It wasn’t long before two friends came in, and she immediately got up and waved "here!" "

Two good friends saw Ling Ye coming up at once and said, "Why don’t you sit here?"
Ling Ye suddenly proudly said, "You don’t understand this, do you?"
Two good friends, Nai, rolled their eyes and went out to block people, so people like Ling Ye thought it out. Naturally, they couldn’t think of it …
The three of them sat down safely and two friends immediately said, "Nobody in the class has come yet?"
"It depends." The other one replied, and when several people wanted to continue talking, people came in one after another, and the position around them was gradually full of people.
"Are you here so early?" People in the class asked, "is this flying in with wings?" I heard that many people came to the school next door, but I didn’t expect that there were so many doors that were almost blocked. "
"I had a hard time getting in!" Another female classmate muttered, "Why aren’t you sweating? Look at my forehead!"
"…" About ten minutes later, the auditorium was full and almost packed. Five minutes later, the radio sounded.
"Please keep quiet, classmates." They immediately shut up and didn’t talk again. Ling Ye covered his mouth and whispered, "How long do you think it will take to see people-"
As soon as this word fell, the personnel in charge of their discipline department in this area immediately came over and said with a serious face, "Don’t talk little words."
As she said, she took out the sample to record that Ling Ye immediately grabbed her wrist and said with a bitter face, "Senior, I heard that the goddess is coming excitedly. You must also like the goddess!"
It’s not the first time I’ve seen Ling Ye pestering people in the discipline department, but I heard her say that Muming is a goddess in the discipline department.
Ling Ye, who swept her eyes, warned that "it won’t happen again or else-"She reached out and took out a pen to record it.
Ling Ye closed his mouth and shook his head savagely. "I promise it won’t happen again!"
The disciplinary department slowly went back to patrol. Ling Ye spat out his tongue and moved his lips at two friends after she left. "You scared me to death!"
She said it was lip language, but both of them understood it. Who made these words too simple to match Ling Ye’s expression is simply perfect
Ling Ye relaxed his eyes and looked at the stage intently. I don’t know how long the auditorium has been quiet in the past. Surprisingly, the staff of the discipline department urged almost no one to dare to speak small words again.
About ten minutes later, someone came out from the front back door, and many teachers and professors came in one after another, sitting in different positions according to their status.
Mu Ming and others are not nervous sitting in the lounge, but the principal and others are extremely nervous because they haven’t seen Mu Ming take out the manuscript yet.
I didn’t see Qi Shaochen take out the documents. There was no manuscript in this speech …
However, people are not surprised to think of their different identities. The headmaster smiled at Mu Ming. "Who are you speaking first?"
This question is different, so Muming holds the leading position. Cheng Man wants to see how Muming takes the lead. He is just about to say that Gu Jingke decided when she went first.
"Qi team will talk first". His cold voice with unique cold completely chilled the principal’s mind.
The headmaster came to want Mu Ming to speak first. After all, all the students came because of her. How depressed would the students be if she didn’t go first?
You’ll be scolded to death later!
But people have decided that it is not good to say anything more. The principal nodded and said, "Good!" Turning to Qi Shaochen and laughing, "Then please Qi Team!"
Qi Shaochen nodded lightly and asked, "When?"
When the headmaster looked at it, he immediately said, "Be on time in fifteen minutes." After that, he turned to look at Yu Han’s way, "Please teach me nothing!"
This is coming when the cold school is loyal. She got up and said seriously, "Please give it to me, headmaster!"
She got up and tidied up her hair, makeup and dress in front of the mirror to make sure everything was all right, and then went to Chen Jun to "help me see what’s wrong before and after."
Chen Jun opened his eyes and finally nodded cautiously. "It’s perfect without any problems!"
At first glance, Yu Hanbai was ready to go outside. Before today, they agreed to let her be the host. Now she doesn’t feel strange and sudden at all.
The Lord looked at Yu Han’s back and suddenly stopped her and said, "Less than good performance!"
Yu Hanlai’s attitude towards the Lord has changed a little because of that incident. Now it is full of comfort to hear him wake up from his heart.
"Lord, don’t worry, I will behave well. After all, I am the assistant of Ghost Sister and I can’t lose face on such an occasion!"
The main satisfaction nodded and raised his hand. "You go and be careful."
The headmaster nodded slightly for the cold. Yu Han picked up the table and prepared the microphone in advance. After ten seconds, she appeared on the podium.
It’s the first time for the host to see you without a good-looking and distinguished evening gift and heavy makeup, and you can’t wear a simple costume.
"She won’t be the Muming? This person doesn’t look like the photo. "They all mumbled in succession and swept the eye stand in the cold and laughed." You didn’t say anything wrong. I’m not a ghost sister. Ghost sister is still in the background. "
At this time, the principal and the main leader walked out of the background, except Qi Shaochen who stayed in the background. The others all came out, and Mu Ming and Gu Jingke walked in the second and third place.
Give a person a clear feeling of not dragging her feet. She is leaning back, not timid, but elegant. Gu Jingke walks in front of her a little, and her eyes are like a secluded pool.
It’s like a clean stream flowing through everyone’s heart, which is very charming and attractive.
"That’s Muming, right? But who is the man beside her? Boyfriend? " Ling Ye’s friend was puzzled and excited, and pulled Ling Ye’s sleeve and said, "People are so handsome, and there are goddesses like him who are better than high cold temperament!"
At the moment, Ling Ye has been stunned. wait for a while looked at the station and didn’t know what she was thinking. She saw her eyes staring at several people who came in.
Almost no drooling.