"By that how make? !” Nine times before looking at fenglei beast nao nao head way "don’t go through all the trouble to get back so into a decoration? !”

"Hehe, boss, although there is no top animal trainer in our club, there is one outside!"
"That makes sense!" Nine heavy suddenly lang asked "who is the top animal trainer in the market now? !”
"… all saints alliance leader snake witch-recent!" I also know something about the history of hell’s crazy flowers and butterflies. "But what we did to her before hell’s crazy flowers, I don’t think she will help us!"
"Hey … who said that? !” Nine mysterious smiles leave a kind of stupidity. The legion players turn around and walk out of the ten levels of hell.
When I came outside, I called the voice address book nine times to find the name of Butterfly Lovers. When I saw the online display, I immediately connected "What are you busy with?" !”
"… war! Didn’t you hear the shout of kill here? !” "All Saints Alliance Alliance Guild Four Seas Alliance Guild City Four Seas recent flower is bid.
"… what are you going to do? !”
"Don’t ask so many places yet!"
Hang up the voice communication immediately after receiving the coordinate Jiuzhong, and then directly start the finger ring fixed-point delivery function and instantly transfer it to the current location of recent flowers.
"Wow!" As soon as the Nine Heavens appeared, players of Chengtou All Saints Alliance were invading the enemy. They were fighting and screaming for weapons, and the magic burst and the players screamed together to form a cruel and spectacular war picture.
"You this busy enough! Which area is this for invading players? !” Nine heavy asked front is bid recent way
“……!” Butterfly Lovers didn’t speak, but pointed to the overseers outside the city after the enemy war.
Jiuzhong looked down the direction of recent flowers. "Hey, isn’t this a big boss in Vietnam?" ! He and I are really predestined friends ~! "
"… what did you come to see me about? !” Recent asked.
"I’ll talk about this later. Don’t wait for me to get rid of this annoying fly first ~!" With a smile, Jiuzhong suddenly stepped on the road and went straight to Sirius outside the city.
Sirius even had five main cities of the Holy Alliance Guild, but he didn’t even kill half a man. Moreover, he had almost all his men on hand because he had to guard and occupy the city.
There’s no way for Sirius to be good. Another passerby, horse and soldier, continue to sweep in depth. Halfway through the main city of the Four Seas Alliance Guild, Sirius figured out that this sacred alliance people are slippery. Even if they continue to go in depth, I’m afraid they won’t kill many people. Since the left and right are going to occupy the whole Huaxia area in the end, all saints alliance players will kill them sooner or later, so let’s just get a meat first.
So Sirius, the original holy alliance, launched an attack on Sihai City in the middle of the attack.
As a result, this fight was fiercely resisted by the All Saints Alliance, and the leader of the All Saints Alliance, Butterfly Lovers, happened to be idle, so he personally invaded the four cities to support him, which could relieve boredom and buy off people’s hearts.
Sirius wanted to eat meat, but he didn’t. He almost broke his teeth for a long time. Sirius wanted to retreat, but he wasn’t willing to hesitate. Just when he hesitated, he saw a sudden shot of nine white tiger fists in the four cities, and those who blocked it were invincible and went straight for him.
Seeing these nine white tiger fists licking Sirius is a kind of eyelid jump, and a bad feeling hits my heart. When he sees the true face of the newcomer, the heart of the iron fist burning with fierce ghosts and inflammation almost jumps out of his throat. "… Fang Sheng! !”
"Hey … Vietnam bosses say … what’s your name again? We meet again ~! " Another blow, "Xuanwu Earthquake", will stand in front of the last batch of players in Vietnam, clear away the nine heavies, move rapidly and fly near Sirius.
"… the sacred! ….. Wow-ah-! !” Seeing the nine-fold dwelling near Sirius, I felt a serious death threat. The conditioned reflex suddenly called for a pre-emptive strike against the nine-fold exhibition
"Kang Long regret! !” But a pair of iron claws have just been raised and haven’t come into play yet. The nine fists have turned into a golden dragon with the thickness of a water tank, and they have actually bombarded him in the chest. Sirius screamed and turned to scream directly.
"boom! !” As soon as the explosion destroyed Sirius, it was directly blasted into a bloody sky with minced meat!
"Ah bad leader was killed! The leader has been killed! !” The snake head can’t fly, the bird head can’t fly, Sirius hangs up, and he’s probably attacking the four cities, and the morale of the troops suddenly collapses.
A loss of morale and chaos directly led to a debacle.
When the players of ChengHalloween League saw it, they knew that it was now or never. It was a good opportunity to take advantage of your illness to kill you. Huo Ran suddenly took a breath and killed the players in the Vietnamese area, and then pursued the bloody battle for dozens of miles, killing the players who ran away to the maximum extent.
Unfavorable turn of the tide killed Sirius nine times and returned to Chengtou to come back to the recent past.
"Now can say? What’s the matter with me? !” Asked recent flowers holding the sweet shoulder.
Nine heavy hands naturally take a recent shoulder and ask, "I heard that you are the top animal trainer in Huaxia District. Is there such a thing?" !”
"… hmm!" Recent Chou Chou nine heavy on his shoulder hand nodded and said
"That’s all right. Come with me!" After talking, Jiuzhong directly started the function of sending the ring body at a fixed point, and returned directly to the front line of Vietnam with recent flowers and appeared in front of the virtual door.
"… where is this? !” Recent asked, looking at the surrounding scene.
"Vietnam! It doesn’t matter. Come with me! " Jiuchong swaggered into the virtual door and entered the ten levels of hell with the shoulders of recent flowers.
Outside the door, after the hell’s crazy flower battle, the player looked at Jiuzhong and the recent intimate figure. "Ahem, if I am not mistaken, the boss should hug the beautiful woman, right? !”
"Eldest brother is too cow! When did you hook up with recent butterflies again? !”
"If this recent flower falls into the clutches of our president again, then there are several beautiful women in Huaxia District who are the bosses!"
"Who said not! The boss is really a man of God and a role model for our generation! !”
"Yes ~! !”
Ten levels of hell
Jiuzhong came to the location of fenglei beast with recent love flowers. The players of the machine and the God Capture Corps looked at them side by side. Jiuzhong and recent love flowers were all a little silly and immediately reacted and rushed Jiuzhong with their thumbs up. "Boss, you are really awesome! !”
"Hey hey ~!" Nine heavy smell speech can’t help but smirk "you don’t get me wrong, but we are pure men and women! !”
"Uh-huh, we know ~! !”
"… you’d better stop sketching, adding insult to injury!" Recently, I broke free from the clutches of nine heavy distances and asked, "Now, what do you want to see me about?"? !”
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Harsh conditions
? "These are the things!" Nine fingers before 21 fenglei beast way "this is my special mount beast from heaven-fenglei beast! I want these 21 generations to expand their scale, but I don’t know much about the living habits and temper of fenglei beasts! I heard that you are the top animal trainer in Huaxia District. I believe this should be a piece of cake for you, right? !”
"I …!" Butterfly Lovers wanted to say "What can I do for you?" But before the words could be exported, Jiuzhong interrupted the Net.
"Stop staring and hurry!" Nine heavy a face looking forward to looking at the recent way
"You are really not outside …!" Recent whisper a step came to a fenglei beast’s hand and pressed it on fenglei beast’s head like a psychic. I closed my eyes and felt something. I opened my eyes and looked back at Jiuchong. "What do you want to know? ! Ask! "
"Wow, this is great. Just press it for a while and it’s done? !” Nine heavy a face of surprise way
"My profession is that the Snake Witch has a racial talent attribute’ All Beasts Psychic’, which can directly spy on the spirit and thoughts of Warcraft through physical contact and understand everything about them!" Recent charming explained with a smile