At this time, gold and Bi Meng are like a meat grinder, and the sand thieves are horrified to see this god of death from hell. Soon, gold and Bi Meng will make way for the sand thieves.

With Chen Hu’s manipulation of the gold and Bi Meng caravan, the morale of the caravan cheered, and the sand thief drove the gold and Bi Meng in the direction like hunting. While karst looked at the gold, Bi Meng was surprised, but his face did not relax at all. Although he was fierce, he wanted to leave independently, but it was impossible to take others away.
At this moment, Lin Feng finally came slowly from the off-road vehicle and flashed "bang" from the ring. A huge humanoid object with purple light appeared in the front of the battlefield.
"Purple Light" once again appeared in front of everyone. This is a mecha that has never been seen before. It is about 12 meters high. The overall feeling is very smooth. The mecha armor is made of a deep purple alloy and shines with mysterious luster in the rising sun.
Mecha’s left hand has an arm shield with a diameter of one meter in the forearm position, and his right hand holds a strange single-handed sword. This single-handed sword is about nine meters long, and the cold mountain blade is six meters long, showing an acute triangle hilt with a length of three meters, which is different from the ordinary single-handed sword, which is mostly oval or olive hilt. This single-handed sword hilt is round, rather than a long spear with a short handle.
In the eyes of these six hopeful people, this is simply a steel monster with more visual impact than Chen Hu’s manipulation of "Purple Light". The height of 12 meters is like a hill.
Windson jumped into the "purple light" chest and got into the control module.
The appearance of "purple light" immediately alarmed the sand thieves present, and the fear of the unknown gave birth to retreat in their hearts. Although the people of the sword mercenary group Frye caravan were equally horrified, they saw Lin Feng go in with their own eyes and knew that this big guy was now one of their own, but the shape was also far away from "purple light"
Didn’t make the long-range weapon windson manipulated the "purple light" and pulled out the right hand holding the nine-meter-long single-handed sword with a cold mountain blade shining in the sunset.
With a wave of his hand, Purple Light rushed to the front with a single-handed sword, and more than 3,000 sand thieves rushed straight at the past. At the same time, Chen Er drove an off-road vehicle, followed by Frye’s caravan, and followed the sword mercenary group and Chen Hu to manipulate the gold and Bi Meng behind the house.
After a fight, the thieves broke into the caravan department, leaving less than 400. After Ziguang took the caravan away, they didn’t even have the heart to chase it. So the earth guy still doesn’t know what kind of power to chase? Too long a life.
Although "Purple Light" is a simple horizontal sword charge and has no other brilliant performance, the sand thief coming across the street doesn’t see it that way.
"Brother, what monster is that in front of Frye’s caravan?" Rushing in front of the sand thief, a burly sand thief looked at the front and rushed to the "purple light". His body and mount were less than 3 meters, while the guy in front was 12 meters. This visual impact was huge. He also had the same level of strength as Karst, but he didn’t have the courage to collide with the "purple light". Think about the "purple light" that is coming soon, and he felt numb.
"Is it Frye caravan brought back new equipment from God Blessed Big 6? Anyway, the parting double-team first takes a look at this thing to combat effectiveness. "
With the big fellow’s hands, more than 3,000 sand thieves went to both sides of the caravan to avoid the "purple light", and directly charged the front of the sand thief to avoid the "purple light", but the sand thief behind had rushed to the front of the "purple light" and grew up nine meters long. With a wave of his sword, the "purple light" was cut into a bloody rain, and the "purple light" was castrated and rushed towards the sand thief brigade in front.
Apart from being divided into two wings on both sides, the Sand Pirates Brigade tore a hole in the battle of more than 3,000 Sand Pirates as soon as it was not chopped or hit by the Purple Light.
And the double-decked sand thief’s wings also attacked the caravan to the mercenary group, but the caravan guards and the mercenary group didn’t mean anything to fight with them. Although the outermost people were cut down by the sand thief, others stayed all the way forward.
"Eldest brother, this thing is too exaggerated." Conveniently cut down a caravan guard. The sand thief with level strength looked back and looked at people who had been hit by "purple light" to suppress the horse and turn over the middle army with a wry smile.
"It seems that Frye is really equipped with new equipment this time from God Blessed Big 6. It is faster than our mount, like a moving hill, which is simply a cavalry nightmare."
"What shall we do now? With this thing on the road ahead, can’t we hit them head-on and chase them from behind? "
"chase? In a short time, it should run back to stop us. The Begalin family gave us wrong information. So powerful new weapons and equipment didn’t tell us about this loss and asked him to reimburse us. "The" big brother "said bitterly.
"Eldest brother, those bastards in the Begalin family are not so accommodating. They won’t compensate us for our losses."
"Dare not to compensate? Then don’t cross the Sahara desert after their caravan. The face of "Big Brother" is somewhat ferocious. No matter what the result is, they will lose a lot.
"Hey? ! Eldest brother, you see there’s another one behind. I’ll try this little one. "
Said the sand thief jumped up and split the sword toward the gold and Bi Meng behind the house.
"Keng" Huang Jin and Bi Meng’s vertical claws blocked the sand thief’s sword, and a loud metal ring sounded with a huge anti-seismic force, and the sand thief immediately bounced back. Huang Jin and Bi Meng didn’t stay much and followed the brigade.
"Good abnormal power my strength was bounced! What are you practicing with this thing! " Caught by the sand thief behind, the sand thief stuffy way
"Although these equipment badly want to come, it’s not so easy to buy. Didn’t you see that in front of you? It’s just a sword swing! Maybe it’s not perfect, but this time I will definitely find the Begalin family to clarify. "
Sure enough, after the caravan rushed out of the sand thief’s encirclement, the "purple light" reached the team and finally suppressed the sand thief brigade and replaced it with gold and Bi Meng. The sand thieves also lost the courage to pursue, gathered the remnants and watched the whole caravan leave.
After marching for a few days, the whole caravan left those annoying yellow sands and returned to the field. It felt good.
The off-road vehicle went to the green space. Sophie came out of the car and stretched out a moving posture. She said, "It’s finally settled. Now most of the towns here won’t appear in any brigade, and no one dares to rob us."
"It’s really thrilling this time. It’s a good thing that Lin Fengge is here, otherwise we’ll really be finished." Karst is dusty and tired, and even the top experts are tired after these days. Mercenaries and guards are even worse. They are all wearing dark circles.
"The head of karst is not so stranger to you, but I brought out that big desert. If it weren’t for you, I would still wander around it!" Windson also came from the car.
"Purple light" was put away after getting rid of the sand thief, and so was gold and Bi Meng. The two big guys lit up once in front of everyone, but this time it was enough for them to remember a generation.
"Everyone is a friend, and I don’t say much about it. This time, please invite Lin Fengge and your family to have a good trip to Heping City. All the sales will be covered by my Frye family. When the time comes, my pavilion will be a guest guide." Sophie looked at the car, and Lin Feng’s eyes shone with strange brilliance
"Then please Miss Sophie. I’ve been longing for the city of peace for a long time." Windson laughed.
"A few days ago, Lin Fengge manipulated the mecha to help us break through, and your guards manipulated the golden war beast. It should be a new weapon of God bless Big 6," Sophie asked tentatively.
"It’s a new weapon, but it’s still a small number that our family has just developed. I also brought two sets out this time." In the conversation, Lin Feng didn’t "cover up" as if he had regarded himself as a God Blessed Big 6 high-level scholar showing off high-tech in front of Sophie, but it’s really high-tech. Even God Blessed Big 6 must have no "purple light", and even the entire Galaxy Major League is considered high-end goods.
"I don’t know if Lin Fengge can sell me one of Frye’s family. It’s good to have that kind of golden color." Sophie looked at Lin Feng with a face of embarrassment
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Peace City
In the battle a few days ago, Sophie saw the fighting power of the gold and Bi Meng, and that root was not flesh and blood to resist. This is not to say that she didn’t want the "purple light", but even if the "purple light" shocked her, she knew that it was not possible to get a gold and Bi Meng, and she was already very satisfied.
Lin Feng said lightly, "Miss Sophie is joking. These are all family secrets and will never be sold. If Miss wants something else, we can talk about it. If you want a mecha, I want to forget it."
"I’m sorry, please forgive me for taking the liberty. I just envy that imposing guy. If Lin Fengge can reach a business partner with our Frye family, it will be Sophie’s happiest thing." Sophie quickly apologized
Lin Feng doesn’t care about waving. "Do you think Miss Sophie shouldn’t talk about such an important matter here?"
"Er … I really neglected such an important event. It is my father who should talk to Lin Fengge when we get to Heping City. I think we should camp here today. These days, we have also suffered a lot. After returning home, the salary of caravan guards tripled, and the salary of sword mercenaries tripled." Sophie, a "big fish" who caught Lin Feng, was in a good mood and didn’t care about this little money
But I’m glad Yu Sophie didn’t notice the sly eyes in windson’s eyes. Buying and selling windson won’t be done.
After returning to camp, Sophie called her housekeeper and said, "Mr. Ji, take a group of people back to Heping City first and tell my father to prepare the most luxurious ostentation and extravagance to meet the most distinguished guests of our family."
"Miss that you …"
Sophie is in a good mood. "Is there any danger with Lin Fengge here? Every town in this roadbed has our Frye family’s industrial connection. I want to take our guests for a good tour. Hope is great. "