Then, before the recording of the program, the workers sent the whole process of recording the program. Tang Wenlong went through it roughly and got a general understanding.

When the time comes, the cameramen are all in place, the rocker arm and the lighting engineer are all ready, and the host leaves the stage and the show is white.
"Let’s invite China men’s basketball players and their head coach Deng Huade!"
After Tang Wenlong’s voice, he followed Deng Huade out, and the men’s basketball team filed out, which was a bit like taking the court from the player’s aisle
The scene rang for a long time, warmly clapping the rocker arm camera, and the horse swept across the rows of applause from the audience.
The players ran out and waved freely to the audience, and then they all sat down in the stool department where the workers had already moved out.
The host is Zhang Bin Zhang Bin, who is also 1.9 meters tall, but in a group of strong men with an average height of more than 2 meters, he became slim and slim symmetrically.
Zhang Bin immediately gave himself a joke, "I feel like I’m back in junior high school."
The audience immediately burst into laughter, and Zhang Bin immediately went on to say, "To get back to business, we must first congratulate the China men’s basketball team for winning the silver medal in the second Olympic Games in the world."
"Thank you, thank you!" Liu Weikou, the captain of the microphone team, thanked the audience and applauded.
Zhang Bin said a bunch of words magnificently and then led the topic to the course of the 2008 Olympic Games, asking when was the hardest time for the 2008 Olympic Games.
After listening to the translation, Deng Huade said a lot of English, which most people really don’t understand.
Zhang Bin said with a smile, "Why don’t we give the microphone to Tang Wenlong? His English is very good. It’s best for him to translate."
The audience applauded Tang Wenlong for taking the microphone and said with a smile, "First of all, my English is not very good. Don’t blame me for my translation mistakes."
Zhang Binma laughed. "It’s okay. We believe you have a tacit understanding with coach Deng Huade."
Tang Wenlong then thought about organizing the language and said, "The coach said that the most difficult time should be to play Lithuania. First of all, Lithuania is our men’s basketball rival in the international arena. We have never beaten them, and their enforcement of the ban tactics is too strong. Secondly, this is the first game of our knockout. Our men’s basketball players have never broken through this threshold before. There must be multiple factors in their hearts. This game was once fought to the last and most difficult moment."
Zhang Bin was very strange and quickly asked, "I remember that we won Lithuania by one point in the end and didn’t fight until the last minute. How did it become the most difficult?"
Deng Huade explained that "sometimes the game is either hard to the last minute or difficult. If we look at the game, Lithuania has caused us great pressure. Fortunately, we have all pressed them. They are also tough and aggressive. Our line was once plagued by fouls."
Zhang Bin nodded to show his understanding and chimed in, "Sometimes the details of the competition are more important, and the final victory or defeat is the result of the accumulation of many details."
Then Zhang Binma turned the subject and asked Tang Wenlong.
"Wenlong, we all know that you just finished your journey in the NBA shortly before you took part in the Olympic Games. It was less than a month’s rest, but you played almost all the Olympic Games. We all feel very sorry for you and your fans. Do you have anything to say here?"
Swish one’s eyes to Tang Wenlong. Before Tang Wenlong could speak, the applause rang consciously. Several fans shouted "Bravo Tang Wenlong!"
Tang Wenlong’s nose was so sour that she almost didn’t shed tears, but it was difficult to have some vibrato when she spoke.
"Because I am also under pressure!"
This sentence blocked many long mouths, and then Tang Wenlong went on to say, "To tell the truth, I set myself the Olympic goal that the champion is the competition in my eyes, and I don’t want to be a general, a good soldier, a champion or a good athlete."
Palm thunder
Tang Wenlong went on to say, "I am very grateful to the fans who have been supporting me all the time. I am really tired after attending the NBA and playing the Olympic Games, especially this year. I still played in the NBA until June, but I think at the same time I ensured my status when I participated in the Olympic Games. Anyway, even if it is a double-edged sword, the keys still need to be adjusted by the players themselves."
Zhang Bin went on to ask the anecdote that brought the topic to the Olympic Games. "I heard that you met some funny things when you stayed at the couch hotel, right? Can you share them with us?"
Tang Wenlong ha ha smiled and handed the microphone to Yi Jianlian. "It’s super fun for the United Arab League to ask him."
Yi Jianlian wanted to stop listening to the chat and forget it. I didn’t expect Tang Wenlong to pass him the microphone and say that he could refuse it.
Zhang Bin and the audience are eagerly looking forward to Yi Jianlian’s news.
Yi Jianlian said in distress situation, "In fact, there is nothing wrong, that is, we are not tall. The two-meter big bed in the hotel is not enough. When we slept in the hotel, they were all two-and-a-half-meter widened and lengthened big beds, but I was a single bed smaller than the ordinary big bed."
Haha, the audience smiled knowingly, and Yi Jianlian’s expression appeared naturally when he saw the cot.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one basketball camp
Co-recording talk shows is naturally sought after by fans, digging deep into some problems and giving everyone a certain understanding of the mysterious amateur life of athletes. Plus, Zhang Bin’s excellent eloquence and all the necessary questions are crucial to the success of the whole program recording, and laughter and laughter continue.
Tang Wenlong also realized for the first time that he had such a high popularity in China. Wherever he went, he would scream when he saw others. Even when he wandered around the streets of Beijing, he would be blocked by people, causing a large crowd to hinder traffic.
So he was glad that Joe Thomas had the foresight to arrange a few bodyguards for himself, otherwise it would be even more difficult to move.
After returning to Xiyang, I haven’t seen my agent Joe Thomas for a long time. His lackeys, eagles and dogs, are waiting on the side.
"It’s about the establishment of a basketball school. You told me before that I was here to help you pay attention. At present, the site is located in a city near Xiyang."
Tang Wenlong’s eyes lit up. This is a topic of interest to him.
He quickly asked, "I once said that we should run a basketball training camp similar to a semi-charity and semi-open youth training camp. The main purpose is to cultivate children’s interest, but it is not uncommon to meet some good seedlings. These seedlings can’t all come from big cities, and most of them should come from local economies that we don’t know. They will not have worries when they train."
Joe Thomas replied with a smile, "Of course I will arrange this, but according to the market reaction of our current youth training company in Shanghai, you have a great influence in China. Once the youth training camp is established, a large number of young people who love basketball will definitely sign up."
"Sounds like a good prospect," Tang Wenlong said with a smile.
"But I actually have another idea, that is, to build a basketball team sponsored by yourself here, so that your youth training camp will have a future output direction, otherwise it will be wood source water after all."
Tang Wenlong frowned. "I’m afraid this is a little difficult. I know there is a CBA team in Hailai and it’s not that easy to join the CBA."
Joe Thomas laughed. "Los Angeles and new york both have two NBA teams. In my opinion, the sea is not smaller than these two cities. This is a city with a huge population and a huge market. There is no problem in having two teams at the same time."
Tang Wenlong said, "I can’t figure out the noodles here, but there is no problem in setting up the training camp first. If you choose the address, we will take a look and then we can decorate and announce the operation regularly."
Joe Thomas replied, "No problem."
Tang Wenlong turned around and Fang Chu-xia also said that Fang Chu-xia also gave great support to the founding of basketball camp, recognizing that this is good news for the benefit of the people and conforms to the concept of sports life.
"It’s better to run a training camp in Xiyang City, which is our hometown and has always had a strong basketball atmosphere. If you run a training camp here, you will definitely get the help of the municipal government." Fang proposed in early summer
Tang Wenlong thought about this suggestion carefully for two seconds and thought it seemed very good. "It sounds very good!"
Fang Chuxia said with a smile, "First, it’s better to enter the big cities from our own hometown. I think if we run basketball camp dialect in Xiyang, it will definitely achieve good results in the summer vacation in July and July. Besides, the traffic facilities in Xiyang are also much lower than those in the sea."
"That makes sense, and after we set up a training camp in Xiyang, we can also entrust our relatives and friends to look after a trip to a big city. Instead, it is not particularly convenient to give it to others." After Fang said it in early summer, Tang Wenlong felt that it was better to start a youth training camp here in Xiyang. Anyway, since it is to build a first-class base, the target groups are all talented children all over the country, which is also called having to be in the sea.
Fang Chuxia said, "And I heard that Yao has been losing money every year since he bought the Sea Sharks in 1999. Shanghai is indeed a big city and has enough market, but whether basketball can get enough profit distribution in the sea is a question mark. Relatively speaking, I think the sea people are more fans of Shenhua."
"That’s true. Boss Yao did lose a lot, although the money was nothing to him."
Tang Wenlong paused and continued, "But if we set up a youth training camp in Shanghai, it will definitely help promote basketball in the sea area, and Yao will definitely welcome me to set up such a school in Shanghai."
"This is one aspect, on the other hand, he also wants to safeguard the interests of the sea sharks in CBA. Joe Thomas said that the conditions before letting your professional team ensure the output direction of the youth training camp have damaged the interests of the sharks. As far as CBA is concerned, it is definitely uncomfortable to divide the cakes so early."
Tang Wenlong pondered that it was indeed possible to put the youth training camp in Xiyang in early summer.
So he dialed Joe Thomas again and told him his thoughts and a little hesitant decision.
Joe Thomas has already found several places in the sea and helped Tang Wenlong to register a company in the sea. The prototype of the basic framework has been built in Tang Wenlong. This is a bad decision. Some preparatory work in the sea has turned into Shui Piao.
"Can we have two at the same time …" Joe Thomas still doesn’t want to put the sea market. After all, this is a super metropolis comparable to Los Angeles and new york!