one purpose! If the old man doesn’t withdraw his sword and turn around, both losses can be avoided!
Mutually assured destruction!
I’m desperate to pounce on Sang Yu! But I saw that the blade had reached Sang Yu’s chest, and blood was about to spill on the spot … Isn’t Sang Yu going to be a vegetable with a broken soul?
No! ! !
I shouted to the death!
Heaven will not kill me! At the last moment, the old man’s sword finally turned-his body suddenly swung backwards to let the sword turn half-round, tinkling and crackling, and a collision was just five or five waves, and no one took advantage of it!
After a blow, the two of them took two steps back. Sang Yu just hit me. I suddenly held her and shouted, "How are you?" But at the same time, the same thing was coming out of her mouth.
Sang Yu’s hand is so tight on me!
I look at Sang Yu’s eyes, and the tension in them is beyond words. I want to have a good look at her … but I can’t now!
I stood up on my knees and pushed Sang Yu behind me-it’s time for me to be a man!
It’s just the right time to get up. At that time, Sang Yu met his opponent’s half-length sword and fell back. The old man rushed again from half-length toe!
Although I’m ready, I’m still caught off guard by the sword rolling up the crazy flower. No … This second-rate beast brother finally appeared!
Blackie landed in front of me like a magic weapon, screaming and slapping a paw at the old man and suddenly fighting with him-the excitement in my heart is that tears are not too much, and it’s finally worth the fare …
The old man dodged the little black and flew a claw of discerning sword light to cut through the air. With a forward momentum, he pounced on the little black sword. The speed, strength and explosive force far exceeded the attack power on Sang Yu and me just now. Even a bronze lion would be cut off by this sword.
Blackie felt the crisis like a fierce push and flew over two feet, avoiding the fierceness and sharpness-at that moment, his short hair trembled and was visible and scared.
The old man’s sword split the blade straight into the ground, and a long scratch instantly appeared. The power of this sword is absolutely comparable to that of M5 force, and a string of huge bluestone parts cracked into pieces.
The attack mode of this thing is actually similar to that of the lion and tiger. That set of tricks has escaped this sword. Little Black suddenly pounced on a pair of claws and suddenly swept out his tail, and at that moment he flew to the old man’s neck.
There is a hissing friction in the air. I don’t know if it’s my illusion or too fast!
I can’t hide from it anyway. If this goal is me more than waiting for Blackie to bite my neck off, maybe I will die, and only the old man can resist it!
Once again, the old man snorted his body like a light smoke, and it was a simple smoke, so he flashed all this-although it was half a foot and several inches away, it was a surprise.
Turn over and land. Blackie’s strength is greatly reduced even if he becomes a soul, but he can’t be underestimated. The moment he landed, he leaned forward and turned to the old man again. At this time, Blackie didn’t attack again. He cautiously stared at the old man and walked slowly in circles and returned to me and Sang Yu.
Old heart suddenly a hot-black this guy is afraid of the old man to sneak attack me and Sang Yu blocked in front of us … Hey this guy is really! At that time, I had an idea in my heart that I would give Blackie meat after dinner.
I stared at the fat ass in front of me, feeling that the little black spoke. "How about Liu changing his hand?" Can’t I take a break first? " It gasped, "I can’t carry it for two or three without body and strength."
I was dumbfounded. "Nima, do you think I can beat it?"
The little black stared at the old man, but his mouth was not idle. "You go next to Bai first and didn’t see that the old man left his hand? It won’t die for a while-Liu, do you get less rough goods?" Virtual hair
Damn it!
Okay, the meat is gone! Besides, I’m going to have a dog in the future, so I can climb the wall and grab something to eat …
The old man leisurely openings "you don’t hide! To tell you the truth, none of you want to leave here today. He paused and continued with apologies. "You just accept your fate."
When the words fell, the sword came out, and the sword was swallowed and cut at the little black!
That sword just now should have been a fierce one, but this sword is not only powerful, but also a lot of skills. The old man has not started for many years, and his state is still rising.
Fast! In the face of this sword, Xiaohei still chose to dodge, but that sword was too fast. If it was at the peak, Xiaohei could easily dodge it. Don’t say it was a flash sword. Even dozens of swords can cope with it. But now the goods are really weak and physically weak, so it is naturally difficult to dodge. I was stabbed by the old man!

In front of Uncle Sun, Xiaohei suddenly coughed and burst into a mass of blood fog, which shot out from his body.
"Worse, his Sichuan eyebrow instantly twisted into a ball." There is a picturesque guardian.

The blunt instrument tore the silk and silk, and the sound sounded. The little black body at the tip of the old man’s sword cut a deep wound, and a Qing Wu gas was sprayed from him before.
If Blackie’s body is cut by a knife, it may not be a machine gun, but today this sword almost cut it open!
"The little black Sang Yu and I immediately called to get up and both rushed out-but the little black fat ass blocked us behind!
"roar! I come
Being scratched by the old man’s sword, the little black ferocity was completely aroused, and a burst of low growls kept ringing from its mouth, staring at the old man with a pair of eyes full of murder!
Although it is a god beast, there is still wildness after all, and who can not be angry when he is injured?
God beast is a beast after all!
It’s moving Blackie jumped at the speed again regardless of his own injury. This instant actually rose a bit, and there was a faint golden light in his body. His claws went straight to the old man with a slight break!
That posture is desperate!
In the old man’s eyes, there was a white light in the sky, and the whole person was white like a sword in the hands of a Ri light tube. Shout, spit out three feet of white mans, and the shock wave stirred the whole breath!
The two bombshells seem to hit each other!
See the old man and the little black fast shuttle, sprint, horizontal split, vertical cut … Knife and sword running Lei Xun, crackling, screaming, and fierce collision … The wound of the little black body was broken and knocked open, which aggravated the injury. The strength of the Qing Wu gas fountain was also reduced again …
Blackie roared in rage and squeezed herself again and again. She only had the strength to rush again and again. The golden light was flickering, just like the pressure was unstable, which showed that Blackie was a little overwhelmed!
I turned to look at Sang Yu’s eyes with the same determination-we drank a lot and surrounded the old man!
Striding across, I immediately came to the right side of the old man. At this time, the old man’s little black pounced on me and rushed over here. Willy-nilly, he was a’ dragon into the sea’ old man. This flicker swordsmanship was still indifferent, but as soon as his wrist turned over, the sword flew out and greeted me obliquely …
At the same time, Sang Yu also arrived from the left side and did not hesitate to throw a’ walking clothes’ to cooperate with me from behind like a meteor rushing to the moon and taking my back straight!
Seeing that the sword in the old man’s hand will be cut with my sword.