The storm of earth energy swept through the void, and some monks who were watching felt an inexplicable threat except several monks in Du Jie period, and their bodies retreated sharply.

"Excuse me, who’s the elder? Please show up."
Put your hand out and take back the virtual pagoda. Autumn didn’t mean to make any further moves, but the dim light in your eyes flashed and swept away the emptiness in front of your eyes. After that, your eyes finally stopped at a little eyebrows and a wrinkly lang said
Being able to approach and save Tu Ye’s life in a sad breath has given Qiu a great threat and he dare not be willful again. He is in a state of alert.
"Ha, ha, ha, the elder didn’t dare to be a Taoist friend. Maybe he hasn’t entered Du Jie yet, but his fighting power is terrible enough. It’s equivalent to the godsworn’s spiritual knowledge in the late Du Jie period. It’s not as tough as his fighting power."
With a hearty laugh, there was a slight fluctuation not far from the slaughter night, and a mature man stepped out of it and sounded all over the sky.
As soon as this man appeared, although he did not show his potential, his own faint momentum filled the sky, which put a lot of pressure on Qiu. He swept his consciousness through his body and immediately found out that this man was actually a monk in the late Du Jie period.
"A Taoist friend is called?"
The man said so Bai Qiu also unceremoniously direct friends call to see him in the eyes slightly narrowed some gloomy eyes look at each other sink a asked.
Make great progress, increase strength, and increase combat power. At present, he is afraid of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the spirit world. However, Qiu, a mature monk, still has some fears. A monk in the late Du Jie period really can’t guarantee that he will be better than it.
"My name is the owner of the petrochemical gate."
Smiled petrochemical lang said
"I’ve heard a lot about you, Taoist friend. I think it’s to protect the life of Tu Ye."
Listen to petrochemical self-reported, the heart can not help but sink slightly, and my eyes are also slightly narrowed and glanced at it. I hate to stare at myself and say bluntly.
"Yes, it’s true that I slaughtered the night, and I, the Lord of the Sect, couldn’t fall and wanted to ask a Taoist friend for a favor. Is this the end of it?"
Nodded slightly petrochemical straight admit kindly said
"Hum, I’m supposed to kill the night directly, but he’s really cruel to" force "people several times. I will kill this person and I can’t tolerate it."
Face "color" slightly heavy a little fierce and complete "color" in the face shows a faint momentum of the earth, shook his head and said firmly
I may be afraid of this stone door owner, Shihua Qiu, but I am not afraid of a big war, and I really hate it and it is necessary to kill it.
"Ha-ha, the so-called friends should not settle down at our level, and the general grievances must be fought to the death. You see, if I let Tu Ye confess to you and make some compensation, it will be hard for us to become friends again."
Autumn doesn’t give face to petrochemical has been smiling face "color" slightly stiff, but this person can body door Lord has its own extraordinary soon adjusted mood again and said kindly.
"I will kill this without discussion!"
Eyes staring straight at the slaughter night autumn made no secret of murder.
"The master of the door is cruel. We will tell him more than you and I will join hands to kill this person on the spot."
Tu night hates Qiu. At this time, I heard Qiu Yan as if killing him like killing a pig or a dog. Tu night’s face "color" turned red and flew into a rage and said angrily to petrochemical.
"Shut up, don’t you think you’ve caused me enough trouble?"
Suddenly I turned my head to look straight at the slaughter night, but the sharp light in my eyes came out through the "shooting" and contained some warnings. "I said that you are so active this time to come to the main city of No.9 Linghuang to participate in the founding ceremony of Dan Lingzong, but it is to give people a" chaos ".If it weren’t for my restless mood, come and see if you are afraid of falling."
Tu Ye was fierce and arrogant in the face of Brother Xiu, who was weaker than him. At this time, in the face of petrochemical anger, he suddenly changed his face and said, "Master, I didn’t expect this. Who knew that a monk in the late distracted period could now be so powerful as a monk in Du Jie?"
"After you go back, you should also reflect on yourself. After you go back, you should immediately close it for three hundred years and don’t come out."
After reprimanding the slaughter night, Petrifaction turned its attention to the autumn body again, still trying to save it, and continued to persuade, "Is it really impossible for Taoist friends to discuss this matter?"
"Ha-ha-ha. You should have seen the reaction just now. Now it’s deathless. You make me stop."
Light sneer at two autumn slightly waved and did not move.
"Ah, so we’ve had one."
Sigh a petrochemical quite reluctant to look.
"That’s right. I’d also like to try the late Du Jie monk. If you can beat me, you can save the night of slaughter."
Expression autumn coldly say
Now that the talk is over, the two of them are ready to start work. From Qiu Shihua’s body, there is a strong horizontal momentum, which is so powerful that it will flood the heavens and the earth.
"Wait a minute"