Liu Yichen, sitting on the sofa in the living room reading the newspaper, is sitting with Sue’s late love. Liu Yizhi is also rare to sit on one side and tune the video channel.

See two people to Liu Zhengying looks up at a glance.
"Dad …" Liu Yichen said hello to Sue at the same time.
"Well …" Liu Zhengying light should be bowed their heads and continue to read the newspaper.
"Breakfast isn’t ready yet. Let’s go to the sofa and have a sit-down." Liu Yichen took Sue’s hand in the novel.
Liu Yizhi glanced at the two men holding hands tightly and teasing, "When will eldest brother and sister-in-law add Ding to Lujia?"
Liu Zhengying is also looking forward to seeing it. Although he is not very satisfied with Sue’s daughter-in-law, he is still looking forward to Sun.
Sue is a little stiff. If she says that she and Liu Yichen have never slept together and are married, I wonder what they will think and whether they will immediately kick her out of Lujia.
"Dad is still young, we are not in a hurry." Liu Yichen took Sue’s late love and sat on the sofa and squeezed her little hand to tell her not to worry about everything with him
"You’re not young. You’re thirty-one years old for the New Year." Liu Zhengying looked at Sue’s eyes at the bottom of the pool, and she was a little picky.
It was Wen Yiting who insisted on choosing Sue as his daughter-in-law, and he also acquiesced at that time.
But it turned out that this woman was ambitious, which worried him a little.
Especially now, Liu Yichen is also caring for her. What should she do if she hurts her son one day?
"Have a meal" Wenyiting mirth shouted at the door of the kitchen.
The happiest moment of her day is breakfast, and the whole family is at lunch. The reason is that she doesn’t come back when she eats late and has social parties. All the breakfast tables are the most crowded.
Everyone is sitting at the breakfast table and eating breakfast separately.
Wenyiting brought out a bowl of soup from the kitchen and put it in front of Sue’s late love, and a smell of medicine came to my face.
Sue looked pale and stared at the small bowl in front of her in horror.
"Evening love is a tonic. I think you’ve lost a lot of weight recently. I’ll find a famous Chinese doctor." Wen Yiting sent the spoon to Sue Evening Love.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Sue didn’t answer for half a day.
Tea has always been a problem for her, and now she dares to drink another bowl of tonic soup.
Section 12
"Late love?"
See Sue late feeling don’t pick up the spoon Wenyiting doubt looked at her.
Sue opened her mouth for a long time and couldn’t say a word.
"Mom, what’s the soup for this morning? It’s too greasy." Liu Yichen came out to make amends.
"What do you know? Chinese medicine says you should eat early to absorb it, which is beneficial to having children. "
Sue’s eyelids jumped at night. The servant Xiao Li made her tea and put birth control pills in the water, but now Wen Yiting gives her a pregnancy tonic.
Is it really tonic or contraceptive?
"Have a good night?" I’ve told her everything, but Sue doesn’t drink Wen Yiting. I’m a little anxious. We’ve been together for so long, and we haven’t seen any news yet. How can we not make up for it?
Liu Yichen saw that Sue didn’t move her long arm and picked up the bowl and drank it three or two times.
They all didn’t react wait for a while looked at him.
Liu Yichen wiped her mouth with a tissue. "I thought it was a pregnancy tonic, so I’m no different from a late night drink."