"Palm, master, this is the thing." After a pause, the little monk leaned close to Shen Yuanfang’s ear and whispered. "Just received the news that other sects have been attacked by the magic way."

"What?" Shen Yuanfang was frightened and turned to look at Tian Elders with a full face of anger.
"Good calculation, good calculation."
At this point, Shen Yuanfang was shocked. It seems that Ling Fang’s girl guessed right, and it was so, careless, careless.
"Ha ha." Tian elders satisfiedly say with smile. "Don’t be afraid, Master Shen, just let my disciples of Magic Road have a discussion with disciples of various sects, haha."
Looking at the arrogant appearance of the elder Tian, Shen Yuanfang was angry and really wanted to vomit blood.
I didn’t think that I was careless at the moment, but I caught his way.
I’m afraid all sects will suffer great losses this time.
Chapter 595 Explosive
Although the little monk said in a low voice, the news was just like a virus, and it soon spread. Almost all the leaders of all sects received the news, and the crowd immediately exploded.
"Master Shen, we, some things in our sect need to be dealt with urgently, so we have to leave now. Please forgive me." After that, the leader sent a signal of retreat to the disciples in his sect who were fighting with the magic disciples below.
"Master Shen, I’m in a hurry, too. The elder asked me to go back and discuss, and I’m leaving." Some people take the lead to leave, others follow suit, and that reason is also strange. Although everyone knows it.
"Master Shen, there is something urgent in our sect." This is the most excuses.
What’s even more strange is that some people say that their concubine in the eighth room is going to give birth, and they have to rush back to deliver the baby.
Shen Yuan is so angry. You are a bearded gentleman, and you are going back to work as a midwife?
There are countless reasons for this. What wife is going to have a baby and sister-in-law is going to have a baby?
What’s even more outrageous is that his big dog, Ahua, is pregnant with sons of bitches, the watchdog of the sect next door, and he wants to go back and deal with it.
"Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t leave. This is a conspiracy of the Magic Road. If you leave, Shushan will be finished. Once the seal is broken, the spiritual world will face great difficulties." Shen Yuanfang struggled to persuade.
But in any case, the heads of some small and medium-sized sects shook their heads in a hurry, greeted the disciples of each sect and returned to their respective places. In the blink of an eye, they left completely, but the disciples of the magic way did not pester the people who left, but only started work on the rest.
At this time, only the disciples of Emei, Wudang, Shaolin and Shushan were left, and even the Shaolin Baldheaded Gate with the slogan "My Buddha is merciful and universal" was completely gone.
With this move, the pressure on the disciples of the four sects suddenly doubled, and the number of casualties also increased.
Shen Yuanfang was so anxious that he almost vomited blood, and in his heart, he scolded these sects that had gone away almost with dog blood.
I thought these people would take care of the overall situation, but when the backyard caught fire, they all ran back to put out the fire.
It never occurred to them that if the seal was broken, let alone your backyard would catch fire, and the front yard would probably burn down.
Shen Yuanfang hates Elder Tian.
The same is true in the spiritual world, where soldiers fight against soldiers and will fight against generals. Elder Natian and the Eight Door Master didn’t start work, so it’s not easy for them to go down and kill.
"Shen Zhangmen, don’t panic." Jade Yoko is laughing.
"Huh?" Shen Yuanfang puzzled look at Yuyangzi, in the heart is very puzzled.
Why don’t you panic when your ass is on fire? So when should we panic?
Just then, people suddenly flashed in the distance, and a group of people appeared in the air, all of them came from the imperial sword, and joined the battlefield in an instant. At that time, all kinds of spells and firm but gentle crisscross the battlefield.
"Ha ha, good, very good." Elder Tian laughed when he saw that the magic disciples were suppressed by this sudden group of people.
"The four hermit sects really deserve their reputation, and their disciples are all well-trained."
"However, you think this is ok? Haha, it’s still early. "
Say and tian elders unexpectedly figure that suddenly appeared in front of Shen Yuanfang, palm with a black light, a palm to Shen Yuanfang head took the past.
Shen Yuan was assured that Elder Tian didn’t obey the rules and didn’t even say a word when he started. Hurriedly, the body hastily falls back, and at the same time, there is also a long sword in his hand.
Back, the sword is also issued a firm but gentle, just blocking the field of the elders.
The door owners of the four magic ways also launched an attack at the same time, and each of them met the heads of the other three sects.
"Shen Yuanfang, I’ll let you know what I’m capable of today." Elder Tian shouted, and suddenly his hands were in order and a black light appeared.
With the elder Tian drinking, the black light in his hands went straight into the sky. Then, there was a deafening dragon song in the air. Then, a huge black dragon roared and rushed to Shen Yuanfang.
Shen Yuanfang didn’t dare to be careless. After all, he was not equal to Tian’s cultivation, so he had to collect his sword and run away quickly. But the black dragon seemed to be equipped with a positioning system, and others ignored it and went straight after Shen Yuanfang.
"Shen Zhangmen, don’t panic." At that time, the invincible Dong Guo appeared beside Shen Yuanfang, with a huge tomahawk in each hand. Coupled with his rough image, it looks extremely powerful and domineering.
"Tian boy, you this crooked black dragon is a dragon? Ha ha ha. " Dong Guo laughed wildly. "Then I’ll show you what a dragon is today, Lao Zi."
After that, the two tomahawks staggered together and broke into a golden light of rumors. Then, a louder dragon song resounded through the sky.
Where the two axes crossed, a huge golden dragon appeared, and then the body of Jinlong appeared, which turned out to be a circle bigger than the black dragon.
Two dragons, one black and one gold, issued loud dragons and rushed to each other angrily.
1 of "bang", two dragons collided together, which was even, and no one was beaten back by the other side.
However, the invincible golden dragon of Dongguo is twice as big as the black dragon, and the invincible cultivation of Dongguo is higher than that of Elder Tian.