Wen Xuan leaned against Yang Tian’s flight and asked curiously that her flying sword was a magic weapon.

Oh, I’ve just refined it and I haven’t seen blood yet
Yang Tian explained
You’ve refined it really well. The reward on the Thunderbolt List is rich. I heard that it didn’t take you long to get started with the spirit weapon and fly the sword. It took me a year to collect the jade spar or the elder to refine it.
Wenxuan was amazed and made no secret of his envy.
Hehe, I’m just lucky. By the way, have you ever been to the desert of death?
Yang day smile bifurcation topic freely asked
There are hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, a desert of death. There are many mysteries hidden in it. When ordinary people go in, they will never want to come again. Even cultivating immortals doesn’t know much about it.
I went to the elder once a year ago, but I didn’t go deep into the periphery to collect some elixirs. This time, I’m going deep into it to find the nest of Moro Sect. The desert is dangerous everywhere. Aren’t you afraid of it?
Afraid that the desert of death is more terrible than people?
Yang Tian really never thought that the desert of death was terrible. On the contrary, he always wanted to deal with people’s plot against him.
Wen Xuan smell speech one leng took a deep look at Yang Tian dew thinking color.
The desert of death is far away, even if the imperial sword flies, it will take several days. Yang Tianwen-xuan doesn’t think it’s a good idea to talk all the way.
Meng has been leading the way in front and has not been bothering Yang Tian for the time being.
After three days, the landform gradually became desolate, and it was already deserted.
Looking from the distance, a dark brown hazy mountain and ancient trees are all strange shapes, and they are still lurking in the evil spirits.
This place already belongs to the boundary of death desert.
Meng was also cautious, and the speed dropped slightly. He waved and attracted a cloud to hide the team’s whereabouts.
The other four teams in H’s novels don’t know where to see Meng Fafa several times, and the notes have obviously been kept together.
Well, what’s that?
Just then Meng suddenly stopped the team and stared at the distant front with his eyes shining off.
They looked around but saw nothing.
Chapter 44 Bone Erosion Phosphorescence
What happened to Brother Meng?
A younger brother asked doubtfully.
Hum, the evil way is evil, but the animals are not numerous. Brother, listen to the order and move forward at once, leaving no chickens or dogs in the valley hundreds of miles away in front of the target.
Meng didn’t answer, but immediately raised the order and looked very angry.
They should rush at once without hesitation, although they don’t know what happened ahead.
When the sword light flies a hundred miles quickly, the distance is only half a column of incense
The situation in the valley gradually became clear to the eyes, and Yang Tian immediately stared at it.