Zhou Haifeng saw Sun Ke’s eyes, but there was nothing he could do. No one knew Zhou Chuqian’s temper better than him. No one knew Zhou Chuqian’s real intention better than him. It was impossible to tell Master Sun Ke that he was trying to severely crack down on the Zhou family’s brother-in-law.

Sun Ke saw that Zhou Haifeng also shook his head naively. There was no way for him to know that people could stop Zhou Chu’s money. He smiled naively in his heart without saying anything, but wait for a while was there.
Zhou Chu Qian saw that no one had come to oppose him again, nodded proudly and shouted at those people, "What are you waiting for? Why don’t you take me away?"
"Ha-ha" suddenly burst out laughing on Sunday and said coldly, "The old man has a saying that it’s good to ask God to send God easily, but if you want to take me away, I will never resist, but I can warn you that girls’ literature will cost you."
"Bunny, don’t scare me with malicious words. I’m not scared." Zhou Chuqian sneered. "I just want to take you away. What can you do with me?"
Sunday shrugged his shoulders and said, "I can’t do anything with you. You are a Zhou family. No wonder I think you are so familiar. We must have met."
Zhou Chu money cold hum a way, "Bunny still dare to play dumb with me and commit such a heinous crime, which is simply to lose the face of our family and take it away. I will give you a good education for your parents."
"I don’t see who dares" to interrupt all thinking in anger. Before everyone could react, they saw that the interrogation room window was broken and rushed into three people. It was Tianyun who led a small team. They all had automatic submachine guns in their hands. Before those people could react, three by five divided by two, they lifted the people next to Sunday, and then the other two formed an encirclement, completely guarding Sunday in the middle of the gun to prevent anyone from taking the opportunity to be unfavorable to Sunday.
Tianyun turned to stand at attention and gave a standard military salute after finishing these things. Lang said, "The team members of the special detachment saluted the captain, and we were late, which made the captain wronged."
Sunday responded with a smile "hard work"
Tianyun smiled with a simple and honest smile. "It’s bad for us to protect the captain." Turned around and looked at those humanitarians coldly. "Whoever dares to touch our captain will try. Don’t blame me for not waking you up. We can’t recognize anyone who dares to catch our captain. I’ll let him see Yan Luowang."
"Wild" Zhou Chuqian saw that his prestige was challenged and roared, "Do you have any laws? This is the Public Security Bureau. Who gave you the strength to break in with a gun? This is a blatant confrontation with the government and a big treason."
"What a big crime!" Lingweiyin faintly rang from the outside of the interrogation room, followed by a pair of people with momentum. It was Qin Fa who led the special detachment.
Qin Fa led the special detachment to pay all the guns and automatic submachine guns, pointing at them coldly.
Everyone was shocked by this scene, even Zhou Chuqian panicked, knowing that things were bad. Sunday led a special team, which was the most severely tested. The team was the elite of the elite. They sent out a suspicion that the Zhou family already knew that Sunday was in Guangdong Province and showed their actions.
Zhao Yi and Qian Fei saw Zhou Chu’s money in a funny appearance and had a disdainful view of him.
Sun Ke is the director of the public security bureau. When he saw this scene, he rushed into two teams, one to catch Sunday and the other to protect Sunday. At the same time, he also saw that the team that protected Sunday was dominant.
They are well-equipped, well-trained, and highly skilled. You can tell that they are elites in the military, and such people are even more unaffordable.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven All forces meet together (5)
Girls’ literature
Sun Ke didn’t want to make the atmosphere too stiff. He also saw that the people on both sides were not to be provoked by him. Hehe smiled. "Let’s calm down and don’t get angry. Otherwise, if you have any misunderstandings in my office first, you can sit down and discuss slowly. Don’t hurt the harmony between the two sides by being a suspect."
"Suspect" Ling Wei sneered, "Director Sun, do you know who you are arresting? The third generation leader of the Zhou family is Zhou Qier, a senior official of the central government, and also a pillar of the Zhou family in the future. This is not to mention that he is also a major general specially hired by the National Security Bureau to command the 29th army of Yanjing to resist the attack of armed personnel on Yanjing, which is the worship figure of the whole 29th army."
"Director Sun’s Girls’ Literature, I advise you not to help this man in front of you. To be honest, he is not worthy to be a Sunday opponent. Now we are here, but at the latest, the top officials of the National Security Bureau, the four big families, the Zhou family and the Gushi family have been praised as Chinese immortals and lecherous immortals will gather in Guangdong Province. They have come to have a purpose, that is, to rescue Director Sun from Sunday. I believe that director Sun is a person who knows how to weigh and will make wise choices."
"This" Sun Ke looked at Sunday with incredible eyes. I didn’t expect that a Sunday would attract so many bosses and add a 29 th Army Ling Wei dialect. He listened to girls’ literature in vain, which was a euphemism to warn him not to say that Sunday didn’t kill anyone, even if it really did. There are so many bosses protecting him that you can’t resist him.
Besides, they’re here to lead the army, but it’s yet to come. Add an ace army of the 29th Army Yanjing Military Region. If he holds on to Sunday, it’s likely that the 29th Army will be furious and offend people in the military, not to mention that he Sun Ke has enough to drink a pot, even the whole Guangdong Provincial Party Committee will have a headache.
But I really want him to let go of Sunday, and I will explain it to you. When the time comes, the leaders at the level will blame those who are light and lose their official position, and those who are heavy will probably leave a private place to release criminals. It is not his Sun Keke who has the final say to let go of girls’ literature.
I was in Sun Ke’s pocket when my mobile phone rang. When I took out my mobile phone, I saw it was a strange word, and I laughed a dozen times. "Hello, I’m Sun Ke. Who’s calling?"
"I am a provincial party committee secretary Ceng Wei" sounded a majestic voice.
"Zeng Zengji" Sun Keren was shocked and his speech became extremely unsmooth. "Zeng Zengji you, what are your instructions?"
Ceng Wei said, "Director Sun, I want to ask you if a girl’s literature was updated for the first time. Did you catch a man named Sunday?"
Sun Ke said in fear, "Yes, I caught a week."
"Nonsense" Ceng Wei roared in the words, "How do you do things? You just let people go without looking at who they are, and then you arrest them at random. I don’t care what you do. You must send me out of the police station on Sunday in peace. If he loses a finger on me, you are asking."
Sun Ke quickly said, "Yes, I remember that my review was that my work was not done properly. I will also thoroughly investigate the case on Sunday. From the clues we have at present, it is likely that someone deliberately planted and framed the first update of girls’ literature. I believe that a conclusion will be reached soon."
Ceng Wei said simply, "That’s good. You should do it quickly." Then hang up directly.
Sun Ke hold words for a while leng suddenly from behind a few policemen shouted, "why don’t you guys still silly to untie the handcuffs on Sunday?"
"Is it Director Sun"? The two policemen behind them looked at each other and didn’t know what to send, but when they saw Sun Ke’s angry expression, they all knew that things might be more serious. They caught the wrong person and hurriedly handcuffed him on Sunday.
"Director Sun’s girl literature is updated for the first time. You are openly shielding criminals and will be punished by law." Zhou Chuqian saw that his plot was going to be ruined and quickly shouted at him.
Sun Ke said crossly with a cold sweat in his heart, "What kind of situation is the leader of the Zhou family? I still want to persecute others. It’s a good thing we didn’t accompany you, otherwise we would be in trouble now." After all, Zhou Haifeng is the deputy director of the municipal party committee in charge of political science and law, and Zhou Chuqian is also a Zhou family member. People like him are not offended.
Hehe laughed. "Master Zhou is really sorry, not that I want to let people go. It’s the provincial party committee’s record that Zeng Ji called me to let people go. Otherwise, Master Zhou, would you like to say hello to Zeng Ji and let him talk to me? If Zeng Ji agrees, I’ll get Sunday back again."
"You" Zhou Chu’s face turned green with money and gas. Sun Ke, this is a blatant contempt for him. He is very upset with the provincial party Committee title, but he is also a provincial and ministerial official and a national Committee member. His status is not lower than that of his brother in the Zhou family. If you want to change the provincial party Committee’s decision, you must be the behemoth of the family. Which provincial party Committee remembers whether to sell his face in politics?
However, Sunday is the man who loves Sun the most and is cultivated as the future successor of the Zhou family, and he is the one who looks down on him the most. How can he help him to deal with Sunday? It is simply a fable of daydreaming.
Zhou Haifeng couldn’t help but sigh when he saw Zhou Chu’s money embarrassed. "Dad, forget it. Don’t fight with Sunday. He is also our Zhou family."
Weekend has been beside don’t talk to hear hai-feng zhou words grunted "elder brother if things are like this, dad is not very no face after told him how to base himself on your Chinese municipal party committee deputy record or dad help you get"
"Shut up" Zhou Chuqian stared coldly at the weekend. "You don’t talk, no one thinks you are dumb. Haifeng climbed the position of deputy secretary of Guangdong Municipal Committee on his own strength. He is the most promising person in our next brother. Don’t ruin his future without saying a word."
Zhou Chuqian walked slowly to Sunday and looked at Sunday for a long time without moving his eyes. Then he said slowly, "You are very good on Sunday, but I’m telling you that things are not over yet. You’d better help yourself."
On Sunday, I stared at Zhou Chu’s money with a faint smile. "It’s okay. I’ve always been a lucky man. God is the first time to update the girl literature on my side. I’m afraid it’s not that simple to deal with me. Think about yourself and leave a way out. Don’t go to the end."
"Hum" Zhou Chuqian coldly said "thank you for leaving" and walked out of the interrogation room without looking at all.
Those who follow others to see that Zhou Chu’s money has gone, plus Qin Fa and others are eyeing up and looking at them. They don’t want to stay here, even if they don’t take a gun, they will follow Zhou Chu’s money behind them.
Lingwei saw Zhou Chu money go and smiled at Sun Ke and said, "Director Sun, thank you, if there is anything you need to know, you can come to us at any time." Chong Qin Fa made an expression of eyes.
Qin Fa got the message and shouted at all the players, "Everyone has a special detachment to escort the captain back."
"Yes" all the players are full of energy and look excited than glory to welcome Sunday’s return.
Sun Ke wait for a while looked at all the people far away, stretched out his hand and touched his forehead with cold sweat, and found that his back was wet. It was chilly and strange. Seeing Zhou Haifeng beside him, he looked worried and couldn’t help but ask, "Is Zhou Ji a Zhou family member?"
Hai-feng zhou nodded. "He is the leader of the third generation of the Zhou family. On Sunday, he was valued by the bosses from all walks of life. Director Sun is very sorry to involve you."
Sun Ke ha ha a smile "nothing to see such a young big shot is not wasted when I once the public security bureau chief".
Ling Wei and Qin Fa and others couldn’t help laughing as soon as they got out of the public security bureau Qin Fa. "Captain, you made us find it hard. In the past six months, we have almost traveled all over the northwest, which is the Gobi Desert. We have also walked through it, but I didn’t expect you to be the captain of Guangdong Province. How did you come to Guangdong Province to tell us about it?"
On Sunday, I looked at Qin Fadao in astonishment. "I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about, captain. Are you mistaking me for someone else? My name is Sunday, but I’m not your captain."
"Ah" Qin Fa was frightened by this Sunday’s words and looked at Ling Wei. He rubbed his eyes hard and said inexplicably, "No, you are our captain. I fought with you. I know better than anyone that you can’t be wrong. You are our captain."
On Sunday, Zou suddenly felt that there was a needle in his mind to stimulate his cranial nerve pain, and his forehead broke out in cold sweat. This is something that has never happened before. Why is his mind suddenly so painful?
Ling Wei saw that something was wrong on Sunday and said to Qin Fa, "Qin Dage, let’s go back first."
"But, but he is really our captain." Qin Fajian believes in his own judgment.
Ling Wei laughed. "Qin Dage, I didn’t say he wasn’t looking for Sunday. Don’t you see that Sunday lost his memory? He doesn’t remember us. Let’s go back and see what can be done to restore his memory."