"Tell me! What is it? " Xuanzhijing glance at the manager asked the hand.

As soon as the hand heard it, it explained to Xuan Zhijing in a hurry, "Huei-fang, a group of people outside clamored for those two bottles of precious red wine … all told them that the memorial market had not come out yet, but they didn’t listen!"
Xuanzhijing twisted his eyebrows and went out. "I’ll go and have a look."
Outside in the business hall, Liang Juanbang is facing the counter, aggressive and uncompromising.
"Why not? Don’t you do business? These two bottles of red wine are not good wines for many years, but you haven’t paid me this price? Looking for a fight, right? " Liang Juan bang’s voice is violent because he is special
"No, Liang Shao … this is our four young ladies’ design. There is nothing special about the red wine."
The staff tried to explain to Liang Juanbang, but where did Liang Juanbang listen?
Who knows that he is also looking at this red wine packaging?
He saw nothing special about red wine, but its bottle label design … It was designed by Xuan Zhijing himself. There was a girl’s silhouette, of course, according to her own silhouette design.
Section 56
Others may look at a silhouette, but in Liang Juanbang’s view, it is definitely not as simple as an ordinary silhouette!
This person … Points is early!
“! No? "
Liang Juanbang hand clenched tight red wine slammed into the table and suddenly the hall was quiet.
Xuan Zhijing was surrounded by everyone and came out from the inside. When he saw this situation, he couldn’t help laughing and glanced at his hand. "Who is this person?"
"Miss Huisi is Master Liang’s … Liang Juanbang doesn’t know what happened today!" Hands are very difficult, and Liang’s family is not so easy to offend, although Xuangu’s physical power has been quite good.
"Huei-fang, what do you think we should do?"
Xuanzhijing Xiumei frowned and thought for a moment, beckoned to the assistant and ordered, "Fill the jar with red wine."
"… yes," the assistant did as she told him, but it didn’t quite meet her intention.
There is a unique design in this hall, that is, there is a glass wine tank in the square, which was originally Xuanzhijing to attract guests. Generally, the design will make the lights particularly beautiful at night.
She ordered it to be filled before it was time, and Liang Juanbang happened to be in the wine trough.
"Huei-fang has done as you asked." Before long, the assistant trotted back
Xuan Zhijing nodded and evoked a lip corner "Pull!"
The assistants were startled and hesitated to look at her. "Huei-fang, this is … Liang Shao!"
"So what? Didn’t you hear what I said? " Xuan Zhijing was unmoved, and his eyes were full of disdain. "I hate it when others spoil my creativity and design!" This beam is so arrogant, give him some color to see see! "
"… yes"
The assistant didn’t dare to disobey her, so she raised her hand and gestured to the clerk at the bar.
Listen to "Hua" a wine trough to pull the sky full of red wine pouring from the surface and make Liang Juanbang so wet that I can’t keep my eyes open. "Ah … what’s the matter? What are you doing? "
He had drunk too much before, and now when the red wine poured from his face, he felt a little overwhelmed. It seemed that the red wine was drilling into his body from the ear holes, nose, mouth and even eyes all around!
The consequence is that drunkenness is overwhelming.
"Why doesn’t Huei-fang look right?" The assistant is a little worried.
XuanZhiJing chuckle "what’s wrong? Wouldn’t it be a wave if he wasn’t drunk with such good wine? " She raised her hand and pointed out her finger. "One, two, three … ten down!"
The words sound just fell and Liang Juanbang "burst" one or two eyes closed and fell to the ground.
"Huei-fang really fell down!" The assistant marveled
Xuan Zhijing smiled with satisfaction and turned around to take off his coat and gloves and throw them to his hand. "I’m leaving … you call someone else to pick it up. If you come alone, it’s easier to throw it out directly!"
"Huei-fang belongs to you!"
Xuan Zhijing shook his head. "No, I can just go back by myself. You stay here and clear the field, so as not to affect the late business."