An uninvited guest took advantage of the gap in the main gate of the city hall and walked in openly.

And getting familiar with it came to the duke’s office.
The clock is sitting there fidgety.
The duke even dare not breathe out of the atmosphere and promised carefully.
"You are the clock?"
A dark figure appeared in the dark room.
But according to the eye before the clock, I naturally see the bearer really.
He doesn’t know this man.
Out of a sense of crisis, I quickly summoned the armor and put it on my body. I stared at Lei Sheng coldly and asked, "Who are you?"
Of course, the newcomer is Lei Sheng.
Lei Sheng said, "It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is whether you are in front of the clock?"
"Kill him!" Clock before a low drink command around the duke said
You can come here quietly, and the duke thinks that he can’t do it according to other things.
However, he noticed that Leishengli didn’t pass the prime period, so he suspected that Leishengli was a mecha.
Mecha and Mecha are combined to have the strength of the spiritual realm. A single Mecha can still cope with the late gas realm.
The duke decided that Leisheng still had helpers, so he did not hesitate to take out his air sword and attack Leisheng.
Leisheng grabbed his gas sword and demonstrated that Leili suddenly came out through the body and went down the gas sword of the duke to attack the meridians of the duke.
The duke shouted a gas sword dumped out.
Leisheng body move a punch in the duke’s body will he flew out of the broken window and I don’t know where to fall.
"It’s a small place here. How about we go out and play?" Leisheng suggested that his eyes were still staring at the clock.
This is the first time for him to fight at the level of armor general. Even Lei Sheng has to be vigilant.
It’s always good to be careful.
caution is the parent of safety
Where does it matter before the clock? He clenched his right fist and then waved a force at Lei Sheng, turning it into a sledgehammer and screaming at Lei Sheng.
Everything in the office is shattered when the hammer touches it.
Before the hammer fell on Lei Sheng, he felt a kind of power to imprison him.
However, this restraining force is not enough to limit Lei Sheng’s action. He didn’t take the hammer hard, but hurried away.
Lei Sheng is still willing to find a spacious place to fight before the clock, because that is actually to find a way out for himself, even if he can’t beat it, it is convenient to escape.
But before the clock, he didn’t pay attention to it and made a big move without even consulting, as if the house had a grudge against him. Everything was smashed by him, and he just demolished the house.
Lei Sheng broke through the wall and came out into a wide courtyard.
Chasing after the clock, waving a hammer is aggressive
You can’t get cheap at all before you face Leisheng, a man in the prime of life.
Before the clock, he thought about a quick victory, but his hammer never hit Lei Sheng, which made him vaguely angry.
However, the hammer in front of the clock is not waving blindly, but it is very disciplined. The hammer method is not only powerful but also subtle.
Because of the limit of the realm, Lei Sheng can’t let himself attack outside, even if he can avoid the attack before the clock, he can’t crack the hammer.
And he can’t get close to the clock’s predecessor.
Although the hammer in front of the clock failed to make a long-range attack like Libo, it is precisely because of this that the hammer waved in front of the clock to protect his body.
The two sides are tied at the moment.
But for Zhong Qian, this is a great shame, a wonderful period, and after so many moves with him, he didn’t fall in the wind. Does he think the world is going to change? When did the wonderful period become so powerful?
This kind of play is also a great consumption for Lei Sheng. Although his physical strength is superior to ordinary people, he will eventually consume his physical strength in the face of the offensive in the sacred period
After fighting more than a hundred moves, the offensive before the clock is still fast and sharp. I think this kind of attack is not very powerful
After thinking for a while, Leisheng chose to take risks. Since the hammer in front of the clock can last so long, there is not much cohesion.
The force should be insufficient if it is not a lot of blows.
So Leisheng suddenly reached out his hands to hold the hammer in front of the clock.
But what Leisheng didn’t think was that the force output suddenly increased before the clock, and then bang and let the force hammer explode.
Zhong Qian didn’t fight hard with Lei Sheng. Even though Lei Sheng was in a good period, he chose a more effective attack method.
After the hammer explosion, Leisheng was wrapped by this force, and those forces plunged into Leisheng meridians like hundreds of millions of sharp instruments in an attempt to destroy Leisheng’s body.
But the Leili wrapped in Leisheng Dantian quickly attacked and assimilated the invading force before the clock, and then quickly flowed along the arm meridians to Leisheng’s wrist magic gold bracelet.
The magic gold bracelet lights up after being supplemented by force.
However, there is no egg magic gold bracelet or magic gold bracelet has not become magic gold holy armour
It’s strange that Lei Sheng ate the old man in Longshan that year and attacked the magic gold bracelet immediately. What happened today and nothing changed?
Isn’t it enough?
Leisheng lost himself in thinking and was absent.
Waiting for Leisheng to break into pieces, I was forced to look at the intact damage before the clock, and I was still distracted. Leisheng was shocked and opened his mouth.
"die!" Before the clock, I caught Leisheng’s mind wandering and immediately hit another hammer.