"Although you are pedantic and weak, you are an aboveboard man. It is right to choose you early."

"But …" Lei Yaohui frowned and felt that it was a bit invincible.
I didn’t think of the past early now. If she did, would she still choose him? And he also respects Liang Juanbang. After what happened tonight, he can be sure that Liang Juanbang is not as heartless as he looks.
He was desperate to get up early.
"Nothing, but" Liang Juanbang held it in Lei Yaohui’s arms early and stared at her deeply. Her eyes contained too much disappointment. "She and I may be predestined! If we could be together, we would have been together. Where is your turn? "
"I’m leaving. I can’t come if I don’t leave!"
Liang Juanbang got up and pointed to the side car. "I’ll go when you go back to this car."
"Then what will you do?" Lei Yaohui stopped him.
"Don’t worry about me, I have a way!" Liang Juanbang suddenly turned around and told Lei Yaohui, "Please forget what happened today and please don’t tell anyone about your family."
Vaguely, Liang Juanbang did something unusual. Lei Yaohui immediately agreed to watch him leave and soon disappeared into sight.
Lei Yaohui struggled to drive back with the early car. He was hurt a little. Fortunately, he was not far away. As soon as he got to the door, he couldn’t hold on completely, and he passed out without even driving the door.
"Sir, madam! It’s a young master and a wealthy family! "
A panic LeiYaoHui and early was carried into the thunder home.
He didn’t suffer any injuries early, except for a little pain in his neck, but Lei Yaohui’s situation is much more serious. He was shot twice in the shoulder and was bruised and bumped all over.
Because of the delay in the treatment of the wound, it was once dangerous to take out the warhead. For two days, the high fever persisted. The whole person stayed by his side early and never left his side. Lei’s parents advised her to rest, but she refused.
How can she rest in peace at this time?
It’s Yao Hui’s fault that she got hurt like this.
That day, she was knocked out by Liang Juanbang. It was Yao Hui’s car that brought her back, and she decided that Yao Hui had saved her, which would make her black and blue. Yao Hui was so kind to her, unlike some people who knocked her out inexplicably!
"Early …" LeiYaoHui spirit better.
"Is Yao Hui feeling better?" Help him sit up early. "Are you thirsty? Still want to eat? "
LeiYaoHui hold her hand "no, no … why have you been here? You are in poor health and can’t endure so hard … "
"Yao Hui!" I pouted early and held Lei Yaohui’s hand tightly. "You hurt me like this. I’m just taking care of you. What’s the hard work? You are so kind to me that I will be spoiled by you."
Lei Yaohui was dazed … She was knocked out twice earlier. Most of what happened here didn’t know whether Liang Juanbang was desperate in her impression.
Should I tell her? Reason and morality drove Lei Yaohui to tell the truth.
Early but came with a soup bowl "why don’t you have some soup first? Pork liver soup enriches the blood … You have lost so much blood, you should make up for it … "I laughed early and lowered my voice." I cooked it and you tasted it to see if you could drink it. "
"Huh?" Lei Yaohui shocked that this soup was cooked early? That must be delicious! It’s not very good to taste, but it’s still edible.
"Is it delicious?"
Spit out your tongue early and smiled with satisfaction. "Then drink it."
Lei Yaohui was taken care of so early, and her heart was soft and sweet. She wanted to tell her about Liang Juanbang, so she was crushed. Forget it or not. Will she marry him early?
What good will it do him if he really remembers Liang Juanbang early?
He will be good to Liang Juanbang early and give up. It’s not a hindrance if he doesn’t say anything.
"Early" Lei Yaohui held the early hand, and both of them smiled at each other with a little shyness …
Imperial palace
Liang Juanbang put the original and the vice together on the table "it’s all here"
Hang Zegao nodded with satisfaction. "Good. You really didn’t let me down once."
Liang Juanbang but smile remained silent "is there anything else? Nothing, I left. "
"yeah!" Hang Zegao frowned. "You’re leaving as soon as the child arrives to put things away? Where on earth is this? No, you. Let you come to the presidential palace, you have private affairs, and even you can’t wait to leave. "
Liang Juanbang dazed "not … I stay here also ok! I’m hungry and want to go back for dinner. "
"hey!" Hang Zegao sneered, "Do you still know that you want to eat? Don’t go to the presidential palace tonight. There’s food for you! "
"eh?" Liang Juanbang got a fright and looked at Han Ximing. Han Ximing shrugged and said that he didn’t know anything. "Hey hey, no? This kind of occasion is not suitable for me. "
Hang Zegao low drink a way "what occasion is not suitable for you? You should also learn to adapt to this situation, but you don’t know all the people at the small banquet in the hospital tonight … By the way, your teacher Cui will also come, so don’t run. "
Look at this situation is inescapable.
"All right!" Liang Juanbang nutcracker very crustily skin of head agreed.
There are not many people coming to the small banquet in the courtyard. Liang Juanbang is sitting in the seat, looking left and right, and what do you think? He is the most inconspicuous position and level. It seems that he has not qualified for the competition.
Looking up, Hang Zegao and teacher Cui Jiang are talking about something, and they look quite serious.
Liang Juanbang didn’t care about bowing his head and eating his own food. He said this kind of occasion is really not suitable for him.
"Hey, have a drink to congratulate you on your safe return."
Han Ximing came up with a glass and gave Liang Juanbang a lift. Liang Juanbang took the cup and drank it off "thank you".
"If there is no accident, you will never escape from the presidential palace," Han Ximing suddenly said with a cup.
"Huh?" Liang Juanbang is not too white. "What do you mean?"
Han Ximing pointed to the direction of Hang Zehao and Cui Liping. "Didn’t you see it? I bet they are discussing your problem now. You are the only one who has come to 42 places. You must be a jerk. This time, Grandpa specially asked you to find a chance … Don’t say you don’t understand. "
"…" Liang Juanbang really a little dazed shook his head "I really don’t understand, don’t you? What? "
"Don’t ask me I don’t know." Han Ximing took a sip of wine and shrugged. "Maybe Teacher Cui knows … why don’t you ask her when she’s gone?"
Liang Juanbang looked up and saw that Hang Zegao and Cui Liping were no longer in their original positions.
"Go!" Liang Juan bang yi la Han Ximing
"Go by yourself!"
"If you are brothers, go together!" Liang Juanbang pretended to be fierce and Han Ximing tried to accompany him.
"Ah, where did people go? Didn’t you just go this way? Teacher, a woman is really not afraid of anything. It’s so dark. She likes to go to a place like this … "Liang Juanbang was stopped by Han Ximing before he finished his words.