Now, after all, Xia Qi several people don’t talk about their bodies, and all kinds of means alone can definitely force the fairy peak strong to slay each other easily.

In the strange silence of the celestial world, the first apocalypse day finally approaches.
On this day, the vision of the sky flashed, and the scene of virtual fragmentation and extinction appeared, which made the whole celestial world shake and uneasy.
However, in the end, these visions were dispersed one after another, and the sky was restored to calm. Only in the far west, a large collapse and broken virtual scene was faintly revealed, which was terrible.
There is the entrance to the first heavy sky.
The number of brothers in the Heaven Sect rushed to the extreme west at the first time.
Although these brothers didn’t win 500 places in Sendai, they couldn’t directly enter the depth of the first heavy sky, but they could slowly advance from the entrance of the first heavy sky, which was more dangerous and full of difficulties.
Xia Qi and a group of people went to the extreme west with a group of elders and patriarchs of Tiandaozong.
The entrance of the first heavy day is in the westernmost part of the extreme west, and it is very cold and profound. Brother Zhenxian may be directly frozen to death. Even the Zhenxian needs to run the fairy yuan to resist the cold invasion.
Such extreme weather makes this place inaccessible, and almost no one can see the figure all the year round. At first glance, there are people whistling in the icy wind and freezing frost.
But now there is no such scene here.
Several immortals arrived here after the first apocalypse, and now it has become a sea of people, and even the cold has been dispelled, which makes people feel a little warm.
Xia Qi looked around in the camp of Tiandao Sect.
He doesn’t think it’s the crowds, but the places where several top immortals are stationed. Several top immortals occupy an independent large piece of territory because of their large number and prestigious reputation.
Xia Qi can see many top immortal brothers at a glance.
Many of these people are acquaintances of Xia Qi.
Resin Shintoism hemp seal evil spirits sent Lu Yue Zi Xia holy land Zhao Zifeng shogunate Lujia Liu Wutian Jianmen Nie Ping … Xia Qi eyes swept and saw a group of acquaintances.
These people are all immortals, their peak breath is vigorous and very tough, and they all have the same experience, that is, they have all been in the world, but they were finally driven back by Xia Qi.
Really speaking, Xia Qi has hatred with them.
When Xia Qi set his eyes on them, these people’s eyes also swept Xia Qi’s body at the same time
Zhao Zifeng and others see Xia Qi corners of the mouth all reveal a trace of pitfalls.
When they were in the celestial realm, they were rushed back by Xia Qi and almost killed, which was a great shame for them.
Come into contact with these people’s eyes Xia Qi eyes also with a cold meaning.
They hate Xia Qi Xia Qi and don’t want to kill them.
What’s more, in the past, Xia Qi was forced to fly back to the celestial world before he became immortal, and he was humiliated.
But now Xia Qi has already set foot on the fairy realm, and Jin Xian can compete with Zhao Zifeng and others. Xia Qi doesn’t even have interest in seeing them if he doesn’t have a vendetta with them.
This is not Xia Qi’s arrogance, but Xia Qi is qualified now.
He is not good at all kinds of visions now. The town soldiers can easily slay Zhao Zifeng and others. His strength is not the same as that of Zhao Zifeng and others.
"Xia Qi, you should be careful about the five elements of the holy Sect’ Li Zhuoshi’. This person is said to have been uniting with many strong people who have enemies with you or with the Heaven Sect in recent months and want to slay you on the first day!"
Xia Qi side besides Gu Yue three girls Xia Yi and Xia Zi brother and sister also Xia Yi light to Xia Qi wake up at this time.
"Li Zhuoshi!"
Xia Qi eyebrows slightly wrinkled thinking again and found that he had never heard of this name.
"It’s the brother of Hede the Great, He Ling Sun He Xiang and Hede the Great, both of whom are bloodlines, but this Li Zhuoshi got Hede the Great. It is said that Li Zhuoshi’s trip is to ask you to slay He Ling and He Xiang for revenge!"
Xia Yi see Xia Qi puzzled appearance wry smile a patiently explained.
Tian Daozong almost received a document every day, and Li Zhuoshi was also in the face. Xia Yi Xia Qi will note these materials, but it depends on the situation. Xia Qi even hasn’t seen it.
"Hehe, a bunch of buffoons just care!"
Xia qi smile don’t care.
He didn’t look at the Heaven Sect and collected a lot of information because he was absolutely confident that he was the king in the first heaven, and that was his heaven and earth.
"Er … it’s not easy for Li Zhuoshi to make Hede the Great not give his mantle to his pro-pro-grandson, and it’s also very extraordinary and careless!"
Xia Yi feel language Xia Qigen didn’t listen to him, but even so Xia Yi will still know some news.
"Don’t worry, I won’t give him a chance to play tricks. If he shows up, I’ll kill him directly!"
Xia qi eyes flashed a wipe gas awe-inspiring mouth way
Listening to Xia Yi’s words, Xia Qi also felt that this extraordinary Li Zhuoshi was able to make an emperor not give his mantle to Sun regardless of his talent, which was really extraordinary.
The only way to deal with this kind of person, Xia Qi, who doesn’t want to think much, is to kill it cleanly.
Xia Qi eyes with ShaQi glanced at Li Zhuoshi.
Slender in a white robe, you stand out from the crowd in a graceful manner, and your handsome face seems to always be with a smile, which makes people feel good at a glance.