He believes that this news will be a blockbuster for Lazio club after it is released!

He can’t wait to see the reaction of Lazio club after he announced the news, especially the winning one.
Fa Erkao is the top scorer in his team and the core of the team’s attack.
We all know what it means for such an excellent center to fail to renew his contract.
He really wants to see Chang Sheng’s beaten expression … That must be the most beautiful expression in the world!
Excited Pacheco was so excited that he couldn’t sleep, and he didn’t want to sleep, so he wrote all night.
Read it through before you revise it.
In this way, he kept repeating the cycle until dawn before he finally finalized it.
I smoked two whole boxes of coffee and drank countless cups.
Although he was extremely sleepy, he insisted on sending the manuscript email to his editor.
Then he felt a sense of collapse that he had completed his mission.
He planned to sleep in bed without washing or even taking off his clothes, so he fell directly into the bed in the apartment.
However, he was awakened by the cell phone bell after sleeping for ten minutes.
"Breno, you told me that the failure of Fa Erkao’s contract renewal negotiations with the club was exclusive?"
In a daze, Pacheco nodded, "I personally heard it from his agent population …"
"Well, you’d better explain to me what the news on Lazio’s official website is now on the front page!" Then the editor hung up.
Pacheco is lying in bed with his cell phone. He is numb.
He wondered what had happened.
Did I write something wrong?
After being stupefied for about half a minute, Pacheco suddenly jumped out of bed and rushed to the table to wake up the sleeping notebook brain.
Enter the URL in the browser and enter the official website of Lazio Club.
See an eye-catching news.
"Fa Erkao’s renewal was suspended for some reason"
This is the news headline.
The text is "… we regret to tell you that the contract renewal negotiations between the club and Romedahl Fa Erkao have reached a deadlock, and now it has been temporarily suspended for some technical reasons. It is not clear when the negotiations will be resumed … We need to reiterate that Fa Erkao Club has three years left in the contract and we will abide by the spirit of the contract …"
Pacheco just lay prone on the table and kept the posture he had just pounced on. He didn’t even take care of the chair and sat staring at the screen and the webpage.
After about a minute, he suddenly cursed "Mom! Damn it! Bitch! Fucking asshole! Damn it! Flow embryo! "
He is always cursing Lazio Club.
He is single-minded and exclusive! It’s sensational and exclusive!
It just went up in smoke …
How could he have thought that Lazio club had generously posted such a news on its official website when he stayed up all night writing?
Where is the exclusive now?
The world media can get this "exclusive" if they can browse the official website of Lazio.
And it’s funny what he’s thinking, exclusive …
I stayed up all night smoking two packs of cigarettes, blackening my lungs and drinking those coffees … It’s fucking white!
It’s like he stayed up all night writing an all-night manuscript, but it was garbled when he finally saved it. No matter how he typed it, he couldn’t find the original manuscript. At this moment, Pacheco was angry, disappointed and unwilling to kill someone.
At this time, the cell phone rang again and he edited a sentence to calm him down.
"Did you see that?" The editor asked.
"Yes, I saw …" Pacheco snapped.
"This news is that Lazio official website hung up at 1: 00 this morning, and now it’s 1: 00 in the morning. The whole world knows that Fa Erkao and Lazio club have failed to renew their contract. Your draft …"
Extreme anger and disappointment made Pacheco calm down at this time, and his mind was clear
He suddenly had an idea.
"It’s okay, I don’t need timeliness to rewrite, I don’t pay attention to exclusivity, I dig their corner from the root!"
Pacheco made a rewriting decision.
He is going to talk about which players in Lazio’s team may leave Lazio this summer from the failure of Fa Erkao’s contract renewal with Lazio. He wants to build this situation to benefit Gazzetta dello Sport’s propaganda platform and prestige. He wants Lazio to collapse completely!
He wants those European teams to share Lazio after reading his article! Tear this team to pieces!
Changsheng wants to create a dynasty? Then I’ll be the grave digger of this dynasty!
After hanging up, Pacheco didn’t sleep or eat breakfast.
He re-unpacked a carton of cigarettes and put 20 packets neatly in the table kettle, burning water and instant coffee waiting for brewing.
He typed his own folder dedicated to the interview materials, and typed all the materials he had received during this period, including the progress of Lazio’s contract renewal negotiations with the players, and arranged them in the sidebar. Finally, he typed a white document again, lit a cigarette and sucked up one third at a time. He felt that his fighting spirit was burning in his chest.
Then he put his hands on his notebook and hit the keyboard.
A campaign against Lazio was born …
The news that the club failed to renew its contract with Fa Erkao before Pacheco’s announcement was a constant victory. Note that he directly got the management limit of the webmaster and then put this press release written by himself on the official website in his own brain.
Because he is not a skilled worker or a professional after all, his writing of this press release is like a post in a forum with a strong "handmade flavor"
If it wasn’t really hanging on the homepage of Lazio’s official website, people who might see this article should suspect that it was made up by the chatters …
How did he know when Pacheco would send this manuscript is very simple.
After Pacheco’s interview, Fa Erkao’s agent Mosio called Changsheng.
Changsheng knew that Pacheco would stay up all night writing when he was excited.
Then when you look at it, you should publish the news yourself after midnight.
So Pacheco worked hard all night and ended up in smoke.
Chang Sheng did this for one purpose-to make Pacheco sick and La Gazzetta dello Sport.
Judging from the result, he succeeded.
Of course, doing so will also put Lazio in the forefront.
But will Lazio be safe and sound if Gazzetta dello Sport announces this news?
Anyway, it is better to be exposed than to be exposed by yourself, and to be able to decide the wording and take the initiative.