However, for a moment, Liang Yi’s fire shine and Shu Shu’s figure disappeared by disappearing.

"Damn it, they all ran away!" A thunder dragon monk unwilling shouted.
"What’s the way? It’s easy for people to get away with Lingbao. I think we’re doing work here." An Eldar man with blue scales and ugly face complained.
"Not necessarily when our reinforcements arrive. If they dare to come out again, they will die."
"Is your family as stupid as you to let you kill?"
Liang Yi in the spirit fire and the fire shine all recovered the magical powers of the celestial phenomena.
"Hey, you’re seriously injured. Why are you acting like nothing?" Fire shine looked at the corners of the mouth still hung a little blood Liang Yi is full of curiosity and asked.
"Tell you after the specific reasons" Liang Yi smiled, congenital chaos bead involved a lot. Although Liang Yi trusted the fire to shine, it is not yet time to let her know.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter DiLiuSan Fenbao an alchemist
"This time, our surprise attack almost killed ten of them, and when their reinforcements arrived, we didn’t have a chance." Fireshine was not disappointed. "I hope that someone in the hands of these ten people happens to have the three-colored clouds and Gracilaria lemaneiformis."
After the outbreak of Liang Yi and Huo Linger, the fighting power is enough to be worth the sixth-order scattered fairy, especially after the outbreak of Huo Linger, the fighting power of her is almost the same as that of the seventh-order scattered fairy. The magic weapon of the flaming mountain in her hands is even more innate, and the explicit constitution of the fire is not in Liang Yi’s hands. It is also a tacit understanding that the two of them see each other and cooperate, plus the small monster fairy inkstone is swept from the side, and the three unite to deal with the general seventh-order scattered fairy, but they can barely support and find a way to slay it.
If the other reinforcements arrive, it will be more than 100 strong people in the middle and late period of Du Jie. Now the strength is no different from that and suicide.
"Let’s see first."
Liang Yilian took out ten people who had been killed by two people and one beast, rummaged through them carefully, and got two qualities, namely, the real treasure and some other valuable treasures, but he finally found the three-color clouds and Gracilaria lemaneiformis.
"Let’s divide all these treasures first." Fire shine is full of regrets, staring at a mountain of more than 200 strong treasures in the middle and late Du Jie.
"Don’t worry, we still have a chance in twenty years." Liang Yi laughed.
"What opportunity? You and I are all close to the top now. How much will the root method rise again?" Fire Shiner shook his head slightly.
"I said that if there is an opportunity, you should take care of it." Liang Yi smiled noncommittally and pointed to the present like a small mountain treasure. "Most of these people were killed by your spirit fire, and you accounted for 70% of the other two of us."
"This distribution is unreasonable. If it weren’t for Liang Xiong’s help, I wouldn’t get this mysterious fire. Now it has been incinerated by the mysterious fire." Fire Shiner shook his head. "Otherwise, I will take 40%, and you and Shu Shu will take 50% of the palace. Sister Southern Yan will take ten%, as if we keep Liang Xiong’s Lingshi Lingshi and other spiritual parts of the wild animal nucleus. We have to refine them into Dan. Just take them yourself if necessary."
"Yes, there are so many things, even if they are divided, there is nothing to pack. Can’t we hang a ring full of things or put it in the fire of my sister?" Gong Nanyan nodded repeatedly.
When the fire shine saw Liang Yi’s previous treasure sharing, a large number of Lingshi and all the wild beasts knew that he was in urgent need of these. It was out of the question that Liang Yi was not a mother-in-law first, and there was no objection when he heard the news.
"Before you went out to guard against the enemy, I had already counted it, and you just gained the war profit." Gong Nanyan smiled. "There are a total of 13,314 pieces of Yuan Lingshi, and there are more than 350 million pieces of extremely Lingshi, 2,470 pieces of wild animals in the mating period and nearly 50,000 pieces of wild animals in the refining period."
"So I know that you need extremely lingshi and wild animal nucleus, and we didn’t have these things, so we can just discount Lingshi at three thousand yuan." Fire shine smiled at Liang Yi.
More than 200 monks are richer than the monks of the same rank. Many Du Jie’s strong families in the middle and late period have been allocated more than ten times more than the second income.
Even Gong Nanyan, a poisonous widow who accounts for 10% of the income, received a bowl full of money and won more than 2,100 pieces of Yuan Lingshi.
And Liang Yi got 300 million multipolar lingshi, a large number of wild animal cores, and finally added more than 7,500 yuan lingshi.
Liang Yi suddenly became the wish of the elders in Luoxiaocheng to find opportunities before the big outbreak left, and the little monster Shu Shu did not need to worry about rations for a long time.
These things are still comfortable. Secondly, the real treasures and fairy treasures are more valuable than this. Besides, the vast amount of cultivation materials and the magic weapon of flying swords with different qualities are also a lot of wealth.
"There are so many treasures, but I can’t get them together." Huo Linger sighed. "If I can, I’m willing to pay ten times and one hundred times the price for the three-color clouds and Gracilaria lemaneiformis."
"Don’t worry, there will always be a way." Liang Yi smiled and threw a ring full of wild animal crystal nucleus to the little monster Shu Shu. "Small, don’t you like to eat? You can eat hard."
Shu Shu connected the ring and rejoiced to take out an egg-sized purple wild animal nuclear claw and threw it into his mouth with a wave of his hand.
"Hey, that’s the peak of the late fit. You’re killing yourself!" Fire shine don’t know Shu Shu number, but also when Liang Yi wants these nuclear blast for it to eat. I didn’t expect this little one to swallow it directly, but it was slow to stop the peak wild beast nuclear in the late stage of fitting.
"Don’t worry, this little one has a big appetite. It always eats like this." Liang Yi smiled.
"Really nothing?" Fire shine and Gong Southern Yan are curious and worried. Looking at Shu Shu is really afraid that this little guy will burst.
"It’s normal for you to get along with it for a while." Liang Yi shook his head slightly. "I’ll refine the colorful clouds into a Dan medicine. You all have one then."
"I also want to try" ranging from fire shine and palace Southern Yan mouth Shu Shu was pathetic way.
"You? Don’t waste your time. "Liang Yi grunted coldly. This small and complete repair depends on a huge amount of spiritual objects. No matter how good the elixir is, it won’t be too big for it. Give it a pure wave and flicker to find a clean place to make an alchemist.
"Brother Liang said that he was really sure to turn the water into Dan?" Gong Nanyan looked at Li Xuwai hopefully as she was preparing for an alchemy. Liang Yi said, "If we have this medicine, our flesh will have a qualitative leap and Du Jie’s grasp will increase a lot."
"Brother Liang is not a boaster. He said that he is sure, that is, he is sure that even if he fails, he can get a batch of six turns of Dan, which is as good for us." Huo Linger smiled. "It is your luck to make friends like Brother Liang."
"Yes, in fact, you are all my nobles." Gong Nanyan laughed.
"Say what noble people are friends and brothers." Fire Shiner laughed. "My spirit fire aura is still a little weak. We will take advantage of Liang Xiong’s alchemy opportunity to select some treasures from this pile of treasures to decorate a powerful gathering large array. It is also convenient to practice later."
"That’s right, you and I are now full of real yuan. After finishing the large array, concentrate on practicing the body-refining method to polish the flesh." Gong Southern Yan even responded for a while, and they picked out some treasures from the mountain of treasure materials to decorate the law of gathering spirits.
This spiritual fire is different from Liang Yibi’s spiritual world. It is three realms and connected with the bead, and the external aura can also enter it from the virtual. Of course, in terms of power and beauty, this treasure is far beyond the bead.
About half a month later, when the two men carefully carved and a large number of treasures filled the large array of spiritual fire, the original spiritual fire was a little thin and aura filled up.
After all this, the two of them also turned to practice. However, the two women are now in imminent danger, and they are afraid to attract Armageddon before practicing mana. They can try their best to polish their flesh and improve their anti-robbery ability before Du Jie.
Generally, monks in Du Jie period will not continue to cultivate mana after they sense Armageddon arrival in general, because once they continue to cultivate, they will surely attract Armageddon more quickly, and it is their main task to polish the flesh and refine the magic weapon and prepare the Dan medicine needed by Du Jie.
Speaking of physical cultivation, it is actually more necessary to be qualified. The physical body is more difficult to refine than the Yuan God’s mana. Many monks show great talent in the Yuan God’s mana, but they are too talented in the physical exercise. Most of the peak monks in Du Jie’s late period can also raise the physical body to the level comparable to that of ordinary monks in junior high school. It is already very special like Huo Linger and Liang Yi.
In terms of physical refinement, Gong Nanyan obviously doesn’t have much talent. Although this woman has made a lot of efforts, it has little effect. Now that I think about it, refining the physical body is just a cramming.
The little monster Shu Shu got Liang Yien’s permission, but also let his belly feed on the precious crystal nucleus of wild animals.
Three months later, Huo Linger stopped practicing and looked forward to seeing Liang Yi suddenly appear. "Is Dan a success?"
"Fortunately, it is not a disgrace!" Liang Yi smiled
"How many?" Palace Southern Yan even asked.
"Five grains are seven turns of Dan!" Liang Yi’s face also has a little excitement. This is the highest quality, best and strongest Dan medicine that he has ever refined.
It is more than five or six times for Liang Yi to have eaten the three-turn Dan before. You know, after refining, a three-turn Dan with three-turn Dan is equivalent to making a mortal instantly have a strong body comparable to the middle and late stage of the fit. Of course, this is an example. If a mortal and a low-order monk eat this Dan, it is estimated that there is no other possibility except a puncture on the spot.
Liang Yi’s right hand turned over and took out a golden gourd to uncover the mouth, from which he took out two longan-sized pills wrapped around colorful Lingxia water and green, and handed them to Huo Linger and Gong Southern Yan respectively. "This Dan should be refined in three years, but Gong Xian’s physical endurance is generally estimated to be longer. When refining this Dan, I suggest you go to the volcano, and it should be faster to have the volcanic fire force from refining."
"Thank you, Brother Liang, for waking up." Gong Nanyan even said.
"You’re welcome. We’ll practice in here for more than ten years and then meet those so-called strong people outside." Liang Yi smiled to be continued.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter sixty-four Qianxiu
After handing the seven-turn-to-Dan Fu Shui to Huo Linger and Gong Southern Yan, Liang Yi found a place to refine the seven-turn-to-Dan Fu Shui in this large array.
Fu Shui Qi Zhuan Dan can be regarded as the most top refined body class in this world. It is really a panacea. Three people have successively obtained the wealth of nearly 250 strong men in the middle and late period of Du Jie. These guys are born in super power, and they are much richer than ordinary monks of the same order. Plus, after entering the Xuanwu spiritual realm, many people have some chances. So, there are only four kinds of refined body class true spirits from these guys, and the other three are relatively common. This shows that this refined body class treasure is precious.
Liang Yi had the experience of refining three turns of water into Dan. This time, he was barely familiar with it. This seven turns of water into Dan is more than five or six times more powerful than three turns of Dan, and its pharmacology is more huge. It is even more difficult to grasp that the entrance of seven turns of water into Dan turns into a blue river and rushes straight to the purple mansion world.
Wide than purple mansion in heaven and earth, five tall and solid purple golden Yuan gods sit in five directions, and slowly flow in accordance with the five elements of birth and evolution, with a few glittering and translucent crystals with slightly colorful clouds and blue fog crystals quickly remit to the purple mansion in heaven and earth like a storm, and soon the whole purple mansion in heaven and earth will be filled with filling ratio.
Soon, monty’s magic formula came into operation, and those subtle blue crystals with colorful clouds gradually penetrated through the purple mansion heaven and earth with the rotation of the achievement method, and at the same time, the innate chaos bead suspended in the purple mansion heaven and earth also released a radiant glow, and a layer of beautiful innate purple gas merged with the water and turned into blue fog crystals and merged into the flesh.