Text 525 is far worse than your wife.

But the tenderness in Chen Jiuhan’s eyes flashed by and then returned to his usual indifference.
Ye Becky pursed her lips and bowed her head and fiddled with her hands. Her hands were soft. When she was a child, her mother often held her hand and said, "Look at my little hands, I know that my life will be good in the future."
Her lips are stiff, her eyes are raised, and she becomes dry and astringent, okay? Now it has become a dandelion, leaving home and floating around.
Uncle is a beautiful dream for her. Everyone will pursue dreams, but everyone knows that dreams are dreams.
"Uncle, I like you so much! This is the first time I like a heterosexual. I asked Jingjie if you don’t have a girlfriend, so I should beg you to be with you these days. "
After Chen Jiuhan listened, his eyebrows screwed together for a few seconds before he opened his lips and said in a low voice, "What do you mean by like?"
"I’m twenty! Not small! How could I not understand! Now you let me do whatever you want, and I’m happy to do it. Don’t you like it? ?”
She said she was a little excited, uncle. Is that questioning her? What she likes is a three-minute enthusiasm for toys like a child? She’s not that good!
From an early age, she could feel her mother’s depression in life and smell the perfume when her father came home late. Although her mother never complained in front of her, she knew that her father and mother didn’t have a good relationship
When she grows up in this environment, her mind will be more sensitive than that of other girls. Her personality can be crazy but stubborn. She dares to smoke, drink, fight and curse, but she dare not take this step easily only when she treats her feelings.
When the classmates around her are in puppy love, she locks her heart and dares not give her feelings easily. What love does Dad’s marriage make her feel? This is bullshit! It’s just that a man takes it for granted to vent his words to a woman.
However, it was by chance that she foresaw Uncle’s first meeting, and she was almost mad at Uncle! He just ignored her face and dragged her outside to accuse her of being a hooligan in front of everyone.
At that time, she thought that this man had a good skin. Why didn’t she know how to be affectionate? There is no human touch at all!
She doesn’t know when her impression of uncle took a 100-degree turn.
Uncle is indifferent! This means that he will not be confused by women who want to climb into his bed when he is outside.
At present, most men pretend to be fond of their wives in every way while staying at home. In fact, man show can’t do it in his bones. If other women give him a little hint, he can immediately forget his oath to his wife and pursue the stimulation of stealing others.
And uncle won’t Ye Beiqi feel with Chen Jiuhan. Her heart is very solid. Uncle will never be the kind of man who coaxes you on the surface but makes love with other women behind your back.
If he likes it, he will care for it. If he doesn’t like it, he will be indifferent and refuse ambiguity.
Chen Jiuhan didn’t speak all the way. Ye Beiqi also leaned her head against the cold window and closed her eyes shyly.
The first confession failed, and uncle simply ignored the truth and took her words as a kind of gas.
Chen Jiuhan parked her car in front of her house when she commanded the car to drive into her community.
Ye Beiqi lowered the window when she was parking the car. She bent down to look at Chen Jiuhan sitting in the cab and asked, "Uncle, what are you going to say?"
"No, I’ll go in with you?"
Ye Beiqi leng immediately grinned, "No, my dad can’t come back at this point, so the woman is alone at home without a man to support her. She can’t lift the waves in front of me."
When Chen Jiuhan saw that she was showing a smug little appearance, he had a heart attack, raised his lips slightly and said softly, "Then you go and I’ll wait here."
Ye Beiqi turned and combed her ponytail behind her head, swinging from side to side with her cheerful footsteps. He glanced back and stared at himself with his hands on the steering wheel. I didn’t expect that he also had a warm-hearted side!
Perhaps it is because he also has no mother that he will want to help her without a mother | pain!
Ye Beiqi moved quickly, and in about ten minutes, she came out with two suitcases. When Chen Jiuhan got into the car and hit the trunk to help her carry the suitcases to the trunk, he noticed that a woman was secretly looking over here near the balcony on the first floor.
When his eyes suddenly shot past, the woman shrank her neck and left immediately.
"What’s the matter, uncle?" Ye Beiqi followed his eyes and saw nothing special except the remodeled familiar kitchen.
"Are you okay with the car?"
Presumably, he brought her here by car today, and when her father comes back, this stepmother will embellish it and talk nonsense. She is extremely lucky to live in this environment every day, that is, her academic performance is healthy and her personality is not distorted.
Chen Jiuhan returned her mobile phone to her, and she received a phone call from her father. When her father called, he didn’t ask her where she was now, and he didn’t ask her if she was beaten in the face every time. Has the swelling gone down now?
Then swept over scold "you corrupt old leaves home wind unfilial girl! You have the nerve to bring that wild man back and make a fool of yourself! ? You are quite good at destroying other people’s families if you don’t learn well! "
Ye Beiqi was having dinner with Zhao Jing. When she heard this, she put chopsticks away. She didn’t want to explain anything to her father. No matter what she did or said, it was always his little daughter who was obedient, and his wife was right.
In dad’s eyes, she is a liar and a punk.
She bent her lips and raised a sarcastic smile, okay? In this case, everyone will go their separate ways and leave the house. She won’t believe that she will freeze to death and starve to death.
In the words, I can hear Song Meiqin beside Ye Sheng, who kept fanning the flames and made me angry. Ye Sheng’s words were even more harsh.
Even Zhao Jing, who was sitting opposite, heard clearly. She also put chopsticks and held out her hand toward Ye Beiqi to say "Give it to me".
Ye Beiqi blushed and shook her head. Sister Jing wanted to explain to her father, but she didn’t think it was necessary to explain what to do. Did not do anything wrong to explain? Song Meiqin will be called a shameful lie in all her words.
"Mr. Ye also thinks I have a way of seducing men? In fact, it’s not good. It’s not as good as your wife. "
Text 526 Believe it or not, I threw it in your face?
Ye Beiqi deliberately said it was loud. She knew that Song Meiqin could hear it.
Sure enough, as soon as the words fell, she heard the words. After a short silence, she broke into a heartbreaking cry.
"ah! ! ! Ye Sheng, did you hear that? Did you hear that? This is how you raise your daughter! When she came back to get something just this afternoon, she ran on me with all kinds of sarcasm. If I hadn’t held back and ignored her, she might have hit me again. "
"All right you! Go back to the house and cry! "
Section 432
"pet! Your daughter is so spoiled! Look what you have spoiled her! "
Ye Beiqi bit her lip and went back to get something. She didn’t even look at her, but she was here. Did you make it up together? Now she is not suspicious, but convinced that her father has an eye disease!
No one wants a piece of junk but he picked it up as a treasure!
"Mr. Ye, your wife must be short of calcium oxide. Go and mend it for her."
Ye Beiqi hung up decisively when she finished speaking. She can guarantee that Ye Sheng will never stop tonight. That woman will always be wronged and cry noisily, and her father will have to be coaxed.
Ye Sheng made Ye Beiqi even more resistant and disappointed. She still clearly remembered that he had been indifferent to his mother. Her father’s personality was just like this, but when his mother left and he took the woman home, she realized that his father was not so indifferent to anyone.
He can spend the whole day trying to coax Song Meiqin, even though he knows that she is just being unreasonable, but he refuses to spend a minute worrying about her mother’s feelings.
Zhao Jing pushed a glass of lemonade in front of her and said, "I’ve added honey. I heard that when I’m in a bad mood, I can feel better by drinking some honey."
Ye Beiqi gently grasped the transparent glass and pulled the corners of her mouth to say "thank you, Sister Jing".
"Well," Zhao Jing asked her after pulling the chair next to her, "What did you mean when you said your stepmother was calcium oxide?"
Ye Becky covered her eyes and couldn’t help laughing. I just blurted out when I was angry.
"What do you mean?"
See Ye Beiqi is this reaction Zhao Jing even more curious.
Ye Beiqi turned reddish and smiled and said to Zhao Jing, "Sister, you are a schoolmaster."
Zhao Jing winked his eyes and his brain was spinning fast. What does this word have to do with learning? The thought that Ye Beiqi is a high school student.
After a few seconds, she patted her head and laughed. "Cao chemical formula ao haha Becky, you are not afraid that your father and your stepmother will come and fight with you after hearing it!"
Ye Beiqi hey hey a smile "they don’t understand the static elder sister can you find me a job? I can’t eat and die here every day, but I’m not afraid of being tired or having enough money to eat. "