When Julia complained, he laughed when he saw Ma Xiaolan’s mess and said, Why didn’t you avoid the dust needle?

The old man said, why can’t you talk like this little girl?
Julia shut up when he saw the old man afraid of listening to him.
As they walked along, Ma Xiaolan muttered, "It’s really strange. It’s supposed that shoes won’t get dirty if the dust needle is around."
The old man took one look at Ma Xiaolan’s hair and then said that this treasure is actually in your body. No wonder you dare to come here dressed like this. It’s really a problem for me to show you.
Ma Xiaolan without hesitation will avoid dust hairpin to the old man.
After the old man looked at it for a few times, he wiped his sleeve and said, nothing is wrong, but it’s a little dirty. Now you can try it on, and it’s okay.
After the old man wiped it, Ma Xiaolan walked much better and couldn’t step into the mud.
Nothing special happened all the way, but Julia occasionally complained about the old man’s gossip
The old man is very tight-lipped, and it is an urgent topic. Once we ask what is in the tomb of the immortal, the old man will keep silent, or we will have to wait until the last one.
What was the last one? Julia finally couldn’t help but ask, Isn’t it just a tomb? You say that as if we would all go back
You haven’t been in, but you don’t know. Ask them if they met before, said the old man.
Julia looked at me and looked at Ma Xiaolan. Finally, he realized that he had fallen on the dragon’s extraordinary body and nodded and said that he was dead. It should be very dangerous. Now the place we are going to is more dangerous than before.
It’s a hundred times more dangerous and a hundred times more difficult. I may not be able to succeed now. To tell you the truth, I haven’t come to that place yet. A life and death array is very dangerous. The old man said that after the life and death array, a ghost gate can really enter the fairy tomb. How did it become a fairy tomb? I really don’t understand it.
The old man shook his head and then stepped up his pace while drinking.
Life-and-death array sounds quite mysterious and looks more dangerous. Julia murmured and said.
Life and death, life and death, the terrifying mouth kept chanting two words, and the face expression was particularly strange. The line of sight moved across every face.
Ma Xiao arashi dragon extraordinary two people didn’t speak expression is very serious and dignified.
Without saying a word, Kyubi no Youko’s expression is always aloof and arrogant. When she walks beside me, her eyebrows slightly twist up, as if it were the first time I saw her.
I stretched out my hand and held tightly the kit containing Allen’s ashes, and I felt very uneasy. I always felt that something was going to happen and I couldn’t control it.
After walking in silence for a long time, I walked quietly to the terrifying side and then asked in a low voice whether any of us would work there.
The terrifying one glanced at me, pursed his mouth and didn’t speak, neither denied nor admitted.
I felt more uneasy in my heart, and I looked at myself. If the death is not left, everything may include myself.
If it’s my business, I’ll say it, but if it’s their business, I really don’t want it
But at this point, I can’t persuade anyone to go back.
The terrifying said that the book of life and death can’t be changed, but my life has been rewritten by me. I am out of the control of the book of life and death, and I believe that the fate of others can also be changed.
No, I can’t do it, but I can still do it carefully. No matter what, I can’t let people die again.
We walked for a few hours, and then it was dark, and it got darker. At last, it was difficult for us to walk with the lights on.
The old man suggested that we stop to have a rest. The old man said that it was not urgent to find the tomb. At the moment, we could go to the tomb, but we couldn’t and no one would beat us.
However, it’s useless for us to worry that the doomsday organizer will find someone outside, but there’s nothing to beat. Personally, I’m reluctant to go to that tomb now.
The more I move forward, the more I feel nervous and flustered. I always feel as if something great will happen.
When I go to bed at night, I have nightmares, and they haunt me like evil spirits.
I seem to be tied up by something and I can’t escape.
Then I saw the red eyes, which were stationed deeper and deeper in my heart. I seemed to be getting closer and closer to him, and those red eyes full of evil were getting stronger and stronger.
Fear, feeling, inexplicable intimacy, it’s hard for me to breathe. In my dream, I’ve been fighting those red eyes.
He’s smiling at evil. Chapter 60 Swamp 1
A little closer, a little closer, and we’ll meet. The more familiar sound came to my ears.
The red in those eyes became thicker and thicker, and the eyes were stained with blood. They stared at me closely with a strong enthusiasm.
What the hell are you? I look into those eyes, and there is a thick black fog around them. I can’t see the true body of my eyes until the black fog disappears.