At the same time, Xu Shao also discovered a strange phenomenon in Kyushu mainland, that is, when a treasure is preserved, there is also a treasure that is not valuable.

Previously, the soul bead of Deng Wu meditation was a very precious deep-sea rosewood box. Now, although I don’t know what this box is, it is already valuable as far as this box is concerned.
Kyushu mainland fighters and practitioners seem to have some stereotypes in their thinking. Over the past 100 thousand years, the development of repairing truth and martial arts has been very slow
In front of Xu Shao, this box of Yu is simply a valuable treasure. With this array, we can study the superb array culture of Kyushu mainland in an era of quarrelling.
It may not be very helpful to practitioners, but it can definitely make great changes along the way. But now, if you look at it, everyone, including the true fairy Liu Ran, is shocked by the preciousness of this box and its energy, but no one wants to delve into the surface array method.
It’s a pity
The true fairy Liu Ran reached out and took the box and gently covered it. It meant that it was hot and handed out from the box. Xu Shao didn’t even know what was in it.
It’s a toad, with its eyes closed and its eyes glistening red. When it breathes, sparks keep popping out of its nose. The appearance of this toad raises the temperature of the whole bluestone palace a lot.
Although this toad is the size of a palm, it has a chilling terrorist power, and this hot feeling is far beyond a master who made the flame technique degenerate.
"Vulcan toad Ning Wuzu really has a good way to capture this kind of difference between heaven and earth." The true fairy Liu Ran praised Xu Shao, who seems to have deliberately failed to understand this toad. Wen explained that "this Vulcan toad is said to have been born at the beginning of heaven and earth and lived in lava with a long life and a very bad temper, which is difficult for ordinary true immortals to capture. For those who are divorced from God, if they have this Vulcan, they can rise to a higher level."
Around a few Wu Zu Lu disappointed to death, they are all Wu Xiu this Vulcan toad doesn’t have much for them.
Glancing at one side and not caring about Deng Wuchan, the true fairy Liu Ran smiled and took out another ink box. Although it is equally precious, the box of quarrelling in ancient times is much worse than that of Se.
"I know that Ningwuzu can be promoted to the true fairy realm in one step, but it’s just a little chance and a fairy treasure. I wonder if Ningwuzu is interested in the fairy and can exchange you for this Vulcan toad …"
All Wu Zu, if it weren’t for his stupidity, would have gone to the true fairy Liu Ran for a martial arts training. There is nothing in this Vulcan toad that must have been prepared by the old deathless Deng Wuchan.
While admiring the beauty’s kindness, I also sigh a fresh huāhā. Why do you like such a grumpy old hun egg?
On the other hand, Deng Wuchan also has some conation, but it seems that he doesn’t want to accept the kindness of the true fairy Liu Ran, and he doesn’t know what scruples he has and has refused to accept such a woman.
I’ll finish printing ink. There is a strange thing in the box. On the left, it’s usually dark Se, unknown metal, and on the right, it’s usually rǔ white Se inexplicable plants.
Metals and plants bite together like two small fish and look like living things.
"y and n yang"
Wu Zu around exclaimed.
God’s separation can control the vitality of heaven and earth in vitro, and it can be integrated with heaven for a long time. The fighting capacity of the master in the period of retreat is incomparable
Besides a deeper understanding of vitality and heaven, it is also important for practitioners or practitioners who want to achieve true immortals to need a magic weapon of fairy fate.
The so-called fairy magic weapon is the combination of this fairy magic weapon when it is achieved. This fairy magic weapon Xianji is cast in Wu Ti and Yuan Ying Zhen Xian Ti.
The true immortal is naturally the more in line with the achievement method, the better. If a Wu Zu’s own achievement method is not in line with the magic weapon of the fairy, then after the achievement of the true fairy, his practice will be greatly slow and his attack power will be weakened.
This is also the reason why many gods have not been promoted to the true fairy for a long time. The true fairy is not the end, but also Jin Xian and God
If the foundation of true fairy is not laid well, everything behind it will be a cloud.
Ning Wanwo’s skill takes all men and women into account. Y and N Yang harmony is very mysterious and powerful. It is precisely because of his magical skill that it is difficult for him to find the foundation to achieve the true fairy body and the fairy treasure house. This strange genius has been wandering at the peak of the separation period to achieve the true fairy.
And y and n yang is the treasure of heaven and earth that is most in line with Ning Wanwo’s achievement method.
Think about it. Just now, the true fairy Liuran directly got the result that Vulcan toad’s action was obviously Deng Wuchan’s long-term preparation for Y and N Yang Ning’s exchange.
Everyone looks at Deng Wuchan. This old thing is so lucky.
Had better finish me and LiuRan fairy head several other Wu Zu also took out their own ready to exchange.
Among them, the Xiao old man took out a box of crystal nucleus of Warcraft. Of course, this is not an ordinary crystal nucleus of Warcraft in the ordinary market, but a crystal nucleus of Warcraft that contains a lot of days.
Sky Warcraft flies higher and farther than the true fairy fighters, and it is very difficult to capture, which can be said to be slightly inferior to Vulcan toad.
Although this Xiao Wu Zu is next to Xiao’s family, it seems that it is really very powerful to capture such a strange beast of heaven and earth by personal strength.
When Deng Wuchan saw this situation, he hurriedly said, "Xu Shao, this thing is a good gift. The young master’s practice may be that there is a martial way with Heaven. It only flows in the scattered practice of Tianyun Xianyuan. Let me help you change this crystal nucleus of Warcraft for a gift."
Deng Wuchan went to a box without waiting for Xu Shao to answer the magic trick. After playing, there was a bead inside, but it was not a soul bead.
"Ghost Beads in the Ends of the Earth" Other Wu Zu is ok, although surprised, but the horse has resumed God Se. They all know that Deng Wuchan, the old guy, got a lot of treasures after killing dragons in those years. Although he has changed a lot in these decades, he has never seen him poor.
Xiao Wuzu is surprise gift, staring at the ends of the earth, staring at the ghost spirit beads, and selling them regardless of the price. The merchant principle is obviously determined to win the ghost spirit beads.
"Isn’t this Xiao Wu Zu’s cultivation of dark martial arts needing such things?"
Xu Shao secretly marveled at Deng Wuchan’s readiness, but he didn’t know whether the Xiao family prepared this treasure or whether Deng Wuchan’s treasure really reached all levels. It can vary from person to person and be exchanged with someone in the place.
When Xu Shao was still surprised, Xiao Wuzu had carefully received the ghost spirit bead finger from Deng Wuchan and gently touched M not to feel the power of this ghost spirit bead department.
"Ha ha, it seems that this exchange meeting went surprisingly smoothly, so many treasures can be exchanged at once." True fairy Liu Ran, of course, is happy to see it come true. He hopes Deng Wuchan will get what he wants, but he doesn’t know that Deng Wuchan is choosing gifts in Xu Shao.
A moment later, Xiao Wuzu breathed a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, "It’s really a ghost bead from the ends of the earth and it’s very good for the ends of the earth to peak into Se …"
Everyone here is an expert, and the barter doesn’t know that Xiao Wuzu won’t lie on this side once. Be careful to hand Deng Wuchan the crystal nucleus of Warcraft in your arms.