"Why did Han Xi ask that?" Allow Xiang immediately asked

"I didn’t care at that time, but now think about it or ask for the Tathagata," chenchen said while drinking wine.
"God, has Tathagata long had a crush on you?"
"Oh my god, you two stop guessing, okay? How beautiful and dignified Su Jin is. It’s not like you two haven’t seen him before. What reason do you have to like my family being bankrupt and now pulling a large family of women? " Gentleness is going to be crazy by them.
"Su Jin is very good, but it can’t be better. He married your city. Now who doesn’t know that Teng Yun is married to his female secret?" Allow Xiang immediately said
"Yes, and according to you, Tathagata is so interested in your body that he must like you."
"When did I say he was interested in my body?" Gentle face is already red.
"And if men are not interested in women, should they be interested in men?" Although it is very powerful to say this gently, my heart is a little weak.
"Wen Mi is absolutely right!"
Three women looked up at the same time and then-
"When did they get in?" Yun Xiang was surprised.
Gentle is speechless and immediately hangs his eyes as if he saw a familiar silhouette "I’m going to wash my hands!" "
"I’ll go too!"
"and me!"
The three women immediately moved their positions.
Shit, I don’t think he heard everything he just said.
After all, the music in the bar is so beautiful.
"Never talk about this kind of problem unless it’s in the bag, okay?"
Tender entered immediately ordered.
"He certainly didn’t hear it!"
"Why are you so nervous?"
Two women immediately perfunctory.
"The secret is talking about the boss’s private life. Would you be nervous if it were you?" Gentleness is a little exaggerated, but a little angry. Okay.
"But you are still his wife!"
When Gentle went out of the bar, chenchen said, Why don’t I take you back?
"Be careful if you can’t get to the road!" Gently shaking his head before saying goodbye, suddenly a familiar car stopped in front of him.
Chenchen has to go, too. When I saw the familiar license plate number, I immediately stepped back a few steps ~
☆, 26 knives should be quick.
Gentleness is already too nervous to say anything. Listen to the man in it!
The door was hit from the inside. chenchen took a step back and turned a blind eye to tenderness, ambiguity, blinking and gentleness.
When sitting next to him has become a torment, she is silent and her hands are tightly entangled in her knees.
Teng Yun’s silence in the car on his way home made him feel a little airtight. "Why do you think I married you?"
He suddenly asked such a gentle sentence. Looking up at him, he saw a pale expression on his face. "To be honest, I don’t know!"
After that, she turned her head and looked out of the window. She really didn’t know. Was it because she was familiar with each other?
So isn’t he familiar with Su Jin?
They have lived across the hall for seven years, and they have known such a big secret since tenderness became his secret.
And Su Jin is very good to him, and he is also very good to Su Jin.
"Don’t your parents like Su Jin? So you will marry me to coax your parents? " She wants to be filial. She may make wrong decisions sometimes.
He was very angry, but in the end he was in distress situation.
The car arrived at the gate of the community and put it away. Two people went to the ladder side by side but didn’t talk again.
He didn’t answer, so he probably didn’t want to answer. Anyway, he didn’t want to talk, so she couldn’t ask, so he waited for the moment when the door knocked.
Is the moment when Su Jin appeared in front of two people, Teng Yun immediately frowned. Where are you going so late?
Su Jin is smiling and seems to be in high spirits. A friend drinks and says he is short of one.
Gentle beside looking at can’t help but feel a little embarrassed, but want to leave Su Jin and stand in the doorway first, so that she can nod to Su Jin and then hang her eyes when she is out of breath.