"As the saying goes, if you don’t want to be rude, Qiu Wanfa will surround me for a while, and I will give him a punch now." Although Chen Shaobai doesn’t care about a moment’s struggle, he doesn’t want to be broken for no reason.

Whether to fight or not is one problem, and whether to fight or not is another.
He suddenly rose up, his body looped, and his footsteps fluctuated. A pair of big hands turned into brilliant secret gold Se Ze, and the soft and secretive purple Se flame of Y and N was burning on it, jumping and rising, converging into enchanting purple flowers, and spiraling out.
"The big millstone of heaven and earth!"
A flash in the pan, the purple awn sticks to 365 "swastikas" like maggots of tarsal bones, flowing and burning.
Just like the purgatory floating in the battlefield of Ri Xinghe yesterday, it’s just a few times more powerful.
When the right hand slipped, the dark curtain collapsed deeply and then bounced back with a stronger force. Feeling this vast and boundless huge force, Chen Shaobai’s feet went deep into the earth, showing the trend of blocking the river with iron chains. With a turn of Shun Yi, he pressed this rebound force out through the palm of his hand on the other side.
The ground is spidery and cracked, and it wants to extend outward, but it is restricted by the dark curtain. This force can only be repeatedly splashed in the compression cage, and it is getting stronger and stronger.
Bang, bang, bang.
On top of the dark curtain of the circle, the fist prints were clearly visible, full of purple, vaguely, and even a ray of oppressive melting breath could be felt.
"Ordinary quenching gas triple [to be true] is just the force of thirty dragons, and this Chen Shaobai can have the force of forty dragons. What kind of alien magic is this, so powerful? " Although Qiu Wanfa has been pouring his own juice, he seems to appreciate the scenery and feel the world, but someone is stirring in his own life’s core monuments refining array. How can he not know?
What’s more, the noise made by Chen Shaobai is so great that even some disciples around Jin Yuanmen, who are slightly magical, can clearly perceive it, not to mention that the flowers beside him have no night.
As deep as a prison, the distance is separated by a layer of black Se film that seems to be touchable, and it seems that a beautiful fierce beast is locked inside, which makes people shudder. Many clever Jin Yuan’s younger brothers try their best to stay away from here, so as not to be harmed. Only some bold and ambitious guys dare to get close to ten feet and steal skills.
"Everyone has their own secrets, teacher younger brother Chen himself, of course I won’t cut. Moreover, the strength of mana is only useful before refining the array. After the quenching, the competition is between life’s core monuments refining the array and the magical occult. As long as the difference between the strength of mana is not too big, it will not play a key role. " There is no emotional fluctuation in Hua Wuye’s eyes, and she rationally analyzes her breath, which is as lofty and distant as a person outside the world.
"You can be broken demons? Very good, very good! I’m afraid it won’t be long before we can break through and reach the real situation. "
No matter how you think about the progress of Flowers Without Night, at least on the surface, Qiu Wanfa looks quite gratified and generous.
Just as Yu exchanged a few words, Qiu Wanfa suddenly changed his face and cast his eyes on the pagoda road large array. He seemed to see something incredible.
In the dark curtain of Lingming, Chen Shaobai is beating both sides, bearing the rebound impact from around, working together again and again, and realizing the operation of rules again and again. Unconsciously, he also benefited a lot.
A mass of intangible force to fight back, Chen Shaobai stretched out his left hand gently twist, shoulders a shake, right hand will stir up a enchanting xuan y and n industry fire.
At the same time, the eighteen swastika inscriptions in Chen Shaobai’s eyes suddenly took off the shackles outside, revealing the true meaning of J and jīng Hua.
"Qiu Wanfa psychic realm of road understanding, I have completely understood! Although there is no substantial progress in xìng, but after training, it will certainly add wings to the tiger and make rapid progress. "
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Plunder, fairy feast
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Plunder, fairy feast
In Chen Shaobai’s eyes, the three hundred and sixty-five swastikas, originally as small as flies, are now all clear and bright, as big as a clock.
Among them, 18 swastikas have lost their appearance and revealed their original meaning, as if they had become an open treasure house of lingshi, and they were free to be picked.
Take me …
Like a beautiful girl wearing a grass skirt dancing in front of the hungry army Han, it is like a hunger instinct. For whatever reason, Chen Shaobai subconsciously transported the secret method recorded in the J and NG Qi Xian pupil, leaned out a ray of J and NG tentacles, and merged into the Xuan Y and N fire.
The rare purple Se flowers spread out piece by piece, gently and silently blended into eighteen ofuda true spirits, then turned into a cruel and tyrannical hand, held it in the palm of your hand, and pulled it back hard!
Poof, poof, poof, poof.
The green brilliance like a data stream rapidly trickled out from the dark curtain and was drawn to Nabao Cave in Tanzhong, Chen Shaobai.
There are more than a dozen mysterious words on the dim and gray surface of Jason Chung-this is the basic building part of the "Fautu Road" of Qiu Wanfa’s life’s core monuments large array, and it is also the true meaning of quenching the spirit and reaching the truth.
At this time, on the Y and N Yang chaos clock, the cornerstone of Long Mai’s shakotan coast is soil, the five stars share the same life as the ground array, the silver moon sword is the eye of life, the thunderbolt is like a thunderbolt, and eighteen swastikas are like sparse stars, scattered into a galaxy.
The so-called Hundred Swords will be in Optimus Prime, and the roots of the earth will never be moved. If Chen Shaobai can gather hundreds of spiritual weapons to stabilize Daoqi and get another top-grade treasure to suppress the array, then chaos clock can reunite with the world. It is omnipotent to accept things, integrate into the secret realm, and support believers.
Eighteen swastikas were forcibly torn off, and a small hole was broken in the dark curtain of the original round and perfect spirit inscription, and the hazy light came in, and the dust was everywhere.
Chen Shaobai just subconsciously behavior. Just like burglary, after being noticed by the owner, it will inevitably lead to a storm-like counterattack.
I saw the dark curtain of the pagoda road quickly condense into a ball. Jumping like a heart, from the outside, it looks like now. Just like a fleshy topaz, it is delicate and soft, but it exudes an extremely horrible and sharp force.
Jinyuanmen is best at the golden system and the immortal method of water system, while Qiu Wanfa’s book of practice is the metal xìng, which is fierce and invincible.
Such changes happen very quickly, and none of the three people present can react-including Qiu Wanfa.
With Chen Shaobai as the center, there are 16-foot plants, insects and butterflies in Fiona Fang. All of them were ground into pieces, and became a group of erosive dust. After being touched by the breeze, they drifted away gently, leaving only the ground as smooth as a mirror.