He is a tepid guy, but the overall 21-field rookie debut competition surprised the outside world.

Eastern champion Wall scored 14 points in the first game and sent out 9 assists. Although the hit rate was bleak, the organizational ability of the off the charts New Jersey Nets was brilliant. Gordon Hayward scored 25 points in the first game and led the team to beat the Detroit Pistons 11-99. First, the Pistons came off the bench and rookie power forward Greg Monroe grabbed 14 rebounds and broke a bunch of rookie records.
Evan Turner made his debut in the Western Draft. Although he failed to lead the Timberwolves to victory, he scored 17 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists, which caused a triple-double data sensation in the league.
Generally speaking, the performance of the whole 21-year-old rookie high-ranked players is very good. At the first show, people compared this rookie with the 96 gold and 3 platinum generation. It seems that it is time for a seven-year cycle to see a blowout star again.
In this hustle and bustle, Tang Wenlong participated in the first away game with the team!
The team plane landed on the runway of Indianapolis International Airport in the evening when golden sunshine scattered all over the earth.
At the moment, there are few people hanging around the airport, and there are not many people talking. However, when a lot of big men with a height of two meters appeared in the terminal, they still attracted a lot of attention. After a little observation, people will know that this is a very professional team, and they generally wear extreme sports with their bags on their backs.
It didn’t take long for the players of the 76ers to arrange the team bus to pick everyone up and then go directly to Conceco Arena.
This is the first time that Tang Wenlong has come to the capital of Indiana to enjoy the roadside scenery like a curious baby.
Everyone in the team bus is very quiet, except the players, there are also coaches, workers and reporters accompanying the team. Occasionally, there are coaches whispering about tactical sounds, but the pressure is also very low, for fear of disturbing the old players every time.
After driving for a while, everyone left the bus, and it was near night. The lights of Conseco Arena had already hit, and it was more like a huge shopping mall, and I heard noisy people from a distance.
In a shining spotlight, the 76-member team refused the enthusiastic interview of reporters and then walked into the arena under two rows of security escorts.
It’s very urgent. The good news is that the Pacers are also fighting back to back.
"An Indiana lost in Charlotte." Before the game, NoSioni chatted with Tang Wenlong while decorating in the locker room.
"It’s normal to beat the Bobcats. After all, Gerrard’s defensive ability is too strong." On the other hand, haweis analyzed it with great seriousness. Obviously, every player in the team knows it very well
NoSioni smiled approvingly. "Danny (Granger) is the pacers’ attacking banner. If the banner is cut down, it will be difficult to defeat."
Tang Wenlong’s eyes sparkled with all his thoughts.
"Tang sent you something" Sioni glanced at Tang Wenlong after she was dressed, and suddenly a smile appeared all over her body, and then she took out something from the closet.
He opened his huge palm and turned out to be a red rubber wristband in his heart.
"Wow, energy balance bracelet, rubber punk wristband!" Aside Iguodala showed exaggerated expression.
Tang Wenlong swished his face a little hot and felt a little embarrassed. Then he hesitated for a second and generously accepted NoSioni’s gift to show his thanks. "It’s beautiful and I like it."
"Red is not only the main color of our team, but also the embodiment of your lofty aspirations. You know that no matter how high you jump, you are not as strong as your heart." Nuo Sioni’s face disappeared, and Tang Wenlong said sincerely at ordinary times.
Tang Wenlong also looked awed, then unpacked and put a red wristband on his left wrist.
He was very moved in his heart and realized for the first time that there are not only cruel competitive games but also precious warm friendship flowing in the NBA Major League.
Chapter 60 Precision Strike!
After changing clothes in a hurry, 76 people came to the arena to do simple warm-up exercises.
On the other side, the pacers are not much better, with sleepy eyes and drooping heads and strength.
Tang Wenlong was at the free throw line and the top of the arc, and then the worker sent a basketball "shuashua shua" and hit the high two-point jumper.
"I feel good today!" Tang Wenlong felt that he was physically strong enough. He looked at his left wrist, and the slender red rubber wristband was relaxed.
The 76ers have all known about Tang Wenlong’s excellent shooting ability, which has long been normal.
It was a shock to a substitute player who came to say hello to the Pacers.
"Don, long time no see" Stephenson stretched out his dark right hand face with some kindness.
"Long time no see Lance" Tang Wenlong smiled and shook hands and hugged.
It turned out that it was the main shooting guard at the University of Cincinnati. Last year, the two men played against each other many times in the Dadong League, and they became very familiar with each other. Now they are opponents in the NBA, but they have a different chance.
At the draft, Lance Stephenson was selected by the Pacers in the 10th overall pick in the second round, and entered the Pacers after Andy Laustin. Although he signed a contract, it was difficult to have a performance opportunity, while Tang Wenlong was still the team starter. Although it was not the core, he also had seven shots per game.
After exchanging pleasantries for a while, the two returned to their respective teams and waited for the game.
Mid-lap jump ball haweis VS Roy hibbert
Hibbert has an excellent wingspan. Although he bounces moderately, he still has a big advantage over haweis. He is a young center with great potential.
It happened that haweis won the jump ball this time when they were together, and haweis actually suppressed hibbert’s entanglement, and haweis’s finger was the first to point in his arm.
Holliday was stupefied and almost didn’t hold the ball firmly. haweis won the first jump in the preseason.
The Pacers’ starting lineup is very tall. PG Darren-keirrison SG Danny Granger SF Mike-Deng Liwei PF Josh-Mike Roberts C Roy-hibbert
Danny Granger’s official height is 2.3 meters, but it is much higher than that of 1.9 meters Iguodala, and the official height is 2.1 meters. Tang Wenlong is also a head shorter than that of 2.6 meters in front of Deng Liwei. Among the five people, Holliday is taller than his opponent, which really makes coach Collins’s head black.
"Fortunately, the Pacers’ athletic ability is average." Collins comforted himself.
The 76 ers put the ball in Iguodala’s hands. Iguodala has been the main player for two seasons, and the players are happy to play the game like this. He is relaxed.
In this way, Tang Wenlong will find an opportunity to ambush in the weak position. Once the defender in front of him shrinks his defense, he will sneak away along the three-point line and change his position to get a chance.
This ball was not over-packed by the Pacers. Iguodala hit the earth and handed it to haweis, who just jumped the ball and got great achievements.
Line haweis loves this position, but he rarely receives the ball and crashes. While hibbert is blocking Iguodala, he jumps up and prepares to talk and make a slam dunk.
As soon as the ball was lifted, it was snapped off by hibbert who turned around flexibly.
"How can the trough turn so fast!" Hibbert’s sensitivity is simply not like a 2.1-meter-long haweis who was caught off guard and humiliated.
And the rebound was also lightly relieved. hibbert took Iguodala and immediately came nimbly as if to steal hibbert.
Hibbert was so scared that he quickly held the ball in his arms. At the moment, Tang Wenlong and Holliday had retreated to their own half, and haweis and Elton Brand also rushed back.
It’s good to see all the teammates fall behind. Iguodala will scare hibbert.