People began to think about the approximate value of the Bank of China, and the expression seemed hesitant. Then they considered the tone and said, "Do you run big business? Restaurant? Brothel? "

"It’s a restaurant"
"I know everyone from Yuping Building and Jinfeng Building in Yanzhen Town. Which one are you?"
"Linxian Building"
The man stopped to smell speech, and then his eyes looked at several people and his expression changed a little before he continued to speak.
"Master’s original ambition is not that he was cheated by some" dirty "businessmen a few years ago, and then he was more careful. The business in Rock Town was still managed by the older generation in the family. Part of the food should be given to restaurants, brothels and local people in the village, and there is nothing on weekdays, so a large part of it is put on the market for sale. Businessmen have actually been here for a lot, and there has never been a successful precedent."
People here and took a look at the lady white snake around them. "It’s just a matter of saying a few words to see Dr. Bai treating the old lady’s illness, which also makes you feel disappointed later." He said that he shook his head here, obviously not optimistic about the result of things, and then he said, "Yeah, the fairy building in the sky …"
Xu Xuan took a look at Laojiu around him and thought to himself that there was an official face here after all. If you really can’t talk properly, then you can directly put pressure on him. Today, he originally wanted to borrow two official errands from Laojiu. As a result, Laojiu followed him personally because of something.
Of course, these words are calculated in my heart. He naturally won’t say them in front of Yu’s family, and in all fairness, Laojiu’s coming here is also a necessary cause. If things don’t get there, it’s not necessary.
The courtyard went all the way to know the owner’s eccentric hobbies, and then I didn’t know if it was psychological. Some flowers, potted plants and trees in Lu Yu always made people feel that they were growing very well.
In a wing, Xu Xuan met the person he was looking for on this trip-Yu Zhongkan.
At that time, the landlord, the old man, was burning the lamp and was absorbed in fiddling with something. When the footsteps sounded behind him, he didn’t realize that he was serious enough, so what he did also aroused people’s curiosity.
Xu Xuan looked in through the lights. Some flowers in the original flowerpot were replaced by some vegetables. All of them are the same kind of holly, but they are growing well. The dark green leaves are wide and faintly reflecting the luster of the lights. Some of them are smaller and less energetic than before, and they are sparse like wild vegetables.
Yu Zhong as aside with a brush to record what murmured …
"Cow dung is not as effective as horse manure, and horse manure is not as good as pig manure … It is best to look at human manure alone, but it is not as good as mixing horse manure with pig manure. Once, you can try again by mixing chicken and duck manure."
The sound came over a little bit. Xu Xuanwen coughed behind him. The figure over there did not move. Obviously, this sound was not heard.
In this way, the Yu family gave Xu Xuan an apologetic smile and then woke up and said, "Master easily ignores external affairs when doing such a thing."
It’s a good material for scientific research. Xu Xuan thinks about what Yu Zhong said before, so he thinks in his heart.
"Sir, the guests have come." After people called a few words, Yu Zhong seemed to be immersed in his atmosphere, and there was still no reaction. After people called a few words, their faces showed Nai expression, and then they took a look at Xu Xuan before biting their teeth and said, "It’s not good, Sir. The seeds were stolen …"
"What? Is there such a thing? " Yu Zhong missed his back so fiercely that he was obviously surprised by the abrupt sound and then turned around.
So you can see his light face.
Previously, I heard my family call Yu Zhongkan "Master" Xu Xuan and consciously regarded the other person as an old man. However, at this time, he discovered that he was only in his twenties when he was exposed to the lights. Of course, his face was sloppy, which made his age somewhat inaccurate on the surface, but on the whole, it would not exceed 30 years old.
"Brother Yu …"
Huang Yusheng glanced over from Yu Zhongkan’s arch and he fell directly later. Some lady white snake’s eyes then changed slightly. "Oh? You are the previous doctor’s name … "The sound stopped here, apparently thinking about lady white snake’s name.
"My body is lady white snake"
"Oh, yes, Doctor Bai!"
Huang Yusheng’s face showed a strange expression when he heard this, and then he cast a glance at Xu Xuan around him, stretched out his right hand and pointed his finger at his head. The novel said, "No way?"
Yu Zhong missed lady white snake’s identity and the color behind him was a little nervous. "The doctor used to send you out, but you came back?" Is it because my mother’s illness has changed? " Immediately, I also made associations with the bad aspects.
"Your mother’s body is slightly ill and it won’t matter if she nursed back to health for a while after taking the medicine." lady white snake explained with a smile.
Yu Zhongkan nodded, "That’s good …" Then he continued to write and draw with his head down as if he had forgotten there were others at the scene.
"Master bean seed, bean seed!" People aside even call to finally pull him back.
"Yu Xiong ….." Huang Yusheng put away his odd expression and then rushed Yu Zhong to hand over the arch.
Yu Zhongkan looked at Huang Yusheng with a thoughtful expression and then said, "Do we know this brother?"
"Well, I don’t know."
"Then you are my brother?"
Huang Yusheng smell speech slightly leng leng "er …"
Xu Xuan aside stretched out his hand and took his mouth to consider calling "Yu, Yu …"
"Master Yu" woke up over there.
Xu Xuan shrugged some naively and then said, "Well, then Master Wu …"
"Shi Yu"
"Oh, I have a bad memory." Xu Xuanchao smiled apologetically at each other. "Then Master Li …"
Yu Zhongkan’s expression is slightly dull, but even if the reaction is slow at this time, you can see that Xu Xuan is intentional.
"Well, you won," Yu Zhongkan said. "So what can I do for you?"
"Well, Sir Yu, we want to buy all the vegetables here. We heard that you were in charge, so we came to see you." Xu Xuan said bluntly, "I have some contradictions with others when I run a restaurant."
"Contradictions …" Yu Zhongkan said with a frown. "So there is no solution?"
"Life-and-death situation …" Xu Xuanxiao smiled. "How much money will Yupinglou and Goldwind Pavilion give you? We can double it. If you are not satisfied with this price, we can talk about it."
"But … even if they don’t come to buy vegetables from me, there are many other channels." Just because Yu Zhong is obsessed with agricultural research and doesn’t care much about many things doesn’t mean he is stupid.
"I will erase their channels one by one."
A light sentence reveals how much self-confidence there is no doubt. Yu Zhongkan frowned again and then said, "I don’t understand business matters, but I’m not short of money, so please go back."
Huang Yusheng was a little angry when he heard this. "You are a fool. Why don’t you do this business?"
"I’m afraid of trouble. If I promise you, you will come to me later …" Yu Zhongkan was not angry. "Where is there so much time to deal with them?"
Xu Xuanwen smiled and then said, "In that case, we can change the way." Xu Xuan said, reaching out and ordering some potted vegetables. "Obviously, your experimental fertilizer makes the fertilizer have different purposes-plant nutrients, high soil fertility, improving soil components, etc. But from the current situation, many fertilizers have lost a large part of their fertility due to improper treatment … So there are several ways to solve this problem to some extent."
"First of all, you should not cooperate with plant ash to make this effect really poor, but you can mix some animal ashes to maximize fertility."
"Pig, horse, cow and sheep manure is also a good source of fertilizer, but you don’t think these things can be treated to maximize fertility. Among all kinds of livestock manure, sheep manure has the highest fertility, and pig manure and horse manure have the lowest. However, the amount of dung discharged from pigs and horses is the most, and the dung from sheep is the least. This kind of fertilizer should be mixed with straw, weeds, fallen leaves, peat, dry soil, etc. It can be directly sprinkled into livestock pens to directly absorb the fertilizer, and it can also be mixed with livestock manure and urine. "
Xu Xuan’s words in the past life were nothing if he spoke out, but at this time, although the Great Dynasty was an agricultural country, due to various conditions, fertilizer was the basis for staying in experience. The progress over the past few thousand years was really not significant, and the results of what he did were left aside for the time being. However, since he was able to conduct some research on fertilizer preparation, although it was superficial, his significance was already much ahead.
Huang Yusheng and others heard this in some fog, but Yu Zhongkan, the opposite place, showed a thoughtful expression
Chapter 3 Good Farmer (2)