I don’t know how long it took, but Xiao asked and sat up from the grass. Immediately began to forge a new shrinkage blasting mirror.

With a stroke, a piece of material on the distant hill flew over like a teleport. It’s as natural as when he lay down and immediately arched a hill on the grass as his pillow.
Completely unconsciously, he has been a god-like existence in this stone painting world!
I can feel the breath of heaven and earth in the stone painting.
That’s nothing!
Now, he can even make the heaven and earth in the stone painting stop breathing!
His control over the inner world of stone paintings has long been incredible!
Although this kind of control is limited to the space that he "lights up", those lit spaces have already exceeded 100,000 miles! At the beginning, when he first entered the stone painting, the "lit" area was actually only a few feet around the hut, and then it became wider and wider. Even he didn’t expect that he could light up such a large range at the back.
However, although the scope of more than 100,000 miles is large, it is pushed out little by little with his mining, and he has long been used to it.
More and more materials were sucked by Xiao Wen, and the refining of his new shrinking mirror was finally on the right track.
Then, one day, two days, five days …
After refining two pieces, he finally refined a new perfect shrinkage blasting mirror.
From the appearance, the new zoom lens is much bigger than before, and the color Se tends to be dark red. However, the biggest change is its interior. Xiao Wen doesn’t need to try its power at all, because he is the designer, and he knows very well that this shrinking mirror is indeed a success.
However, it seems to him that two more words can be added to the name of this mirror, that is, "storing spirits."
Corners of the mouth float with a smile, xiao asked has begun to imagine the scene when the time comes to use this mirror.
Then, he put it down with his hand, and once again he took the mineral materials and started refining again!
Violet Yan was depressed, not because she was caught in the way of Xiao Wen. The brief one-tenth eye contact was nothing to her, and she forgot to turn around.
She is depressed because she feels more and more that the strength and even prestige of Qing Ji and Dao Mo Lan Xuan are improving, which is obviously more and more unfavorable for her revenge plan. Moreover, she also heard some information that Qing Ji deliberately spread …
So, with the consent of Xiao Wen. Purple Yan, who has been forbearing for a long time, finally took action.
Now Qing Ji lives in the Hidden Valley of the Knife Devil. Purple Yan directly exposed below near the hidden magic valley!
She is strong, but not too strong. When she appeared, she only expressed one meaning: Don’t you want to find me? Now I’m here. If you are so confident, come with me and fight a decisive battle in a strange place for both sides!
This is Purple Yan’s counterattack. If Qing Ji and Dao Mo dare not go out of the valley, then all the news they spread before is a joke!
And in this round of confrontation. In fact, as long as anyone with a discerning eye can feel it, the former evil queen is not as strong as she used to be. Therefore, Qing Ji and Dao Mo should take advantage of the situation.
Qing Ji and Dao Mo chased him out together! Their eyes are all over the underworld, and they fully know that ZiYan can’t find other helpers in the underworld. Since she is the only one who has the cultivation of immortals, what is there to be afraid of?
This is their good chance! Of course, they can never really chase the purple Yan to any dangerous place, even if they want to kill the purple Yan, they must do so on this premise.
It didn’t take long for the two sides to have their first brief encounter more than a thousand miles southwest of Hidden Magic Valley.
In this encounter, the cultivator didn’t even show up, so ZiYan fell into a big disadvantage and had to flee again.
There are no suspicious areas in Fiona Fang, and Qing Ji and Dao Mo are naturally not afraid, so they chase again.
They don’t know that the purple Yan in front is talking to Xiao Wen, but what does that matter? Even with an immortal, they are still not afraid.
"What the hell is going on?" Through the soul imprint, Xiao asked if he could feel the purple Yan’s mood was not so good, and hurriedly asked. And this time, he didn’t show up, also do have to let the purple Yan know about the two means first.
"Some of them are beyond my expectation." Purple Yan frown way.
"Originally, Qing Ji’s strength was weaker than mine, but now she can suppress me vaguely, but she is half a chip taller than me."
In the realm of Purple Yan and Qing Ji, it is extremely difficult to improve the strength. That Qing Ji was raised from half lower than the original purple Yan to half higher, and the strength improvement is absolutely considerable!
"What about the sword demon?"
"I’ve heard that he is good at fighting hard before, so I didn’t dare to fight recklessly with him this time. However, judging from his performance, it should be comparable to Qing Ji. "
"Then we don’t have a chance?"
"There is worse news …" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way.
"I have a faint feeling that the tacit understanding between these two people is extremely high, and they may even have empathy. When they are together, they can slightly enhance each other’s strength. "
"Do you still have such a practice in the underworld?"
"I only heard that a monster called Manzhu Shahua has similar means, but it is the first time for people, and I don’t know what the hell they have done. So, it’s up to you this time. " Purple Yan direct way.