After the completion of the immortal body, the autumn achievement in refining the body is not weak, but it is still a little weaker than petrochemical.

Repelled the overlying post-press petrochemical industry and entered the shape "shooting" and rushed out in the direction of autumn. The hill treasures in their hands were held high and constantly gaining momentum.
"Go to the virtual pagoda!"
Try to test "sex" and try out the petrochemical strength. It’s really strong. The autumn god "color" is dignified, and then he goes to the virtual pagoda in front of him. The pagoda is whistling and spinning, flying out to meet the petrochemical.
The virtual pagoda is only ten feet tall at this time, and its light is dazzling. However, if you look down on the pagoda’s power, you will definitely suffer a big loss.
The virtual pagoda not only has a strong impact, but also releases a kind of inexplicable fluctuation, which has a little taste of heaven and earth rules and can affect the virtual fluctuation around the pagoda to produce ripples like water waves
That kind of ripple spread in all directions to the petrochemical industry, but it was not obvious to the petrochemical industry. There were also waves around it, which were released by the virtual pagoda and collided with each other immediately.
All the way, without stopping, petrochemical rushed towards autumn, holding a dark hill and virtual pagoda in one hand and violently colliding, resulting in a dull roar and a strong energy storm.
The two sides collided fiercely and put together a virtual pagoda that was evenly matched for a while, and it was thrown back far away when its light went out, and the petrochemical people were also uncomfortable with their bodies retreating for miles in the middle.
"Five elements of swords come out!"
The five-element sword was derived from the purple mansion, and Qiu Yi pointed to five swords at one point to form a five-element sword array.
Five swords, one side of each town keeps spinning in the virtual space, and the five "colors" of the sword array keep flowing, and the momentum of the earth reaches the extreme and spreads to the other side.
Five-element sword has been rarely moved in the autumn for hundreds of years, but it has been placed in the purple mansion and ordered to be sacrificed by Yuan Ying and the second Yuan Ying, which makes the power of the sword rise continuously.
Although the magic weapon genus also has a hierarchy, but that classification is not obvious, it is said that the top magic weapon has power, and it is generally very strong and can be compared with Tongtian Lingbao.
Compared with the magic weapon of life, artifacts, treasures, spiritual treasures and other treasures have a great advantage, which can be said to be endless with the monks’ continuous sacrifice and cultivation of power.
After the autumn, the five-element sword has been sacrificed and refined for so many years, and its power has reached a very high level. It can definitely be compared with the top Lingbao power, and even Tongtian Lingbao can compare with one or two.
"Five elements of sword and mans strike!"
One point refers to the slow rotation in front of the five-element sword array, and the rotation speed of the sword array was immediately and suddenly accelerated, and it was "shot" from its absolute five-element sword mans and went out toward the front.
A series of five-element sword mans are generated from the five-element sword array, and tens of millions of sword mans are "shot" in order to occupy a virtual space in front of them, such as rolling, while the flood peak waves "tide" pour towards the petrochemical industry and go to its turbulent potential.
Spitting the sky, the five elements of sword awns poured in to petrochemical, not afraid of a big drink in the mouth, still clutching the hill with one hand and rushing into the hill waving in the hands of many sword awns
"Bang bang …"
The hills are heavier than the surface, and the black light shines, and the swords and awns in the autumn are bursting and melting, and the energy storm is overflowing.
The petrified figure went on the rampage in the sword sea composed of five elements of sword awns, and the sword awns bombarded him, but even some traces were not left behind, which made everyone horrified.
From the sharp roar caused by many five elements of sword and awn, it can be seen that the sword and awn are not weak, but the petrochemical body can resist hard, although there are some vestments, but the petrochemical body is tough
Waves and waves of five elements of sword awn surge in. Although Nai can’t be petrified, it can also stop him from staying where he is. It can consume some of his mana if he can’t push his luck.
Now the autumn cultivation has reached the late period of returning to emptiness, and the power of Dacheng Five-element Sword is also soaring. Once again, the Five-element Sword Mang is displayed. This formula needs to be prompted and consumes some mana. The sword array can automatically absorb the aura of heaven and earth from emptiness, and the evolution of the Five-element Sword Mang is endless.
"Angry sword!"
"Cover the land and print the town!"
"Virtual pagoda!"
"Five colors" divine brush! "
When the five elements of sword and awn submerged the petrochemical industry, Qiu took this opportunity to hurriedly sacrifice all the treasures in his hand and give full play to the treasures’ power and vibration.
Angry sword is like a sword that Youlong moves deftly in the virtual space, carrying fiery red and hot breath around petrochemical constantly attacking.
The cover print is crystal clear, showing a volume the size of three feet Fiona Fang, with a vigorous and extreme power towards a petrochemical town, and a virtual ripple is produced.
The virtual pagoda flashed to the top of the petrochemical tower and the bottom of the tower faced the petrochemical. In the constant rotation, it fluctuated inexplicably and spread out and swept away in the direction.
A round and transparent five-color light-circulating orb came to the petrochemical front not far away at one point in autumn, and a rich and colorful light appeared and brushed away towards Fang.
Autumn this attack can be described as sharp to the extreme. This piece of land is "chaotic" because of this crazy attack, and the sky is cracked with tiny gaps, and the fierce energy storm spreads to all directions; Earth-rock disputes "chaotic" land has been plowed into layers of deep cracks.
Such a crazy attack, if an ordinary monk, even a monk in the early Du Jie period like Tu Ye, is hard to bear, and the final result is only the fall.
Petrifaction, after all, is not a slaughter night. His strength is really extremely tough. Not only is the physical body invulnerable, but it is also quite profound to control the rules of heaven and earth. It is not difficult to display it.
The left hand grabbed the treasure in the dark hill, and the right hand clung to a knife with shining light to resist the attack of several treasures in autumn. Although it was slightly in the wind, it barely maintained an invincible situation.
It’s quite normal for the body door master to petrify the earth, but Qiu won’t. He has so many means. An old monk doesn’t know if he still has some treasure of the closet avatar.
There is also a very strong horizontal treasure in Qiu’s hand, which is a damaged innate treasure. If it is prompted, Qiu will have a stronger fighting power.
However, from the petrochemical appearance, the combat power is relatively poor, and Qiu is somewhat sure that he should still have a successful hand. Even if he tries hard, he may not be able to defeat it. After some consideration, he finally decided to hide others.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Spirit Emperor
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Spirit Emperor
"It’s amazing. This war is really earth-shattering. It’s almost going to collapse the sky."
"Yes, I don’t know that these two predecessors are people who should have such strength of the earth. I’m afraid I can’t cover up this period of power returning to virtual reality."
"Hum, I haven’t seen anything about the virtual return period. These two predecessors are definitely Du Jie predecessors and they are among the best."
"Ah, I recognize the elder who holds the hill-shaped treasure. It seems that he is a monk in the late Du Jie period of the body door master."
"No way, you won’t admit your mistake, will you? That’s the identity of the main body door. How can people fight here?"
"You can’t be wrong. It must be the Shimen master, but another person doesn’t know which elder can compete with the stone elder."
The autumn petrochemical war was too noisy. Many monks in the main city of No.9 found the noise here and drove the light to watch.
Seeing that the scale of the two men’s fighting will make the world collapse, those onlookers will be shocked and look at the noisy dust.
I have to say that it’s really hidden dragon crouching tiger in the main city. Some of the onlookers recognized the petrochemical identity and then speculated on Qiu’s identity
Treasures can be petrified even if they show their magical powers and autumn, and there is still some ease in looking at the petrified appearance
Congenital Lingbao can do this in the autumn, and all kinds of earth attacks are pouring out and venting to the petrochemical body.
The two men were locked in a stalemate, and with the battle going on, Qiu Shihua could no longer come easily. The two men suffered some minor injuries from time to time, and after a long time, they were somewhat embarrassed.
"I don’t know what the two Taoist friends have to do to solve their enmity. Why don’t you just stop for my sake?"
When the autumn petrochemical war was fierce, a powerful sound came up from the distant horizon and "swung" back to everyone’s ear as if someone were talking around.
After the sound, there was a wave in the distance, and a splendid carriage raced towards here in the virtual.
The carriage is exquisite and beautiful, and it is a good treasure from the outside, but the horse body is really eye-catching compared with the horse pulling in front.
The appearance of a pure white horse is not much different from that of an ordinary horse, but it is a monster with strong strength from the earth and ferocity that they exude.