Cocoa, dressed in a green costume, stretched lazily, revealing a dazzling skin on her abdomen. Cocoa, whose appearance and wisdom are mature, looks even worse than Qin Xinyu, but its size is still as delicate as before.

Lin Feng said with a black line on his face: "Beautiful!"
Because of living in the sea of consciousness of windson, Coco has a feeling of dependence on windson unconsciously, and is also extremely sensitive to windson’s emotional experience. Seeing Lin Feng’s expression, Coco immediately pursed her bright little mouth and said, "False!"
"Why? Who made Coco angry? " Windson innocent touch nose asked.
"Hum!" Cocoa exaggerated gather together a little nose and then turned away to ignore windson.
"Hey? Their physique is much better than before! " Say that finish cocoa one-way flapping lovely little wings turned a circle around Roglia.
It is true that the constitution of Roglia and other elves is slowly changing. Elves, as the closest race to nature, are naturally extremely sensitive. Although the Elf race has been continued since the Forgotten Star where they originally lived was condemned by the immortals, the remaining Elves’ constitutions have been affected by the environment and become weaker and weaker. However, after being brought to this space by forest air, they are like swimming fish put into living water again, and their vitality in the body comes out again.
Cocoa, as a spiritual baby of the five elements, naturally thinks about these truths.

Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Linda’s crisis
After listening to Coco’s words, Roglia and other elves reacted very strongly. The worship of elemental elves by elves is hard to be understood by other races. Now Coco says that they absolutely believe everything!
"The elders said that’s right! You will bring hope to the elves! " Roglia excitedly grabbed windson’s hand.
The life span of the Elves is much longer than that of humans. The age of one hundred years can only be regarded as children in the Elves. The Elves of six or seven hundred years old are not old in the Elves. However, this is all history. Since the disaster in conan the destroyer, the life span of the elves on the Forgotten Star has been suddenly reduced to 200 years old. They followed the orders of the elders and followed Lin Feng to this space, but unexpectedly the vitality in the body became rich now, which is definitely an accident for the elves!
The majestic vitality is a leap in strength for the elves! Vitality is as important to the elves as the truth element is to the practitioner. Imagine how you will look when you suddenly realize that your life span has doubled several times and your strength has improved a lot.
Understandably, these elves are overjoyed. Some 200-year-old elves are crying. It was already the age to step into the coffin, but now it has suddenly become a vibrant young man. Can you not be excited?
"That … Roglia, you don’t have a hobby of being close to men, do you?" Windson look weird staring at the elves brought Roglia.
"Er … I’m so excited that I’m a bit rude …" Roglia hurriedly loosened the hand that had been squeezed by himself.
"Well, your wish has come true. Now you can leave here." Windson doesn’t want the elves to repay their kindness and then swear allegiance to themselves. After all, all these elves are as slender as sticks, even if they stay around, they may not have much effect. Let them build their own free and happy homes.
"no! Our final wish didn’t come true. We will follow you until the elves really prosper in this space! " Roglia said primly after one leng.
"I’m afraid it’s hard …" Windson sighed that there were only dozens of female elves in the five hundred-person elf team, and I heard that the elves’ reproductive ability was not high. If you want to prosper, I’m afraid it’s not a serious imbalance in the sex ratio that can be achieved at the moment, but it is likely to lead to "prostitution". Of course, this is windson’s malicious and nasty speculation …
"Why? We believe in you! " Roglia like a piece of candy that can’t be kicked firmly stuck to the forest air.
"Believe me? Your population is so small. The most terrible thing is that there are not many female elves, and this number wants to prosper? And true prosperity must be based on strong strength. What skills do you have? I think it’s better to find a place to live in peace! " Windson said will leave.
Roglia, the elf king, was a little dumbfounded at the moment. He hesitated and finally gnashed his teeth as if he were determined. "As for the population, I believe there will be a solution in the future …"
When it comes to population. Roglia or stammer between some kind of look very embarrassed. But windson didn’t pay attention to his attention to the talent of the elves.
As we all know, elves are good at shooting, but shooting in the earth Federation, where science and technology are rampant, will not be worse than the micro-war fortress, will it? But when windson heard that the elves’ special skill "life sight" could give the arrow a short life consciousness, his eyes suddenly brightened if these elves were allowed to control the war fortress. Doesn’t that mean that you can hit the enemy without aiming in an emergency? You know, in battle, it’s a thousand miles away. A small time gap may lead to a change in the outcome of the war.
So windson changed his mind and decided to train this elf team into an elite raid team. The urgent task is to familiarize the elves with scientific and technological knowledge and learn to control the war fortress.
After soliciting a group of eloquent scientific and technological elites from grandpa Chen Baichuan, Lin Feng gave them the task of popularizing scientific and technological knowledge to the elves.
The 100-year earth alliance only has a 100-year exhibition time! It is estimated that by that time, these elves will become the elite in the battle. Windson secretly thought.
Solved the problem of the elves after windson decided to practice. It’s time for a real fight. If the earth alliance technology lags behind. Only by virtue of the individual strength of the earth to fight against the invasion of other Gao Wenming planets.
Xuanyuan tactic has been practiced for some time, and Lin Feng feels more and more that his body is undergoing inexplicable changes. And the golden dragon on the arm is always ready to move. Windson’s Eight-turn Golden Body absorbs the spirit of fairies wantonly. There is no spirit of fairies on earth, but the five elements of Xuan Jing’s cocoa can compress the aura of heaven and earth, causing qualitative change and eventually becoming the spirit of fairies.
Windson himself didn’t expect this time to practice unconsciously. During the past forty years, he completely combed the mystery of Xuanyuan tactic again until a strange emotion that made people fidgety suddenly appeared to wake windson up from concentration.
What’s going on Slay Excalibur suddenly emerged in the hands of windson, who spread out the force of his soul like a tide. He is now his own relatives are all the same, and he was about to recover his soul. Lin Feng suddenly thought of a person-Linda. Although Linda is not Lin Feng’s brother, Lin Feng’s parents have always regarded him as a member of the family.
I don’t know how this boy is practicing, so he won’t make trouble, will he?
Windson’s soul force was really a big surprise when it found the wind. In just a few decades, Linda has actually reached the level of the later stage of then! It seems that this boy has really worked hard.
Linda sat on a stone chair in the park. It seems that she had only done some exercise not long ago, and her bright face was a little tired.
Windson’s soul swept through the park when suddenly there was a thin black dress person looking up into the air not far behind Linda.
I didn’t expect the Earth Federation to have such a master! Windson frightened in the heart at the same time be careful when soul exploration. Look at the man’s appearance after windson vigilance increased greatly, and the obvious curled ears under the low black brim told windson that this man is not a federal man of the earth. This is an alien master!
Why did this alien master come to the Earth Federation? Reminiscent of previous ominous premonition windson decided to observe more.
Linda was really tired. He closed his eyes and entered the pranayama state. I didn’t notice that there was a pair of eyes staring at him coldly behind me.
The breeze blew through the leaves the size of a washbasin on the variant plane tree "Hua La" in the park. In the falling leaves, a faint green hairspring sticks to the ground and shoots at Linda’s leg.
The green gossamer is not fast, but it is very obscure, as if it were a wisp of dust brought up in the breeze, which could not be shown flatly with the strength of Linda’s golden elixir period.
The green hairspring suddenly stagnated when it saw that it had touched Linda’s trouser legs, and then a white bottle appeared out of thin air and sucked it in.
"Why do you want to do this?" Windson will be in the hands of the bottle into the ring calmly asked.
This sudden change surprised the man in black sitting not far away. I thought the task would be easy, but I didn’t expect a master to emerge out of thin air.
Men in black stood up with their hands in their pockets and stared at windson windson. Suddenly, they felt that their minds were slightly shaken, and the silver true yuan began to churn like being pulled.
What’s going on? Windson hurriedly stable mind close observation black dress person he was a little surprised that the black dress person is definitely not a fix true person but an ordinary person without internal gas! So with what does he influence his mind?
Lin Feng’s physical strength, which reached eight turns of golden body, was extremely terrible. He suddenly contracted the meridians and suppressed the billowing of Zhenyuan. If it is a general fix true person, it may have been disturbed by the quiet blow of the black dress person, but Lin Feng can’t be compared with the average person.
The face of the man in black changed, and he took out his hands from his pocket. His skinny hands were full of rings. Windson eyes swept away and now the abnormal those rings don’t like to wear on your finger, but … Deeply embedded in the phalanx!
"Windson you really strong! It can actually resist strong sound wave attacks. " Black dress person with blunt earth federal language said.
"But no matter how strong it is, it can’t resist the attack of high-tech weapons. I’m sorry I have to kill you! " The ring on the index finger of the black dress person’s left hand flashed a misty red light. Windson felt the surrounding space suddenly changed. It seems that there is an invisible diaphragm that covers both himself and the men in black, and the substances existing in the space are changing greatly.
The most surprising thing for windson is that his own soul exploration can’t extend outside now! Even Linda, who has been sleeping behind him just now, can’t detect it now!

Chapter three hundred Pseudo-realm
The man in black took off his hat calmly, and there was an antenna-like metal rod on the top of his head, which was also closely fitted on the skull. The root of the metal rod was tightly wrapped by the skin.
Now windson is not sure whether the guy in front of him is still a person. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that he is a robot and a half.