"Linger, your father and I both know the true identity of Ninger. We asked Yin’s husband and wife, and they personally admitted that Yin Ningluo was not a kiss. Her original name was Zhang Yuxi, the daughter of Zhang Xiaotian, a financial tycoon in B city. She has her own home and married as early as three years ago. Linger, you are so confused. Now that you already know her identity, why do you want to deceive us and let us watch you get engaged to a married couple?" Li Wan hated iron. She didn’t let him get distracted since she was a child. How could she break out of such a big basket for herself in marriage?

"Mom, let me explain."
Jun Ling looked a little flustered. He put his big hand on Li Wan’s wrist and wanted to explain it to her.
"What is there to explain?" Jun Yu roared and interrupted Jun Ling again. He threw two documents on the table into Jun Ling’s face. "Look at what you did."
Your family is a big family. It’s definitely a big scandal to get married and have a couple.
Junling danced in front of the two pieces of paper and finally settled at his feet. He didn’t pick it up. He was wondering who tipped him off. This person actually wanted him to break up with Ning Luo.
It’s absolutely impossible for Yin’s husband and wife, but since Jun Yu already knows the truth, Jun Ling doesn’t need to hide Cheng Bu Gong, but it’s better.
"My father Ning Er’s life experience was three years ago, and I knew it was true. She is Zhang Yuxi and the daughter I have always loved for so many years." The father and son looked at each other in dark eyes and communicated with each other with unwavering love.
Junyu is not a fool.
Yu is not a rigid old-fashioned person. On the contrary, he is a romantic about love. If he really loves the other person, whether he is rich or ordinary, he won’t mind his future daughter-in-law. But Zhang Yuxi’s situation is beyond his tolerance. She has a husband and a family. What is the fork?
In Jun Yu’s view, Jun Ling is different from Hu Fei, and his love is also an abnormal love.
Jun Yu sighed and remained unchanged. "It’s a date. The head office will send someone to replace you, so you can stay at home and reflect on yourself."
"Father" Jun Ling Nai called a.
"Don’t say it" has never been taken back since it was said. Maybe Jun Yu did the same to let her son get out of a relationship as soon as possible.
When Jun Yu got up and left, Jun Ling’s tall body actually stood in front of Jun Yu, and his dark eyes became deeper and deeper, giving off a cold breath.
"What do you want to do?" Jun Yu’s eyebrows puckered, feeling that Jun Ling had never seen this expression before. Maybe Jun Ling really wanted a woman to disobey herself.
In Jun Ling’s deep eyes, Jun Yu is his father’s disobedience, but Yu Xi is her beloved woman. If he wants to have both, he must wronged himself for a moment. Jun Ling knelt on the ground.
"Linger, what are you doing?" The first exit was Li Wan. At that moment, she was shocked by her son’s quick step to help him, but Jun Ling’s legs seemed to have taken root on the floor, and she couldn’t pull him up.
Li Wangong eyes heart way this is bitter?
Jun Yu sighed, looked up and closed his eyes, and looked at what virtue he was. Jun Ling was what virtue. Jun Ling inherited all his advantages and his single-minded infatuation. If he decided that even if the world were to fall apart, he would not give up.
But Jun Yu has to be cruel and not old this time, and the tired voice slowly enters Jun Ling’s ear. "What you told me won’t change again. If you still treat me as an old saying, don’t make me angry."
Jun Ling knelt down and put his hands on his thighs. The firm appearance made people ignore that he didn’t argue with Jun Yu, but asked Jun Yu to care about each other from the perspective of love.
Jun Ling is ethereal in the room. He said, "Father, do you believe in fate?" Every time Jun Ling called Jun Yu’s father, he was not unfamiliar with his father, but at that moment he hoped Jun Yu could talk to him fairly as an equal.
Jun Ling went on to say, "I think my encounter with Yu Xi can just say this. Ten years ago, frenh met a simple and quiet woman. At that time, I was convinced that she was my companion in this life. When I came back to China, I have been looking for her. When I met Yu Xi, she and Guan Yang were not husband and wife. I had a chance to chase her, but I was late after all. Before I confessed to her, she had already made an appointment with Guan Yang. At that time, I was young and full of natural feelings. I wanted her because I loved her. When she told me that she already liked Guan Yang, I generously chose to let go and turn around and go back to China after gerany years. I had forgotten her, but the longer I found out, the clearer her face became, and the more I loved her. Sometimes I scolded myself for being worthless and warned myself that she was married. You shouldn’t think about it. I vowed to be well with each other at this time until I saved her in cold sea water three years ago when I saw her purple lips disappear, you know. How scared am I? I’m afraid of losing her. I’m afraid that this will be our last time. Later, she lost her memory and lost her ability to move. This series of blows made her bear, and I was the only person in her whole world who could trust and rely on her. During the period of taking care of her, my love for her gradually returned to my father. When I love someone, you can ignore her. Now the roulette wheel of fate is spinning again. I won’t let it rain. Even if the world comes out, I won’t give up. "
Words fall to Jun Ling’s ear and Li Wan cries. "Jun Ling doesn’t agree with her mother. Have you ever thought about doing this? Maybe it’s hurting Yu Xi in disguise. You can change her name, but you can erase the fact that she has married Guan Yang. And I heard that Guan Yang loves Yu Xi very much. You must have met the two of them this time when you go to B city. Do you think Guan Yang will easily let go of Zhang Yuxi? She lost her memory and can get it back. By then, she suddenly found out that she was carrying Guan Yang with you. Let her stay in B city and get it back as soon as possible.
Mother’s well-meaning Jun Ling didn’t take it into consideration, but now his love for Yuxi has penetrated into the bone marrow, not that he doesn’t want to do it, but that he can’t do it anymore.
"Mom, I’m sorry," Jun Ling bowed his head.
Li Wanju put her hands over her lips and watched her step by step in disappointment. "Linger’s mother really can’t help you."
Li Wan really tried her best.
Jun Ling smiles and tears her eyes from Li Wanshen and turns to look at her father.
My father looked at each other with his own opinions. Jun Yu asked him, "You won’t change your mind about anything I say, will you? You have to stay with Zhang Yuxi even if you risk the world?"
"Yes," Jun Ling replied firmly, "Please ask your father."
"Good" Jun Yulian said two good words and then pointed to the room.
Then he said to the door, "Come in, all of you."
A group of dark bodyguards pushed the door and pushed in Qi Qi’s negative hand and listened to Jun Yu’s command behind Jun Ling.
Jun Yu told the group of bodyguards who were dressed in black and looked like Yamaraja. "Listen, please go back to your room and wait on him. From today on, he can’t leave the room."
As soon as "Father" Jun Ling got up from the floor, he never thought Jun Yu would stop himself by such means. When he angrily turned to leave, the group of bodyguards had quickly blocked his way, and two people simply ran behind Jun Ling and held his shoulder.
"You let go" Jun Ling thundered "Father, you can’t do this to me"
"This road is your choice," Jun Yu answered him. "Jun Ling, I told you in vain that if I am still alive, my family will not be your Hu Fei."
"The leng wear stem don’t master please go back to the room" Jun Yuchong ordered those people.
The group of bodyguards received Jun Yu’s instructions and dragged Jun Ling out of the room and locked it into the room without mercy.
At the same time, everything in B city seemed calm and peaceful.
Xishan villa this night Lin just like to continue to Zhang Yuxi room to accompany her daughter.
A silk was wrapped around the delicate body of mother and daughter.
The bedside lamp is soft and like a forest, just like looking at her daughter’s eyes, mother and daughter face to face, and the forest is like a lip angle raising a gentle arc. One hand is stretched out from the silk, and the daughter’s cheeks and hair are not heard, and she moves very gently, as if it were a rare treasure to herself.
After getting along for a long time, Yin Ningluo gradually stopped rejecting Lin, just like when mother and daughter are together, she talks more and laughs more.
"Rain, sunrise, can you tell your mother how you have come here in the past three years?" Lin asked.
Three years ago, a faint sadness flashed in Yin Ningluo’s bright eyes. In those three years, she had tears that helped her despair. She tried what is the greatest sorrow, but when Jun Ling’s face appeared in front of her eyes, all the love in her eyes disappeared in an instant and eventually turned into a happy smile on Yin Ningluo’s lips. She told Lin exactly what had happened to her in these three years.
Lin seems to be shocked after listening to it. After her daughter survived, she experienced so much suffering. Looking at the calm daughter in front of her, Lin looks like a red eye, reaches out and holds her daughter’s face and says to her, "Thank God for letting you come back to me."
Lin is just like a beautiful woman. This is the first time Yin Ningluo met her. She concluded that she has a gentle Jiangnan woman, especially her eyes, which are like the purest holy land of heaven and earth. If you look at her, she can go straight to the depths of your soul and give you limited stability.
Yin Ningluo stretched out his hand and brushed away the tears in her eyes and took the initiative to nest in the forest just like her arms around her waist.
"Although my mother experienced a great disaster, I gained a true love in the disaster. Do you know that if it wasn’t for Jun Ling, I wouldn’t even have the courage to live. He gave me the most complete love and wanted to cherish him. I told you that I wanted to divorce Guan Yang. It’s not that I said it on impulse without considering it."
"Do you have to go this far?" Lin seems to have finally asked her privately. She hopes that Yu Xi can be with Guan Yang again. After she missed the reunion, her feelings will be deeper than when she knew each other. Lin seems to take Zhang Yuxi from her arms and look at her and persuade her, "Yu Xi, you will misunderstand him because you have no memory of Guan Yang. Are you sure you won’t regret it when you recover your memory and face Guan Yang again?"
Lin seems to have sadness in her eyes. After all, she has been through it and doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt.
"I don’t regret it," said Yin Ningluo.
Yin Ningluo stayed at Xishan Villa when she got here. She tried to adapt herself to everything here. When she became familiar with it, she made a phone call one afternoon and made an appointment with Guan Yang for the simple reason that she wanted to worship the dead child.
Yang, an official in the light blue sea, said that the child had no tombstone and the activated ashes were scattered into the sea after his death. He said that this was to let the child have a free soul in the afterlife according to her wishes.
Yacht fence Yin Ningluo looked at the beautiful eyes of Wang Yang sea water, and her eyes were cold. I didn’t expect that she wanted her child to have a free soul at first, but now she can look at the confused sea and ask her child quietly, "Baby, are you free now? Mom apologized to you that I didn’t protect you at first, but don’t worry that Mom will avenge you. How long has it been since she hurt our mother?"
Yin Ning’s fingers at the fence pinched her bright eyes and dyed them with hatred.
Officer Yang stepped over only to find that Yin Ningluo stared at the distant sky in a daze. The eyes seemed to have experienced many vicissitudes and desolation. Officer Yang’s eyes rested on the carpet at the wrist and looked at it and continued to walk towards Yin Ningluo.
Shoulders have more strength, and then I heard Guan Yang telling me, "Be careful to catch cold when the sea is windy."