Show it to who!

Not to say that I like it is Huang Yin Li! So soon to burn three-dimensional dust body if it weren’t for mind uncertain she also think maybe she has a skeleton in my closet!
"Third brother ….." Like unbelievable, Hector even Jinse called out a word to burn the three-dimensional dust in a rather miserable tone, as if the water in his eyes was going to cry soon!
On the other hand, Su Ling’s side burns the dust. Although his brow is a little intolerant of light frowning and his thin lips are also sipping a cold arc, his silence is enough to prove that what Su Ling said is true!
Just as Su Ling Huang Yin Chen would be silent to the end, Huang Lao suddenly opened his mouth in a low voice, "Wang is not suitable for you!"
Lie in the trough! Su Ling is depressed!
Why did she suddenly feel that what she had just said gave burn assumed dust an opportunity to explain to Hector even Jinse!
If Hector even Jinse is so important in his heart, he will have that attitude in what he does later!
I don’t know what Su Ling really thinks at this moment!
But two of a kind and China understand each other’s ideas is the most fatal gap!
"Third brother, you know I don’t care!" In front of so many people, Hector even Jinse can really open her mouth. It’s awkward to put that little daughter’s posture on her riding dress!
Her grassland children should be full of energy, but for so long, she has seen nothing but calculation and calculation in Helian Jinse.
Many pairs of eyes are looking at Hector even more than Huang Lao’s eyes are even-handed, but Hector even shed a tear after she finished her grief, and then it seems that she doesn’t want people to see her fragile expression and wiped her eyes with her sleeves and said, "I’m sorry to make you laugh!"
"Jinse, are you all right?" People who are good at acting must be surrounded by people who watch the play all the year round! At this time, the burning smoke son patted Hector even Jinse’s back with concern. After seeing her lip corner flashing with a wry smile, she couldn’t help but look up at Su Ling opposite and said, "Huang Sao, no matter what happened at the beginning, things have changed. You will do it again! Besides, since the beginning, Jinse didn’t want to get involved in you and third brother! And she said yes, it is impossible for the third brother to have you as a woman!
Mother is bent on marrying Jinse to third brother because of their childhood friendship, and your class slanders her and third brother with patience! "
Burn smoke son’s attitude is very true, and in a few words, he once again pointed the contradiction to Su Ling’s brow and obviously disagreed.
At this time, an unexpected banquet seems to have turned into Su Ling’s infighting with several women! God knows she was passively dragged by Huang Yin’s dust, and now she has to stand up to the crowd. Even if her heart is strong enough, who says she won’t feel a little upset?
"Princess princess maybe didn’t mean that! In my opinion, the princess and the prince are more affectionate than the princess Jin Jian, who is also the daughter of the prime minister. How can they be so dark and want to slander the prince and the princess! Maybe there is some misunderstanding! "
Just as everyone was silent, they sat on one side and watched enough drama. Cherish Zhao Wen stumbled suddenly and the red lips chattered.
And in her words, it seems that she is praising Su Ling’s songs!
Unfortunately, this retreat method is left over by Su Ling! She won’t recognize the deep meaning of Zhao Xiwen’s words! Want her to quit because of this? When she is a paper prick!
The second watch is updated!
Chapter 193, the scene is getting out of control!
Zhao Xiwen immediately looked at Su Ling with a kind of extremely koo eyes, and on her cheek, she seemed to show a sense of self-confidence that she could take charge of herself and save the day!
Compared with all her little thoughts, Su Ling knows everything thoroughly. Maybe she was embarrassed because she coveted the third place, but just now, the third place hesitated to successfully extinguish the flame she was lighting.
Who said that sometimes it takes a moment to die!
Maybe it’s not that serious. Su Yu, for the time being, even Su Ao, who is usually taciturn, can defend her. You burn old three and say you like it, but you have done nothing!
Isn’t it? !
"Miss Zhao, this is a palace affair. You need to talk!" The original face is still smiling with confidence. Zhao Xiwen certainly didn’t expect her words to have the due effect.
Instead, I got a slightly ironic warning from Burning Smoke! Who is burning smoke son? Now the only princess in Qi and Chu, who is self-sustaining and proud of your figure, naturally despises Zhao Xiwen, a still woman!
And except for everyone who had been sitting in the chair at that time, the grandson was very clever and chose silence! And from time to time, she looked at the burning three-dimensional glass and soon attracted the attention of You Xi!
"You haven’t introduced this girl yet!" In Zhao precious little face transient than embarrassment on the sunrise suddenly speak in silence.
Wan ran’s superior brow asked, pointing to his grandson with a lot of look and doubt!
Finally, Su Ling and the problem just came to an end, but at this time, You Xi suddenly turned his attention to his grandson. Although everyone here looked the same way, there was less tension caused by Su Ling!
Grandson never dreamed that he would be on the sunrise when he was a little nervous. In this case, she first looked at the opposite Su Ling fruit and saw that she didn’t respond. She couldn’t help but look at the side of Hector even Jinse.
The friendliness she showed to Hector even when she was in Yuntai for a few times should not be ignored!
It’s a pity that the grandson is oppressed in the Shang mansion of the Ministry of Industry, and neither his identity nor his position is really worth it! After all, it is an eternal truth to be different in this ancient atmosphere!
Maybe she once fantasized that she could be born as an ordinary woman as Su Ling, but still get so much love, but all this is what she assumed!
Putian Su Ling has one after all!
After hearing the inquiry from You Xi, Huang Yin-li looked at some embarrassed grandchild, which made people feel strange. She was an ordinary girl, but it happened that Huang Yin-li stopped on her cheek, and her eyes were long and half-paid, but she didn’t come back!
This will give people the illusion that beauty is in the eye!
Of course, Huang Yin-li’s abnormal attitude will not only make people suspect that this includes that he has begun to fall in love with the sunrise!
She is the innate superiority of Princess Qingda, which makes her feel that she can’t bear to burn too much attention on other women!
At this moment, I have already had a bad feeling for my grandson! But good upbringing makes her not easy to show it!
Su Ling’s attitude and behavior towards Huang Yin-li also had a faint ripple in her heart, saying that it was not a feeling. She suddenly had an inexplicable impulse as if to tear off Huang Yin-li’s disguise!
She thinks she is accurate in judging people, which is beyond her understanding. She knows it is impossible for Bai Huang Yin Li to like her grandson, but it happened that he is acting like this now!
"She is miss Xiaohong, Shangjia 2 grandchild! But I forgot to introduce you. This is the princess of Qingguo. You should have seen her! " Burn assumed the glass says, eyes full of soft light looking at grandchildren.
Even the appellation is quite direct doubt! In the end, what medicine is sold in the gourd? Anyway, Su Ling can’t figure it out!
I can’t help but turn my attention to my side to burn my old body, only to see that he is also a light frowning knife-shaped eyebrows, and I don’t know what I’m thinking.
It seems that Huang Yin-li did a lot of amazing things tonight, otherwise Huang Lao’s silence and composure wouldn’t be so obvious!
"It turned out that it was Miss Shangjiaer from the Ministry of Industry … it shouldn’t be out!" Thanks to the sunrise, the attitude is a little sharp in the transient. Don’t look at each other, it will really make people feel quite beautiful!
Just as the grandson’s pale face and constant blinking at the moment show her embarrassment and embarrassment!
On the sunrise with a smile on her cheeks, there is a hidden cold light staring at her grandson. If her words are for Su Ling at this time, it will surely cause a storm again.
But if it were a grandchild’s words, everyone’s expression would be indifferent. Even Su Yu and Su Ao, sitting opposite, began to clink glasses and drink!
"oh! There is no difference in giving birth to an illegitimate daughter! The child is very simple. Don’t be surprised by the princess! " When Huang Yin-li opened her mouth, the situation in the scene was once again reversed!
Grandson at this time, although she feels pale, but because of the opening of the burning glass, she has added a blush to her pale face, and Yu Xi has changed her look!