Xu Nan’s voice is very small, and "Sirius Mountain … Remember!"

This sound has been a little anxious. Xu Shaoke recognized it as if something important had happened! And Xu Nantian turned around and put the falling steel needle into the bag.
Xu Shao’s eyes were focused on him. The steel needle was very small. Except for a few strong people in the field, they didn’t find that they saw it most clearly, but Xu Shao drew the Tai Chi hexagram in his hand …
"Is it that the achievement method has no color to realize heaven?"
"Heaven that is absolutely heaven but he is qi deficiency period …"
Several questions have been raised about the sound all over the training ground, and Xu Shao suddenly thought of a problem! Heaven is heaven.
When the practitioner reaches the stage of enlightenment, he can realize the heaven and his own unique skills. So can the practitioners also realize the unique skills when they reach a certain level? No wonder interactive Yin and Yang are born from relics … Xu Shao has come up with a general idea in his heart.
Xu Shao’s real strength was exposed, and the audience couldn’t believe that they were dazzled and still interrogating around.
Rain Xi looked at Xu Shao with bright eyes and was more sure that it was him in black that night!
"You really hide your strength and are very powerful." Xu Bao patted him on the shoulder with a faint expectation in his eyes, and said leisurely, "I really want to fight with you."
Xu Shao chuckled. He thought that these things were not to despise Xu Bao, but that the old Li family would come here? And stab yourself in the back? If it hadn’t been for the interaction between Yin and Yang just now, I’m afraid it would have reached the grave road by now.
Everyone who reached the stage of enlightenment in the field could feel the bronze needle, but they didn’t say anything. It was still light. Obviously, they didn’t want to make any waves. Several brothers were still at a loss and still marveled at Xu Shao’s great strength.
Xu Nantian didn’t let the younger brothers have any doubts. "The top four have chosen to invite four people to draw lots, and the first three can stay in Xu’s house!"
In addition to Xu Shao Xu Bao, the other two people have already been unable to restrain their excitement and stepped forward to draw lots. Xu Bao glanced at Xu Shao’s eyes and gave birth to a faint expectation.
No one believes that Xu Shao is a waste, but no one does not believe that Xu Shao is not a waste. Looking forward to the final battle, Xu Shao has become the focus of several people’s attention. He has drawn the No.2 draft and his opponent is Xu Bao!
This is destined to be a great war. A strong man in the period of enlightenment has killed several people against a waste that suddenly blooms with brilliance. Even the Lord Yu Xi is looking forward to this battle.
"The first Xu Bao is against Xu Shao!" Xu Nantian adjusted her sleeves slowly lang way
The first world war will show that Xu Shao is really powerful!
In the challenge, Xu Bao gave a light reading to Xu Shao’s light fuels and feet, asking him to suddenly exude a burning brown vitality. I don’t know when I pinched a small sword in my hand. The small sword suddenly became bigger, and it was two feet long. When the sun was burning and the harsh light was shining, it swept a gust of wind.
He closed his eyes and controlled the sword.
Treasure! During the enlightenment period, the treasure hunter can attack, defend, defend and fly, which can be said to be what several practitioners yearn for! Kyushu mainland’s general treasures are flying swords. It was only a few months before Xu Bao was promoted to the enlightenment period
Flying sword seems to have great power. Generally speaking, the audience will feel a little unstable when it is counted. When it comes out, it will make the momentum of flying sword shocked the scene, but Xu Shao is still, and a faint smile makes him more mysterious.
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Chapter 29 Become a master?
At dusk, the weather is still a little hot, and the atmosphere of the challenge ring is being fired. The climax novel is a hand-written novel. If you have a soul, you will attack Xu Shao.
"I give up the game." Xu Shao took out a white cloth from nowhere and threw it into the air. Xu Bao’s flying sword stopped at half. Even if Xu Shao’s heart was calm again, he couldn’t stand Xu Shao’s face slowly ferocious. His eyes stared at Xu Shao fiercely. Is that contempt for himself? The second time.
Flying sword trembled slightly in the middle and gradually narrowed down … His heart finally calmed down.
Xu Shao left the ring, and everyone was talking noisily. Xu Shao went to the place where everyone couldn’t see it.
Several people commented that Xu Shao didn’t dare to fight violently, and the title of waste was once again put on his head. Xu Nantian announced that Xu Shao abandoned the winner and Xu critical to fight, but it was too mediocre. Without applause, few people paid attention to the ring.
In the end, Xu Bao unexpectedly abandoned the game. Without his competitors, he didn’t want to do anything. The top three have been selected, except Xu Bao, and the two brothers are in high spirits because they can stay.
At the end, all the Xu brothers came to the ring and formed a neat team, which failed to meet the requirements. The brothers on the left side were depressed and the brothers on the right side were proud and mighty! After that, they will all be defenders of the Hsu family, and it is just around the corner to reach the stage of enlightenment at an early age.
Gaotai came to stop and watch the duke and others have left, and the competition is over. Then it’s time for the hsu family to divide them and stay here and there’s nothing to watch.
Xu Nantian put a "drink a way" in the worn-out ring. "Brothers who failed the competition, you still have a chance to stay in Hsu family. As I said before, if you fail the competition, you can also choose the tests in your family. If you pass the test, you can still stay in Hsu family! “
He pointed to a red cloth behind him, covered with a wooden board, and the red and black wooden boards were densely covered with words.
The black board is full of wormholes, and I don’t know how many years it has been held every year. Every year, the ink on this board seems to be fading away.
After listening to Xu Nantian’s words, my brothers were very energetic and turned their attention to the red cloth and covered with boards.
Linggu Temple, Baidu Mountain, Dupolin Forest … These are all dangerous places in Kyushu mainland, which are full of Warcraft beasts. If few people go in here, they can be born with extraordinary vitality, even if they don’t have extraordinary strength. This test is reasonable and difficult. Unfortunately, there are too few people who are willing to take risks!
Brother, look at me, I hope you can’t take a step. Xu Nan looked at Xu Shao with a smile in her eyes.
He nodded knowingly and took a step in his mouth. "I went to Sirius Mountain to try! “
Sirius Mountain is not only Yuezhou, but also the whole Kyushu mainland. No one dares to go in there at will. There are many advanced Warcraft, even the outermost Warcraft has the strength of human enlightenment, not to mention the encirclement. It is reported that anyone who dares to step into Sirius Mountain is the strength of tongtian period, but none of these people come out! That place is full of too many doubts.
Although Xu Shao knows the danger, he definitely wants to go to Sirius Mountain when he finds his father. Moreover, since Xu Nantian let him go, he has absolute confidence in him.
All the younger brothers were sighing. They don’t know whether Xu Shao is still a waste or not. But whatever it is, he has become the focus of several people. Sirius Mountain is a terrible place.
Xu Bao mercilessly stared at Xu Shao with jealousy in his eyes. No, he took a slight step and stared at the wooden board. The word "Three Vein Forest" popped up in the penultimate column of the board, and its danger was second only to Sirius Mountain. Because Sirius had been robbed by Xu Shao, Xu Bao had to enter the Three Vein Forest.
Xu Nantian frowned slightly. The three-vein forest is as dangerous as Sirius Mountain, but it is also dangerous. Before he died, the elder said that he should take good care of Xu Baoxu and go to the three-vein forest. He can’t come out alive from it! His qualification is only brown, yellow and mysterious, and his strength is equivalent to that of Sanmai forest in Sanmai forest base, which is also a dangerous place in Kyushu mainland! He couldn’t let Xu Bao take such a risk.
"Xu Bao, you are strong enough and you can stay in Hsu family without entering the trial." Xu Nantian said indifferently without a trace of emotion and would definitely not let him enter.
Xu Bao’s eyes are firm and there is no hint of words. He snorted "If it doesn’t work, I will give up staying in Xu’s family and enter the trial of Sanmailin."
All the younger brothers looked at him and couldn’t believe Xu Bao. Is there something wrong? I don’t know what Xu Bao is thinking, but it is a great way to stay in Xu’s family in such a dangerous situation.
"Since you are determined to go there, I can’t stop it." Xu Nantian took a deep breath and got it. Although he promised Xu Da’s elders not to let Xu Bao get hurt, he couldn’t let him leave Hsu family.
He looked at his brothers again. "Do you have anyone else to try?"
Although there are two people who lead the other brothers, they still dare not go into various dangerous places to test the board. The easiest place to write is the Yuezhou dangerous place. It is not their qi deficiency strength that can live.
"Since no one chooses to test Xu Bao and Xu Shao, they will leave Xu’s home tomorrow. I will send elders to escort you both!"
The bar mitzvah is over smoothly here. My brothers are lost but also happy. Even if you are a patriarch, you can’t stay in the family.
It’s already dark, and my brothers have returned to their rooms. There are rules to tidy up the accounts in the rear, so they are reluctant but there is nothing they can do.
Xu Shao was called to his room by Xu Nantian, and his grandfather sat opposite him. Xu Shao had a faint inexplicable sadness in his heart, even if he was stupid, he knew what would happen after the assassination.
The two men sat opposite each other and could not speak. Xu Nantian’s temples were wrinkled. He didn’t want to see the atmosphere like this. He smiled and took out a can of wine from the rear and Xu Shao doubled it. "You have been spying on my wine for quite some time. Today, we can’t get drunk."
Xu Shao frowned and nudged the wine. There was a faint sadness in his eyes and he whispered, "Grandpa, what happened to our Xu family?"
Xu Nantian didn’t answer his words, but his face seemed to be a few decades younger. "I asked you if you want to be a master?"
Chapter 30 Lingzhu
If Xu Shao becomes a master vertex novel, hand-written novel
He can carry forward the hsu family, but when dad meets, there will be several beautiful women chasing him …
"Of course I want to be a master!" Xu Shao eyes flashing replied without hesitation.
"Drink this glass of wine first and I’ll make you a master!" Xu Nantian pushed the pouring wine in front of Xu Shao, so Xu Shao took a drastic sip of wine.
Xu Nantian’s eyes softened a little, and he said leisurely, "You can take the spirit beads of the dangerous family in Sirius Mountain, and there is also a guarantee for Ann."
He paused at his temples with a trace of vicissitudes of life. "Remember to go back to your family after the experience."